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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

National Guard Implement Changes with DTOs

Borderland Beat

To fight the drug cartels in Mexico, the National Guard and the Naval Special Operations Command are integrating a Global Information Network (GINA,  acronym in English). From communications,  they can locate criminal groups and other transnational criminal organizations, said David Baldwin,  the Deputy General of the National Guard of California, yesterday
Deputy General David Baldwin
Network diagrams show drug cartel  communications, which appear as images in three dimensions, detailing the time and space.  The United States is able to interpret and locate the place and the time the communicate took place, and sometimes where they will be later.
"That way we can have that information to destroy them," he explained. Meanwhile, he said, the National Guard is implementing a new operational strategy to confront the Mexican drug cartels already expanded their presence in California , where they use land,  sea routes and continue to sow in federal parks.
Pot encampment in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - after raid
Because of the danger posed by these criminal organizations, members of the National Guard are operating with weapons in national parks where drug traffickers have even installed camps with armed surveillance, the General Baldwin added.

An illegal marijuana encampment, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.
"Drug traffickers are using other routes to try to evade law enforcement and the military, why not just simply crossing in California, but also sailing to the coast and  near their established farms in the north woods, "explained General.

The actions taken by drug traffickers, he said, are being forcing us to change the way of attacking transnational drug trafficking organizations within the U.S. territory, which means new plans to react to that threat.

As a result of the expansion of drug trafficking routes into the sea, using big boats and then small boats to reach the coast, the National Guard also plans to use unmanned aircraft, for which awaits approval from the aviation authority of the United States.

Ultralight flights

Additionally, General Baldwin,  said the National Guard members are successfully using the "Sentinel" radar, in search of aerial surveillance evade U.S. space  especially useful to detect ultralight flights crossing the border to throw drugs into the United States. 

Since last April, the National Guard changed its strategy on the border with Mexico and increased air support instead of just adding to the number of elements on the border between the two countries. This strategy has increased surveillance capabilities in both air and ground, said the Department of Defense of the United States.

The National Guard members began the transition from  a  static rotation system ground support operations , to assets participating in mixed  aerial surveillance mixed to monitor  and detect threats on the border with Mexico, said Baldwin.


  1. OUCH! I can already feel the slams, you'll be saying you know all this already, but face it, not everyone knows as much as you guys and more info. is on the way, I peroooomiiise!

  2. I agree! The only downside is if the DTOs get radical an embed in the population but why would the people of Mexico do that. After all DTOs hate their own citizens and there is no concern for their fate! The hell with the DTOs, destroy thrm all.

  3. We shouldn't get too excited about high tech gadgets. I work in federal government and couldn't get my e-mail to work this morning.

  4. No offense but where the hell is Chivis?
    What's going on I need my Chivis

    1. Chivis has been ill, but she will be back soon. I let her know you were asking about her. .....Texpatnmx

  5. Good article, Havana. Nice work! Ignore the "pundits". If they knew anything they would be writing their own stuff.

  6. why don't they go into Afghanistan and kill all the American soldiers that are guarding poppy fields? what's the difference between them and somebody planting marijuana in a place called a "National Park"? that by the way was once Sacred Native American Land but the American government took it away from them so they could sell it for pennies to mining conglomerates and pollute all the water that is giving all our kids cancer? at least the marijuana adds minerals to the soil. all mining does is poison the earth.

  7. And people think the Corps of Engineers just monitors lakes and levees...DTO’s allow us to introduce you to ERDC. Essayons!

  8. Wow!!!!!!!!! This the most unbelievable news ever!!!!!!!!the US Government is finally gonna start capturing killing high level MEXICAN drugtraffickers in their OWN Country,for the first time,after 70,000 dead Mexicans and a couple probably 10-20 border agents haha pathetic.

    The fact that they barely publicly announce this is even more pathetic,disgusting.
    I can hardly wait for these clowns to realize that their New bright idea is worthless and easily comparable to FAst and Furious because itis gonna backfire..

    in a coupl years the US gonna be the one being aided by the Mexican Government.

    Its easy being in Washington and constantly criticized the Mexican Government for their lack of succes,now its the US turn to feel the effects of REALLY battling d drug production and drug trafficking and inevitably kill innocents at the same time Good luck in succeding,no honestly good luck in being succesful,

    what is temporary succes worth??dead innocents dead criminals?? and at the end its gonna be the same,THERES ALWAYS DRUG ADDICTS and THERE IS ALWAYS DRUG TRAFFICKING.

    If you fight Violence with Violence what do you guys expect the result to be???? ,,,,,Peace???? Hahaha I love this news.

    Only in California what about the other 49 states??? Talk aboutpartial commitments.

    I still cant believe that the most powerful Country in the world and without a doubt highly intelligent fell into the drug war,and I thought that we,Mexicans were the only stupid ones .

    1. Just because the US government don't say shit, don't mean its not already happening. They keep a lot of information away from us, some for our own good.

  9. @October 31, 2012 11:32 AM
    What are you doing reading BB at work? Get to work and stop wasting taxpayer money.

  10. @ Anonymous 10-OCT-12 /12:54 PM
    There is nothing pathetic with taking an active concern in the state of one’s country. Perhaps if Mexico would have been more proactive in the beginning, then 70,000 of its countrymen would not have died. Unlike Mexico, the United States Government does not need to broadcast its actions or parade its conquests; they simply kill them and move on to the next issue. The US is not without foul and I will not say injustices have never been committed in the name of God and Country, because they have. The difference is the US is trying to do something before the situation gets further out of control.
    I know that the US is currently facing an economic crisis, however in my own personal opinion, the only aid that I would like to see from Mexico would be the end of the $23.4 billion a year (average from 2004-2011) in remittance being sent to Mexico from people residing and working in the US, regardless of their immigration status. Perhaps if Mexico was less concerned with personal gain and instead a greater degree of national pride then, perhaps, their poor would not have grown into such a cancer to their neighboring countries.
    Regarding commitments, the US will tend to its own affairs and utilize its resources as they see fit; G.I.N.A. is not a state funded agency. Its jurisdiction is National. As an American, I appreciate your recognition of our intelligence as a nation; even though we as Americans are slipping in the global ranks regarding education … that’s another issue. I have many friends in Mexico and I respect the nation’s educational systems, for those who can afford access to them. For the record, I personally have never assumed Mexico to be dumb – greedy, selfish, rude, immoral …maybe, but never dumb.
    If your neighbor has roaches, no matter how much you clean, eventually you will find roaches in your house. We are in this drug war, right alongside of our neighbors to the south. Don’t be so presumptuous.

    1. So smart u.s.a gives guns to the roaches so they can kill eachother..fa st furios move resultin 100,000 ppl killed u cant get guns in mexico there ilegal no gun stores .u.s.a packed with gun stores and they just let ppl buy guns and takem to mexicowithout doing nothing .now that sum roches are going to ur house now u want to help ur neighbor get rid of them..wen those roaches could have goten taken care of by not leting them have guns and money flowing from u.s.a to yea 50% is u.s.a fault

    2. U let ur neighbor roaches grow in power by not caring about ur neighbor just thinkin bout urself.wen all along u knew wat those roaches were doing and u just let them that there going to ur house now its a problem.mas vale prevenir ke lamentar

  11. Hey Havana, I didn't know that our National Parks are being taken over by cartels growing pot. I should read you more often!

  12. Where is El Soldado today?

  13. Why don't you sad fuckers stop with the flattery.
    Do you know how sad and desperate you all sound?

  14. @11:46 AM - I mean really-no offense taken - especially since I feel exactly like you do. A day without Chivis - is just a really blah day!

    @3:34 PM -Painting on sheets 'n Spreading the word?

  15. October 31, 2012 12:54 PM
    Dude chill out,not everything is the fault of the US.
    What do you expect them to do when they are not welcomed in Mexico?
    "after 70,000 dead Mexicans"Errr isn't that a Mexican problem,what are you inserting the US into that for?The US is thinking about,guess what?The US?
    Whats wrong with that?Hadn't you better look at the Mexican government for your answers instead of somehow trying to bring the US into everything that happens in Mexico?Basically the US has nothing to do with Mexico,if Mexicans like you and your negative attitude would bend a little,maybe we might get somewhere helping each other,but i kinda doubt it somehow.

    1. Were taking about drug trafficking right? Which country has the most addicts? US.

      US happens to be north of Mexico,

      Has there been liable evidence that the United States supported or supports a drug cartel by letting them operate freely both in Mexico and the US?...Yes.Vicente Zambada son of the Sinaloa Cartel leader Ismael Zambada clearly mentions this.(United States cooperated/ cooperates with the Sinaloa Cartel)

      Is there evidence that the
      United States armed the violence in Mexico,by "accidentally" arming drug Cartels?...

      "After 70,000 dead Mexicans Errr isnt that a Mexican problem,what are you inserting the US in that for??

      I will explain since you are young or uninformed ...the United States decided to try a brilliant operation,called Fast and Furious.

      Which the final destination was,Guess!!?? You said US only has interference over the US.

      But the final destination wasn't the United State how weird??

  16. "I will explain since you are young or uninformed ...the United States decided to try a brilliant operation,called Fast and Furious"
    Dude don't bother,its like arguing about the existence of god,you want to blame the US for Mexico's ills?That is part of Mexico's problem right there but you don't see it.You are blinded by your one sided opinion.What do you expect the US to do?Only Mexico can change Mexico not anyone else.
    Why do you go on and on about the US?Every country has problems.Fast and Furious failed,end of story but you keep hanging on to it like a"i told you so"
    Many countries have policies that fail,,,no im finished with this

  17. November 2, 2012 12:20 AM .
    You sound like an old woman arguing over things that happened years ago?Its your fault,no its not.
    How the fuck did FaF come into this?Finished with this,it goes nowhere.Negative anti-US bullshit always.

  18. Having the Mexican military refuse to allow the US Seal attack on El Chapo is the same as having al-Qaeda refuse entry into Afghanistan. What are they waiting for! Send in the 27th Fighter Squadron (27 FS) (F-22 fighters) loaded to bear.
    Within minutes every cartel stronghold in Mexico could be destroyed. No more asking permission. Aim High!


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