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Friday, October 5, 2012

6 die in Zacatecas state

By Chris Covert

A total of six unidentified individuals were killed in separate encounters in Zacatecas state Thursday and Friday, according to official Mexican government and private news sources.

A Mexican Army unit with the 11th Military Zone came under small arms fire while on patrol in Garcia de la Cadena municipality near the village of Las Higueras Friday.  Soldiers in the patrol unit observed a convoy with several vehicles, and exchanged gunfire with the convoy's occupants.

Mexican Army counterfire killed four armed suspects.  Following the firefight, soldiers seized two AK-47 rifles, one AR-15 rifle, one FAL 7.62mm NATO rifle, 39 weapons magazines, an undisclosed quantity of ammunition and a BMW SUV.

In a separate incident, reported in a web report posted on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas news daily, two unidentified individuals were killed and another female victim was wounded in an armed attack on a taxi in the village of Encino Mocho in Jerez municipality Thursday evening. 

A total of five unidentified individuals were killed in an armed encounter with a Mexican Army unit in the same village at about the same time.  According to the latest news report, an army unit was tasked with providing protection for the female victim in the taxi attack as she received medical attention.

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  1. There goes jerez such a nice place

  2. what happened to the sinaloa cartel, los antrax, el m1 havent really heard nothing bout them, someone know???

    1. umm i think cds are laying low there sum speculation that chapo not even in mexico buy could be somewhere in south America any way with the cdg downfall sinaloa might have to reorganize or alliance them selves with the Knight templar and prepare for a bloody war with zetas this is not fact only opinion

  3. didnt los antrax get ambushed in a 50-truck convoy, by the BLO,what a horrible slaughter...good job by the BLO though.

    1. That was comando x .i think. But what i do know is that el fantasma ha been dead since feb18 and in may lalo antrax and a few of his flunkiea got murked by chapito Isidro and his ppl. Now that the zetas are all over thw place along with blo,cdj chapo left sinaloa till shit calms down.oh yeah antrax is done chino and fantasma are dead along withlalo.stop the cheers you queers


  5. hmmm so much for the big bad sinaloa cartel...the cdg went downhill fast and the zetas still don't give up without a fight ...shits never gonna end we need some u.s. military to do the job

  6. October 6, 2012 6:26 PM
    "didnt los antrax get ambushed in a 50-truck convoy, by the BLO"
    That was a few year ago,got ambushed all right.Get the pictures of that shit,didn't stand a chance,ripped up in the wagons.
    October 7, 2012 10:52 AM
    "yeah antrax is done chino and fantasma are dead"
    Man,is that shit for real about Chino Antrax?
    Never heard about that shit,he was the main man for Antrax,it top leader,but a lot of Antrax were rich kids,they could still kill fuckers tho,anyone can do that.Look at the sons players,JT,sons,dead,Araujos,Beltrans,Guzman,

  7. whats the story on Chino antrax? is that the hospital one or?

  8. 6 slow day must be a game going on


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