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Monday, November 5, 2012

Another "Lieutenant" of Chapo Captured in Edomex

Borderland Beat
In a military operation in Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, JESÚS ALFREDO SALAZAR RAMÍREZ, “El Muñeco” y/o “El Pelos,” presumed killer of activist Nepomuceno Moreno Nunez was arrested November, 1.

“El Muñeco” y/o “El Pelos
JESUS RAMIREZ ALFREDO SALAZAR, is considered one of the most important lieutenants of Joaquin Guzman Loera (a) "El Chapo Guzman", and allegedly was responsible for the control of planting, production and trafficking of drugs in the state of Sonora and mountainous part of the state of Chihuahua, which mainly sent to the United States of America.

Salazar Ramirez is wanted by the Government of the United States of America and has an arrest warrant issued against him from August 24, 2006, by the Federal Court of Western District of Texas, on charges of conspiracy of possession with intent to distribute five or more kilograms of cocaine, in violation of the narcotic code of the United States of America.

In addition, there is a provisional warrant for extradition international drug crimes and conspiracy, issued by the Ninth District Court of Federal Criminal Proceedings in the Federal District, the January 13, 2009.

Salazar Ramirez, leader of the criminal group, "Los Salazar" (part of the "Pacific Cartel,"), is identified as the alleged perpetrator of multiple executions in the states of Sonora, Chihuahua, Sinaloa and the District Federal, among which:

 The activist Nepomuceno Moreno Nunez, November 28, 2011 in Hermosillo, Son.

 And Lawyer Lic.. Ruben Alejandro CEPEDA LEOS, killed on December 20, 2011, in the city of Chihuahua , Chih.

The prisoner was brought before the Federal Public Prosecutor SEIDO.

The arrest ALFREDO SALAZAR JESUS RAMIREZ (a) “El Muñeco” y/o “El Pelos," joins a series of actions carried out by the Army and Air Force, during the months of September, October, November in order to affect the leadership, command, control of operation of criminal organizations.  Among the recently arrested are:

• Jorge Gomez SALDAÑA (a) “El Matamoros”, the second most important man in the criminal structure of "Los Zetas" in the plaza of Matamoros, Coahuila.

• JOSÉ LORENZO ZEPEDA SAENZ (a) “El Tío” y/o “El Lic.”, alleged accountant for "Los Zetas"criminal organization  in Monclova, Coahuila.

• ADRIAN GONZÁLEZ MARTÍNEZ (a) “El Comandante Niño”, plaza boss in the towns of Control, Empalme y Progreso, Tamps., for the criminal organization "Gulf Cartel".
FRANCISCO JAVIER DÍAZ SALINAS (a) “El Chipiturco” Plaza boss  for the criminal organization "Los Zetas" in General Escobedo y García, N.L.
MAURICIO RAMÍREZ TAMEZ (a) “El Diamante” Plaza boss in San Luis Potosi, SLP for the "Gulf Cartel".


JOSÉ MANUEL TORRES FÉLIX (a) “El Ondeado” y/o “El M-1”, who was the operator of the "Pacific Cartel" and Ismael Zambada Garcia lieutenant ( a) "El Mayo Zambada", in Culiacan, Sin.


• JESÚS CAMACHO ESPINOZA (a) “Parotas”(a) "Parotas" and six members of the criminal organization "The Knights Templar", in the Tierra Caliente region in the state of Guerrero.


• ERASMO ISRAEL SOTELO HERNÁNDEZ (a) “El Frío” Plaza boss in Cuernavaca, Mor., for the criminal group "Guerrero Unidos."


JOSÉ SALGUEIRO NEVÁREZ (a) “El Che”, a lieutenant in the state of Chihuahua to the organization criminal "Pacific Cartel".


CARLOS ARNULFO FLORES FLORES (a) “El Flaco” y/o “Fantasma”,, head of the Plaza de Acuña, Coahuila., for the criminal organization "Los Zetas."

El Flaco
With these actions, the National Defense Secretariat reaffirms its unwavering decision to perform actions without any distinction against all criminal organizations that threaten the health, safety and peace of Mexican families.

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 5 (El Universal). - The strategy to eliminate the leaders of the cartels has caused more violence due to infighting in organizations over position a next boss. There requires a comprehensive approach to fight, as drug traffic will remain despite the  killings or detention of all possible bosses, said Tony Payan, a visiting researcher at the James A. Baker III  Institute at Rice University.

Payan's analysis indicates that drug lords are as always targeting profit., its members are dispersed sometimes among whole families, so the anti-cartel strategy must consider the entire chain, from production to consumption.

The intelligence services in Mexico and the United States have identified a significant number of drug lords, who are on the list of most wanted, and most of the combat strategy has focused on them, 32 of which have been arrested by the Mexican government.

"The question is whether to attack drug barons. Is it an effective strategy in the war against drugs. The answer is yes, but it can not by itself end the war, it  is just one component, "he said.

Capturing weakens the organizations leadership , but "in Mexico learned that lieutenants often arrange family members or others to assume business, or sometimes newer, lower members in the hierarchy challenge "assumed leaders", this strategy of going after the kingpins costs many lives because members of the cartels will often compete for power within the group, and frequently, causes horrific bloody scenes as the cartel resets its leadership," he said.

Noticieroelcirco, Universal


  1. this is a very strong hit on cds group this was considered chapo guy in listening to stragedies and suggestions finally just check his phone and it will lead to chapo but what about zambadas people its funny how zambada is not loosing the same amount as chapo just something to think about

  2. What is the alternative to killing/capturing plaza bosses? Not killing them? Going after the illiterate gunmen? Kill em all.

  3. Calderone; being a "Lame Duck" President, is actually picking off more Cartel "Jeffe's" in the last few months than he did all through out his 6 years in Office..?? Now I wonder why that is? Do you think he's not getting anymore monies from these punk F---ks or what? Somethings not right with this picture.

  4. Good! Catch all this CANCER el chaputo brought there. A backstabbing bitch named Antonio Erives Arduño, 39 got beheaded thats what he had done to god who knows hows many by orders of that midget. Chihuahua, Durango, and Sonora were quiet and a cool place before that fagget started all this bullshit war. His flunkies do all the same shit the other cartels do but he pays the media also. If you guys are old enough to remember that this war started by this piece of shit. First TJ, then the gulf and then Chihuahua. All cartels are a CANCER. There is'nt a good cancer so don't defend him just cause they're in a corrido or because they gave you a peso sometime in Mexico. Cancer is still a slow death like Mexican society. Hitler killed his own but had his favorites.

  5. Thank god for the good ol second amendment. Here in the US you cant be hard and then dime someone out. You go to prison here and you gotta rep and they will find what you did. Snitches get stitches and hopefully go in ditches. Sinaloa would'nt be shit here but a bunch of bitches in PC. Look at el miado's boy. They won't even let him in population because of what he was doing or because chapo's got a hit on him. You can't be snitches and badasses at the same time. I'm glad my parents brought us here so at least I can buy the straps to defend myself from pieces of shit like these. For the pussies on the forum who act like they know cartel members or get something from them. You guys are such sellout bitches because you guys idolize the Mexican Hitler.

    1. Be glad your in the us on borderland beat talkin all that smack in front of computer you wouldn't be talkin like that in mexico home boy talkin bout you'll get your straps even the paisas here homie in the us will take you out there connected here too. Chi- town homie

  6. Another one bites the dust. How long before they break him out of jail or can't find him??? The Mexican govt. Should extradit them to the USA, as soon as they pick these monsters up. The only place they should be, is a lovely "SUPER MAX" prison. Great job BB!

  7. Calderon is cleaning house! They are going get Chapo next! He can run but he can't hide!

  8. Arturo Beltran started the war. Just check the timelines.

  9. Wake up people chapstick and forty ounce have been picked to run the wholesLe. Side of the buosness. Just like Romney and obama or dem and rep always a counterpoint w the real leaders behind the scenes but both sides w same boss

  10. @ 5:20
    Whoa you're a badass! My guess is that if a criminal organization put a hit on you,you'd forget that you have "straps" and run and hide like a little bitch.You just talk shit and think that makes you tough.Just to inform you, the sinaloa cartel is a TRANSNATIONAL organization. That means it operates around the world including inside the United States.Who do you think supplies US gangs with drugs?You sound pretty ignorant.

  11. They will replenish the ranks,,,
    Good Post
    They said he has a warrant in Tejas ,,, So that means CDS is Controls the border!

  12. Obviously chapo is turning on his gente nueva now that he wiped his ass with them.Look at Tono Arduno and Che salguiero.Puro coincidence???I dont think so.Chapo we don't want those backstabbers here.Puro Chihuahua valle de juarez.

  13. Sorry ppls but anyone know whats happening at Nuevo Laredo? like i thought the Templars were there,now there in Coahuila...did they take Laredo already is that why there moving to Coahuila? or is it all Bullshit?

    1. Chapo is taking Nuevo Laredo. Count on it. I posted on another blog about drinking at Cheers and Chapo's guys were throwing money around and very loud and in the open about who they were, and why they're here. I live in Lakeside and I KNOW many of my neighbors are cartel heavies.

      According to Chapos guys the Z are defecting en masses. Running scared. The Z heavies living here are in extreme danger. Coincidence????? We had a tremendous military presence here about 6 - 8 weeks ago, helicopters flying day and night. Soldiers camped out on Laredo International Airport grounds. We were told they were "training" excercises. Not sure.

      I saw big white derigibles cruising the rip grande north of eagle pass 2 weeks ago. Couldn't figure out it was for. I also have seen drones in the air heading toward Mexico from the del rio area. Who knows what it all means.

      Zetas suck and hopefully going down. I miss being able to go across.

  14. Havana or chivis could you answer this please, who are the Warriors states? are they a Cartel or what? are they a big organisation? what do they do?

  15. November 5, 2012 5:20 PM

    You are a joke. U.S. thugs are all small time workers for what's really real. Get a job, quit acting hard for the future you don't have.

  16. @November 5, 2012 2:57 PM and 5:20

    I've seen comments about Hitler here a lot lately where these drug lords are compared to him. But it's a really bad comparison to what's going on in Mexico. Hitler controlled a state with a geostrategic agenda which he executed with military means which he had in common with most other states of its time and even this day. Then there was the racist ideology and its extreme efficient execution which differed to Stalin or China's mass murder campaigns or the british/usa fire bombing and atom bomb usage. But in the end the victor writes history.

    Hitler had narcissistic and other mental disorders but he wasn't a full blown psychopath/sociopath. He had empathy, selective perhaps, but he wouldn't be personally capable to slaughter people like these mexican nutjobs do. That needs a certain depravity on a personal level.

    Hitler controlled a bureaucratic system which obviously put people into work camps with death as a consequence or decided to kill them in a massive fashion but there was no real sadistic notion at the decision level. Dehumanized, yes but with a rational immoral cause in mind.

    But in Mexico sadistic sociopaths are at work.

    On a meta level Mexico is a failed state and these narco lords are like war lords. A form of a pre society to create new states because the current state structures failed. It's some kind of civil war without a clear defined political agenda/goals here. It's all about money.

    Mexico shows everybody that a state order has not much difference to a Mafia. Both use force to earn money from the rest of the population to keep their structure alive. Call it the narco tax. The difference is only the scale and if there's a stable society which follows the predefined laws.
    In this anarchic Mexico there are no stable laws.

  17. Most of you fellas on here are super tough and apparently well connected. Wow i am soooo impressed. Maybe all of you can start a bigger better cartel. Imagine that with all your know how and connections not to mention balls of steel. You guys would be unstoppable. Of course you guys would be good to mexico. Feed the hungry,make better schools,and hospitals. As long as you stay away from chi_town they are thugniffecent and will kill everybody..haaahahah or jaaajajajaj. Elvis lives. When ever you're ready let me know

  18. Not even the caballeras themselves believe what they say I am in no support of any cartel or any criminal syndicate but I do believe there a joke compared to z40which I dislike I had hope in lazcano maybe turning things around but this guy 40oz is to ruthless whoever said that they have no chance of surviving in the north is absolutly correct these guys have precense in michoacan and maybe parts of edomex and some whaat guerrero but that's mostly beltran leyva while the letter have precense in 17diffrent identities

  19. Be glad your in the us on borderland beat talkin all that smack in front of computer you wouldn't be talkin like that in mexico home boy.Listen up dawg me and my goons be out in the trap grindin for that gwap you feel me bredren,we be goin hard on each other 24/7 straight like dat uncle cause imma a real blood.
    I be flying my blood color blue all day reppin my set to the fullest you feel me.Goin hard at it wit my homs to the fullest effect.

    Chi- town hom-ie

  20. This is some serious news.Chapo isidro is probably preparing his commandoes as we speak,el muneco was the main leader of los Salazar,los Salazar is chapos strongest group in Sonora,this guy was basically the only one holding chapo isidro from taking over everything,at least in Sonora,ciudad obregon and so onq

  21. Yea the zetas are real hard core that's why there shaking down everything that moves extort anything that walks has wheels anything. that's not narcotrafficantes that's more of the Sicilian thing.

  22. Jajaaayyy guero alista Los trocas y alista la manada porque ay vamos con rumbo a sonora?

  23. "muneco was the main leader of los Salazar"
    Shit they were named for him,they Gente Nuevea with a big crew,someone else will take his spot

  24. "Chapo is taking Nuevo Laredo"
    How does that work?CDS sneak guys in and sleep for a bit until they got numbers or what?I mean the fuckin Z aint just gonna melt away?Surely you would expect a shit load of killings of Z?How the fuck does that work,you got dudes on here sayin Chapo is fuckin dyin and retiring?Fuck knows?

  25. @2:51 thanks for the intel dude,wot of Legion group have you seen them around? CT are they still there too? NE-MX is goin off so it sounds.

  26. this guy wasnt the main guy for chapo in sonora its los paredes chapo turn this guy in because he was heating up the plaza in obregon internal fight with jose gil quintero and el kadete an chapo trini.and what really made chapo mad was when he went to go fightb lemo nunez in choix lemo is the number 1 producer of marijuana for chapo so that brought heat and turning in him was his only choice

  27. @ November 7, 2012 11:19 PM
    "internal fight with jose gil quintero and el kadete an chapo trini"
    You sound as though you know what your talkin about unlike us.Good comments man,clearing things up a bit?
    Is this the guy who had his crew pictured lined up by SUVs?Or am i wrong?Was this guys clave R5?Man i don't know,there's that many?

    1. No this guy is not R5, El R5 is the main leader of Gente Nueva for Chapo. R5 listens directly to M100 who is Chapo's main guy in Sonora.

  28. "El R5 is the main leader of Gente Nueva for Chapo"
    I get you man,thats why i was askin,this El R5 is a main man over there aint he?About the lemo nunez,what you think going on with the beef with Isidro?Is that still on?Wasn't it some of the reason for the fighting in Choix?Or am i wrong again man?
    Thanks for your comments dude,keep postin some of your take on this.

  29. Okay help me out here, This guy above who was captured is M100 right?

  30. "Okay help me out here, This guy above who was captured is M100 right"?
    I know dude it can get confusing.
    This is not M100,or El R5,yup this is another different guy again?I thought this guy was one of the main leaders of Los Salazar?I don't know,im just as confused as you.But its not either M100 or El R5.

  31. No this gut is neither R5 nor M100, this guy they called El Muñeco, he's the leader of Los Salazar, which is a big family that helps control Sonora alongside el R5 and his Gente Nueva for Chapo Guzman. The main guy in charge of Sonora for Chapo is el M100, El R5 is the main leader of Gente Nueva and he answers directly to M100 who in turn answers directly to Chapo. This guy was a pretty big guy but only in some parts of Sonora where Los Salazar control territory but one of his Salazar relatives is just gonna step in his place. It's not that big of a blow as the Mexican government makes it seem. He was supposedly expendable because at one point he wanted more control of Sonora so he was infighting with El R5 and other important bosses all under CDS so that's why he got captured. All this means is more power for R5.

  32. im just ready for all this to end everyone is tired of killings and shootouts sometimes i think no one cares anymore. shootouts and killings then five minutes later everyone is back out in the streets kids playing women talking then bang bang bang another shooting they come pick up the bodies and then all back to normal thats the way it is in chihuahua. its like a really bad dream....

  33. November 11, 2012 5:40 PM
    Thanks for bearing with us bro,i know it sometimes takes a bit,I got on it now,keep postin dude.
    November 13, 2012 11:29 AM
    I ,m sorry to hear that.I wish there was some peace for decent Mexicans.I think of the children seeing these things as they grow up?It is sad for sure.


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