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Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Gendarmaria Nacional forces deploy to western Chihuahua

By Chris Covert

A new security operation set to begin in 30 days in western Chihuahua will include elements of the new Gendarmaria Nacional police, according to Mexican news accounts.
Foto: Twitter

According to a news story posted on the website of El Mexicano news daily Chihuahua governor Cesar Duarte Jacquez announced Thursday that a large security operation would begin in the sierras of western Chihuahua state centered around Guachochi municipality

According to the account the security operation would include federal, state and local security forces, including the new Gendarmaria Nacional.  The Gendarmaria Nacional is the centerpiece of Mexico's latest security strategy. The new operation was discussed during what was termed in the article as a security roundtable attended by several northern Mexico state governors and federal security officials.

The announcement, made by Governor Durate in Guachochi municipality, probably refers to the security meeting held last Saturday in an Chihuahua, Chihuahua airport hangar.  That meeting was attended by Procuraduria General la Republica (PGR) or attorney general, Jesus Murillo Karam, Secretaria de Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) General Cepeda Salvador Cienfuegos, Secretaria de Marina (SEMAR) Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberon Sanz, undersecretary of the interior for Security Manuel Mondragon y Kalb, as well as governors of Sinaloa, Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora states.

What was specifically discussed in that meeting was not disclosed to the press, although the governors in attendance were placed on notice that things have changed with the newly elected government of President Enrique Pena Nieto.

President Enrique Pena

According to a separate news report which appeared on the website of Sin Embargo news, part of the operation will include conducting checkpoints at specific locations in the region, which is already established practice in some Mexican Army commands.

The area around Guachochi municipality is included in the command area of the Mexican 42nd Military Zone, which maintains at least one infantry company sized base in the region.

It should be noted that last May, during the Choix, Sinaloa shootouts, it was reported in Mexican news agencies that drug gang  shooters from Sinaloa had exfiltrated from Choix municipality into western Chihuahua to escape Mexican Army and naval infantry counter operations in the area.  By this writer's count, a total of 56 individuals were killed in May in northern Sinaloa state that month, making it one of the bloodiest battles in Mexican Drug War history.

The sierras of western Chihuahua are also known as the Tarahumara Sierras, the home of the Tarahumara Indians. The area suffered greatly in the drought which gripped the region a year ago and sparked a nationwide relief effort. The Taramhumara Indians are subsistence farmers.

A few areas in the Tarahumara region also aid drug cartels in growing drug sometimes by force, and are often treated like serfs by local drug gangs.

During the relief efforts last year, news reports from the area leaked out that local government officials had withheld aid from residents in exchange for promises of votes.

According to a separate El Mexicano news account last November, some local private  aid agencies have been robbed by millions of pesos by local criminal gangs.  Eight robberies had taken place in Chinipas, Guachochi, Temoris and Palmillo and Parral.

President Pena's big social initiative, La Cruzada Contra la Hambre, or Crusade against Hunger will likely use local and state government agencies to distribute aid to the region.  Chihuahua state is facing midterm elections for local deputies in July, and those elections could be a a factor in this new security operation.
The El Mexicano report failed to state in specific detail how the new Gendarmaria Nacional would be used except to gather intelligence on criminal activities in the area.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. My parents are from Guachochi I was there a month ago and iv never witnessed so much violence in my life the last 3 days I was there they killed 19 ppl and that never comes out on the news or in any website rumor around town was Chapo had given the order to clean the town from lines by the 15 of last month and I think they did just that.

    1. Again its me same kid,my mom.was telling me that just today a large commando had arrived they set up road blocks in the exits of guachochi my Nino was stoped in one road block on the road from Guachochi to parral they stole his truck and his sombrero and his boots but at least they let him thank God I honestly dont know if its Gente Nueva or Lineas I just hope it all calms down

  2. quieren limpiarle el territorio al chapo como ya se les salio de control chihuhua no entiende que con los de juarez ni aunq traiga ejercito, y tenga al gobernador y policias o lo q sea nunca sera tan facil ya q chihuhua es de gente de chuhuhua y los de sinaloa son culos! empesando con el joto de chapo

  3. i have fam in guachochi and they said la linea and chapos have been very busy fighting each other and chapos ppl are getting their asses handed to them that is why theyre asking the govt for help. If the govt helps chapo, linea will give the green light to zetas to come to the guachochi area.

  4. I am from a smaller town just east of Guachochi and I can vouch for what the previous poster said. The rumor is that Chapos (GN) and existing narcos were battling la linea who wants that part of the region. From Gauchochi to Parral all of that is very important territory for these narcos. With the Salguieros out and new people in place, existing people from Chihuas it should be an interesting 2013. But do I miss the days where you could go and visit the beautiful sierra madre sin andar con miedo.

  5. So everyone has no right to know what is going on?Is this the way it is supposed to be?There is a bad smell emanating from Pena Nieto.
    @February 1, 2013 at 12:37 AM
    Is Chapo this hands on?Do you think Chapo actually is still running this thing on the ground,what about his sons,and do you think Chapo is the chosen one for PRI?

  6. I was born there and istill have family, infact my grandmother just came to visit and the story she told me is that chapos just made a push from the west and killed the linea boss. His replacement lasted a couple of days before he got killed, chapos rule that town now. It suck's beacause the copper canyon and the sierra are beautiful.

    1. Im. The kid from the first comment and the day I actually got there was when they killed the plaza boss "El pariente" I have cousin involves in this and he told me that his Parientes orders was not to go into guachochi with a vest and alot group of bodyguards but he went into town for some girls with two of his men and they picked up the group of girls and where leaving but the girl had to stop and use the bathroom at a gas station in front of them was a large dump.truck as soon as the girls went inside the.bathroom Chapos hit men got up from the bed of the dump truck and slaughter them him and his bodyguards and the Towns ppl say as the dump truck was leaving the sicarios were singing Christmas Carols im pretty sure it was Christmas that day

  7. Thanks for our Mexican bros helping out,its crazy i know some of this is remote an shit,but the way you dont hear nothing about it.
    I wonder if the new people are Nunez MezaLosMs with The Linea and if they fighting against Chapos GN?There are so many crews fighting and merging?Would you think La Linea were this strong,they took hits,but it was main men,all the soldiers must still be there and new leaders.Saludos to our Mexican bros

  8. February 1, 2013 at 8:16 PM
    "It suck's beacause the copper canyon and the sierra are beautiful"
    I believe you my man,hear there are many beautiful places in Mexico,hopefully you can go back any time you want to see your family without any worry's?You know what i mean.

  9. its only a matter of time before el mayo takes out el chapo. ever since chapo has delcared war on everyone he has been loosing battles everywhere, even with the help of the govt. Mayo on the other hand is calm and doesnt start shit with anyone that is why he is a respected businessman. As long as greedy chapo keeps starting shit with everyone, cds will keep loosing ground. Mayo just needs to get rid of that short lil snitch and take the reins so he can get cds back on top like the good old days. al 10000 con la familia zambada

  10. Whats 2:00pm saying please someone???...

  11. hopefully they kill each other quick. fuck all the mexican cartels.

  12. Its only a matter of time before el mayo takes out el chapo. ever since chapo has delcared war on everyone he has been loosing battles everywhere,it all depends on penis Nieto and what he is tapping at this time?If penis Nieto thinks on his feet and keeps his nickers on instead of gettin reamed up his clinker MZ mite want a piece of his cute little culo MZ been on the via and now wants to get freaky with penis nieto and ream him till he is raw,MZ was was also fucking him in the ear and mouth and would also take it from behind himself.We will have to see what way they turn?

  13. 12:16

    "the kid"
    thank you very much for sharing your experiences and information. Di you move from the states or from another Mexican state?


    1. I was born in LA but now live in New Mexico but guachochi is a day drive away so I go ever 3,4 months and yeah when this is all started like 2.years.back I got to see.a convoy of them come in to town since that day I was just very interested in all this I just couldnt belive the power this group had just to drive around town infront of the military post like nothing and do you think the govt covers some of the deaths up or its so.much they lose track couse that really bugs me that I never see it in the news

  14. Como que chihuahua es de los de chihuahua si vicente es de sinaloa no ablen si no saven el cdj esta en juarez pero la familia que manda es de el guamuchilito sinaloa. Yo soy de chihuahua pero se como esta la cosa. Es la misma gente que se anda peleando. Verguenza a de tener amado viendo este desmadre.


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