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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mi Sangre: Los Zetas Largest Supplier Arrested

Borderland Beat
Jesús López Londoño, "Mi Sangre"
MEXICO CITY - After the capture of Colombian drug trafficker Jesús López Londoño, “Mi Sangre", the Mexican cartel, Los Zetas, are lacking their "the largest supplier of cocaine," said the director of the National Police  of Colombia, General José Roberto León.

López Londoño arrested on Tuesday the October 30, after a meeting with Los Zetas. He was wanted by Colombian authorities,  Interpol, and claimed by a Florida court for drug trafficking.

Carlos Mario, another alias with which the drug trafficker identified, left Colombia two years ago under pressure from security forces, and from then until his capture went through several countries in the region, until he was installed in the capital of Argentina, the General explained during a press conference.

Even, he said, there were two police operations before detaining "Mi Sangre," the first was in Argentina, where he managed to escape, and the second in Paraguay, a country in which a transaction was aborted because it coincided with the retirement of former President Fernando Lugo  last June.
"Two months ago he returned to Buenos Aires and we found him," said Leon, who stated that "Mi Sangre" was arrested thanks to intelligence reports and with the help of the Argentine authorities and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA , for its acronym in English), when allegedly processing documents in the embassy of Ecuador.

He said the kingpin lived in Argentina's capital with his wife and two children,  pretending to be a "Venezuelan businessman" and went on to live in up to six homes.

The criminal record of López Londoño  goes back to the 90s, while serving as one of the leaders of "Los Urabeños" a paramilitary group  for which he was a "financier," said the Colombian General.
"Mi Sangre" he said, controlled the remainder of the so called Envigado Office, which is based near Medellin, and is dedicated to laundering drug money as well as extortion and recruiting of assassins. The Envigado Office was created by Pablo Escobar, chief of the disappeared Medellin Cartel, after his death it was handed to Don Berna, alias of the drug dealer and paramilitary, Diego Fernando Murillo.

Don Berna was extradited to the US June 2008 together with 12 ex-chiefs of Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC), a paramilitary organization with its dissolution in 2006 originated other drug dealing gangs like "Los Urabenos,"
According to the police chief, a series of "alliances with drug dealers and terrible delinquents" allowed López Londoño to know the Colombian geography and the distinct networks of drug dealing.

Their search and location for him utilized  technology to trace all his movements as well as satellite technogy in coordination with Argentine authorities.



  1. Los Zetas snitchen!

  2. This is definitivamente a good score for the good guys.
    Thank you Havana BB, who knows when I would have heard of "Mi Sangre" except "Mi Sangre" by Juanes.
    Mil Gracias.

  3. z40 ratted him out!
    all the zetas knows he's a BIG RAT!

  4. xgovernor moreira says lazca was so at ease in Progresso that he would go into the corner store and buy a can of pop and bag of chips unarmed and with out bodyguards.
    Now that his son is executed the xgov has lots of info about lazca and the zetas.
    The coal mining biz is another good revelation.
    Too funny that xgov.

  5. Ohhh-kaaay! (sarcasm) like no one else will step up to the plate like he did when PE was taken down.

  6. Good Read!
    many thanks havana

  7. Took one down but another one will move in his place.

    Chivato Kojudo

  8. This gangster is a big fish. Yet another domino falling in a remarkable couple of months that has seen the Zetas heirarchy, and associated business partners, getting decimated.

    Eyebrows will be raised by fellow gangsters because of how he was nabbed after an alleged meeting with Zeta thugs. The Zetas are obviously talking to the authorities. There's no tough guy act anymore from the hapless Zetas.

    There's not much mystique when we have seen their command structure get destroyed so easily, and look so idiotic while federal forces give them a thumbtack enema on a daily basis.

    It has been interesting watching this cockroach outfit get dismantled. I await the inevitable book about the death of the Zetas.

    1. Exactly. Can't wait for the book!!!!!

  9. every capture is a leader, or person of importance so says mexico. dumb

  10. im sure this wont affect anything im sure someone else in this business will be willing to sell to a willing buyer. This war on drugs is so stupid. Let them make the cocaine. let the mexicans transport it. and let the americans buy it. i wish the new mexican administration would just look the other way on this.

  11. Drugs from Mexico have never been cheaper, stronger, or better. Mexican weed is top notch these days. So is their heroin (black tar is safer than the white = less OD's)ask a junkie. the weed in canada is made in Cali. the weed in Nothern USA is from Mexico and a little from Canada. This is international trade at it's best. Let it bloom.

  12. Awesome capture. Hopefully it puts a dent into the z finances.


  13. Off topic..
    Listening to BBC news on the car radio earlier today.
    They did a piece about violence in Acapulco affecting tourism, and they interviewed the mayor.
    He says that there was not a big problem with violence in Acapulco and the only reason the tourists are staying away was because of media "sensationalism".
    How many foreign tourists would there be if the media reported even a 10th of what's going on?

    Where in the hell do they find these compulsive lying clowns? you could not give them a red face with a blowtorch.

    Lordy, lordy, lordy.

    1. Dude mexico is shit this coming from a mexican im so sick of all the bullshit and lies I just hope and pray the people of mexico just revolutionize themself and just straight up overthrow the cartels then there government mexico a failed country

  14. I am wondering when you all will start "typing "Z 40 snitched out his supplier."

  15. No middle man anymore

  16. Los zetas are starting. To receive heavy blows to their structure. But I want to see more like those of the CDG. Their. Completely dismantled

  17. This guy looks fkn Crazy.

  18. Throughout the world of narcos the mexicans are known as rats and not to be trusted.

  19. This dude has the same facial expression as that Hafiz Saeed terroist dude from Pakistan that wanted to offer us aid after Sandy. They both look constipated. Don't they sell Dulcolax in BsAs?

  20. Londono, was a small fish in a Big Pond. Before him
    there was Don Berna, then Max Bonilla then they caught "El Sebastion" Vargas now they get Londono. There is always someone to take these guy's place
    but unlike Escobar they can't hold on to it for long. Now we have to watch for Elias (El Casper)
    Herrera who will be taking over. It never ends. It's allways the same movie just different actors!

  21. If he is a big coke supplier for Los Zetas, then this will only cause more extortion, kidnappings etc. On behalf of the Zetas. It's good work from the different authorities. But should focus more on the weapon suppliers.

  22. damn theyre really trying to make sure chapo gets the upperhand before calderon gets out and anything is up for grabs

  23. why people saying Z40 ratted this guy out? whenever any Zeta goes down the people think Z40 caused it. WHY would he rat on his own people and make life more complicated for his criminal enterprise? he betrayed Lazca because he was the only one higher than him and the only person stopping him from owning the Zeta's.

  24. Hey - they finally caught a narco who looks like a real narco. Maybe they should give him a job on the "El Capo" show :-)

  25. "Dude mexico is shit this coming from a mexican"
    Bro,its a wonder you don't get Mexicans calling you names,or saying you not Mexican.You ok,you can say that.Most people here feel the same whether Mexican or not.Mexico is mineral rich and has a huge labor pool,if an intelligent decent man could say enough is enough.All these resources are for Mexico,not just the select few,its frustrating to see the wasted potential.Mexico could be another China?


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