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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gangs rob at least five buses in Durango

By Chris Covert

At least five buses have been robbed at gunpoint near a northeast Durango municipality near La Laguna since last Sunday, according to Mexican enws accounts.

A news report which appeared last Monday on the website of El Mexicano news daily said that a group of athletes from Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez (UACJ) were stopped by armed suspects in Cuencame de Ceniceros municipality, and stripped of cell phones and cash.

Cuencame de Ceniceros is on Mexico Federal Highway 40 40 kilometers south west of La Laguna.  In the Sunday attack, one of the bus drivers were reported hurt. Armed suspects riding aboard a truck forced the three buses carrying the students to stop.

A news report which appeared on Yancuic news website by Richard Ibarra, said that the attacks began last Tuesday which do not line up with the El Mexicano account, which said one attack took place on Sunday

In the Yancuic account, the office of the Durango Fiscalia General del Estado (FGE) or state attorney general said one of the attacks took place near the village of Chocolate early Tuesday morning.

When Mexican federal security forces arrived at the Chocolate location, they found five vehicles, an abandoned truck, passengers and a driver.  The Yancuic account also said another two public buses were robbed as well. 

Additionally, a truck was attacked with small arms in Gomez Palacio Thursday, but no one was reported hurt in that attack.

Meanwhile in Torreon, Coahuila four more dead were found bringing the total murdered in Torreon to 42.

According to several news reports posted on the website of El Diario de Coahuila news daily, three individuals were found shot to death near the intersection of Calle Joaquin Moreno and Avenida Juarez in Torreon.  The dead were identified as Jesus Humberto Martinez Escarcega, 25, Alexis, 17, and Claudia Berenice Guzman Reyes, 30.

In other news, in perhaps the most stark statement to date of the security situation, the Durango FGE was forced to admit that security operations ion the Durango side of La Laguna are no longer under the control of her office.

A press report brief which appeared on the website of El Siglo de Torreon news daily reported the remarks of Lt. Adelaido Flores Diaz, director of Torreon Direccion de Seguridad Publica Municipal, as saying Seguro Laguna was now in operation. 

Seguro Laguna was the name of the now cancelled security program which operated in the region between October 2011 and November 30th 2012.  The then Secretaria de Gobernacion (SEGOB) or interior minister Alejandro Poire cancelled the operation when violent crime fell in the area.

The decision to cancel Seguro Laguna left Durango governor Jorge Herrera Caldera practically screaming in the press for federal security assistance.  The only federal response since last December was to close Centro de Readaptcion Social Numero 2 in Gomez Palacio, before a decision was made to reintroduce federal security forces, such as army, naval infantry and Policia Federal units to the region.  The decision to close the CERESO, made by new SEGOB Miguel Osorio Chong, has complicated state security efforts, now that detainees must be taken to the Durango state capital 150 kilometers away.

In a brief statement to the press Durango FGE Sonia Yadira Garza Fragoso said that Seguro Laguna was no longer in operation and that the Mexican Army now solely controls security operations in the region.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. Somebody crew is.broke and needed some quick loot...
    atte..ThinkTank 28.7 Narcovision

  2. Does anyone the status of the supposed plaza bosses in Durango? This sounds like Zetas at work. I thought Durango was under the CDS flag, but sounds like anyone and everyone can do as they please in this beautiful state. I have heard several names thrown around on this forum, M10, Peinado, Danny, Cabrera, Nunez, Rocha, and many more. Any info would be appreciated.

  3. M10 Mario Núñez Meza,El Mayito,M10 Amado Nunez Meza is his younger brother El Flaco=LosMs(not el flaco salgueiro)There is a lot of problems between these groups and others.Gente Nueva.Canelos/Abel Rodriguez Guzman,and their allies,the Cabreras.Felipe Cabrera Marquez and his three brothers,they all do business with CDS and are allied,but,they all do their own thing to various degrees.Add into this Felipe Cabrera and his backer Flaco Salgueiro trying to move into and take over Durango from LosMs.The mass graves are some of the victims of this fight,which still goes.Now LosMs are no longer aligned with CDS?
    Anyone help out with this?

  4. Sounds similar to what happened to my wife's friend here in Chihuahua. Three paying passengers pulled guns and then stripped all the passengers of their belongings as the driver was forced to drive ahead. After they were finished a car that was following, waited for the bus to stop and the criminals exited to the waiting car. This tactic has been used quite often in Mexico. Too bad some of the citizens were not allowed to carry concealed weapons.

  5. I remember being really excited when i was called for a job driving vehicles south of the border to michoacan. The view the roads and the ppl are beautiful. Now i wouldnt dare to drive on them highways to even think bout refueling at a gas station an them dudes fillin your tank with gas knowin your from the states an possibly carrying cash, goods etc. Its kinda sad really bcus mexico use to b a beautiful country!! Or am i jus paranoid??

  6. Aint most of those under CDS,Durango is a CDS stronghold.

  7. No mames k feos , no k muy hombres ponganse a chambiar bien. No anden tumabndo gente. Pinches lacras aver si algun dia llegan a llegar aser narco traficantes no lacras tumbando gente innocente. Me dan vuerganze.


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