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Friday, October 5, 2012

Mexican Army kills 1, wounds 3, rescues 5 in Tamaulipas state

By Chris Covert

Mexican Army units operating in Tamaulipas state killed one armed suspect and rescued five individuals in separate actions Wednesday and Thursday, according to official Mexican government news sources.

A Mexican Army road patrol in Valle Hermoso municipality near the village of El Empalme came under small arms fire from an armed group of unknown size Thursday.  Army return fire killed one and wounded two armed suspects.  presumably the rest of the armed group escaped the encounter.

Following the conclusion of the firefight, soldiers seized three rifles, one handgun, tactical gear and a vehicle.

Separately on Wednesday, a Mexican Army unit on patrol in Reynosa municipality came under small arms fire.  Army return fire wounded one unidentified armed suspect. Five unidentified individuals were also released from capture following the armed encounter. 

Following the firefight, soldiers seized 32 rifles, one 40mm grenade launcher and seven vehicles, two of which were armored.

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  1. 32 rifles many life's saved. Good job.

  2. 32 rifles and 7 vehicals, sounds like a goon squad was out rounding up the cast for a new video. 5 guys rescued are pretty lucky.

  3. In OIF one, I was a medic with an armoured scout squadron. We rolled through enemy territory ahead of any coalition troops with Abrahms Tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Kiowa Helecopters. Our mission was to make contact with the enemy as well as to scout new territory. We would be well suited to assist these Mexican army patrols. I know that they are brave because I drove one of the few wheeled vehicles to go into the front line of troops. I fortified my un-armoured 5-ton LMTV with sandbags. Call If y'all need help!! LOL

    1. Wow an Army medic lol what a joke. I am a 11B Infantry I'm real impressed. LMFAO

    2. Wow 11b Infantry? That's like general labor. The joke is on you my friend. My respects to the medic for helping save lives. Kids stay in school;)

    3. Do you have any special skills? Yes, I kill? Lol

    4. Dont worry, majority of the soldiers end up in hell.

    5. A every soldier's primary MOS is infantry. Airborne infantry respects their airborne medics. Medics will 'get some' during battle. I respect any military person who serves honorably.

  4. October 5, 2012 11:30 PM You think so? The military will either sell them or give them back to whatever cartel they are working for. You must be thinking of a normal country's military which is not in league with the cartels. This is Mexico, remember?

  5. anyone who truly knows the horrors of war dont glamorize it...or their imaginary skills.


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