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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012: Borderland Beat's Most Popular Posts

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

A look at the most viewed twenty posts of 2012
 these 20 comprise 1,630.000 views, thank you readers
Is Lazca's death the number 1 most viewed?
Not necessarily  most important, or even the "best", but these were your "Top 20" favorite posts for 2012, declared so by  having the most views,  usually combined with most comments.

The top three most viewed had a combined total of 500,000+ views. Can you guess which is BB Most Views King of 2012?   Lazca? Diablo's Mother and siblings execution?

When "Lazca" was killed we had a first time occurrence when the comments surpassed our blogger character allowance...twice!  over 500 comments came in.  It was necessary to have a post part 2 then 3 to accommodate the posts comments.

Here is the top 20 beginning with number 20 each post will include its hyperlink and a few sentences from the post, link to read the complete post.  For of you that want a revisit or may have missed the post when posted or you are a newbie to Mexican narco war information hopefully this will be an informative review. 

 20-11, the next installment will comprise 10-1:

20. "Z40 Sends a Gruesome Message Declares War in Reynosa"

An execution video was sent with messages confirming that Zetas are in Reynosa ready to battle for the plaza.  The messages were signed by Z40.  The event occurred in Reynosa in the state of Tamaulipas.

Two shirtless young men are presented in the video having their heads wrapped in duct tape.

They were decapitated and dismembered into quarters.  The video depicts the aftermath of the horror.  I posted the graphic video   the decision to view the video yours....Graphic
Read full post here

19.  "Beauty Queen Dies With Gun in Hand"

A Mexican beauty queen killed  in a shootout between suspected drug traffickers and soldiers likely was being used as a human shield, a federal official said.
Maria Susana Flores Gamez, crowned 2012 Woman of Sinaloa in February, came out of the car first with a gun in her hands during the confrontation, with the other gunmen hiding behind her, according to the official from the attorney general's office........

Read full post here

18.  "Bloody Wednesday in Culiacan Sinaloa"
[This post gives an account of Antrax being killed and due to early reports mistakenly reported the M1 was also killed, later in the year he would  be unmistakably  killed]. 
"Among the dead were two locally important underworld figures belonging to the Sinaloa Cartel.
One man was identified as "Roque Antrax", a member of the Antrax group of sicarios that works under Mayo Zambada and another was identified as "El Mele", a member of the group loyal to Manuel Torres Felix "el Ondeado".

17.  "-El Fantasma- Man of El Chapo is Killed in Shootout Near Quila"

"El Fantasma", identified as a boss of the security detail of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was killed by members of the Mexican Marines during an operation in the region of Quila, Sinaloa. In the shootout he was wounded and transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries. He was identified as Jonathan Salas Aviles.

According to details of the incident an accomplice was also killed at the scene of the shootout, when both attempted to escape in the small town of Oso Nuevo in the region of Quila. Both men were pursued from a helicopter and were shot at from the air...[SUV rolled and caught fire]...

16. "Blood Brothers:The Alliance Between Cartels and US Gangs"
Like the unwanted dandelions that sprout in lawns, cartel and gang partners continue to adapt and survive. Whatever code of conduct that may have restrained them in the past has disappeared.

Their terrible acts of violence and cruelty continue to escalate. The systematic corruption of our police, courts and political system is their goal. Those who they cannot corrupt, they murder. Journalists, police, judges, soldiers, religious leaders, women and children are all potential victims.
When they work together, the cartel-gang alliance is a serious threat to our national security.
U.S. street and prison gangs have done business with Mexican drug traffickers since the 1920s. No one gang or Mexican cartel had exclusive agreements with one another. It was basically a free market, but some of the larger more powerful gangs began forming alliances in Mexico.

Read full post here

15.  "Diablo Confirms the Executed Were His Family-Sends Message With Decapitation Video"

“Nothing helps... neither threat nor prayer.
One man talks well, the other's mum;
it's the other one that I prefer.
He's silent but I like his looks”

The above lyrics are an extract from “Habanera”, the classical aria used in “Silence of the Lambs”, it was also selected for decapitation ambiance by “El Diablo” in his latest execution video.

The video appeared Tuesday, it depicts the interrogation and decapitation of at least one man  who in his  interrogation states he works for the Zetas cartel. The video is the work of "El Diablo"  the leader of a brutal group of sicarios in the NE Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

It was two weeks ago that a Zetas execution video was released that featured the decapitation of four members of Diablo's family, his; mother, brother, sister and sister-in-law.  At the time, bloody revenge was anticipated by all that follow the Narco war.    However, if one is to believe Diablo's message with respect to the execution of his family, he states the executions were  "not a problem",  it illustrates the psychopathic nature of the man known for his exceptionally monstrous executions

Read full post here

14.  "Lalo Moreira, Son of Humberto Moreira Killed in Acuña"

Cold blooded execution

Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriquez, 28,   was shot and killed in Acuña Coahuila  at around 9:15PM on the road to Santa Eulalia.  Also known as “Lalo”, he is the  son of Humberto Moreira, the former Governor of Coahuila and federal  PRI party president.  Lalo’s uncle is the governor of Coahuila.
His death is described as a cold blooded execution, and it is rumored to be a cartel killing.  Los Zetas control the city of Acuña.  Acuña has experienced violence in the past few weeks, none of which has been reflected in the news.

Acuña is located and hour from Piedras Negras, where violence has erupted since the prison break in which 131 prisoners escaped.  Strange circumstances surround the killing, as Lalo was alone at the time of his death, without his bodyguard, and he was driving his armored vehicle yet he felt secure enough to exit his vehicle, which lends the probability that he knew his attackers.  His body was riddled with bullets....

Read full post here  - Here and Here

13.  Amado Carrillo Fuentes Death :Revenge Over the Death of An Ochoa Uncle"

When Castor Alberto Ochoa-Soto, 53 at the time, walked across the Paso del Norte Bridge to Mexico on Feb. 11, 1995, he likely didn’t realize he was a marked man. But his old friend, Amado Carrillo-Fuentes, wanted his 22 tons of cocaine, which was stored in a Juarez warehouse.

Whether the body of Castor Alberto Ochoa-Soto, a former high-ranking member of the Medellin Cartel whose death may have led to the fall of Amado Carrillo-Fuentes, was still there in the morgue, unclaimed, since it was discovered buried in a narco-grave back in November of 1999.

When I asked the medical examiner, he said “Yeah, it’s still here, unclaimed and unthawed, as it  always has been .”.............

Read Full Post Here

12.   "Drug Investigation Hovers Over the Death of Jenni Rivera"
The tragic death of beloved Mexican singer Jenni Rivera.  After the crash rumors spread of possible cartel involvement in the crash, of sabotaging the plane.  Rivera had often spoken out against cartels. 
She is in no way suspected of being connected to drug trafficking or cartels she was a strong advocate against organized crime and the destruction they have caused Mexico.

11.  "M1" Killed by Army"

Manuel Torres Felix AKA 'el M1", 'el Ondeado' was a cell leader of Cártel de Sinaloa . Manuel was brother to Javier Torres Felix (el JT), and a close collaborator to Ismael "el mayo" Zambada y de Joaquin Guzman "el chapo".

The Ministery of National Defense (Sedena) confirmed the death of Manuel Torres Felix, nicknamed 'el Ondeado" or "el M-1" considered one of the main operators of the Cartel del Pacifico and deputy to "el Mayo Zambada.

In a statement, the agency reported that military personnel that carried out work to locate this guy was attacked Thursday with firearms in the municipality Cosala, Sinaloa.....

The next installment will be comprised of numbers 10-1



  1. omfg i cant wait for 2013!

  2. My first thought was the killing of Lazca, now I am thinking a execution video?

  3. excellent post by the way, I had not read two of the posts.

  4. Whatever happened with Diablo? Haven't heard from him since that last video. Also was that ever confirmed to be el fantasma or whatever?

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    1. Estan escondidos guey las balas matan LOS CORRIDOS NO MAS ESO SON JEJEJEJE

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  8. has to be lazca being number one....funny thing about it is though,he is still alive.

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  10. lazca and fantasma are not dead!! lazca just hit me up said he wanted to kick it but i told him i was with fantasma and he said "aww nvm".

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  13. Heard recently that the Authority's havent yet denied the plane that Jenni Rivera died in had not been sabotaged.....just hope they can come to a conclusion to finely put this tragic death to rest once and for all.

  14. 20. "Z40 Sends a Gruesome Message Declares War in Reynosa"

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