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Friday, September 21, 2012

“My Son is one of Them; but he is a Good Person”

Borderland Beat

Martha speaks of her son being with the "letter" (zetas) but is a good person, she explains he had no choice.  This is especially true of the iimpoverished youth of Mexico....Paz Chivis

Mothers protest at prison gates

Alejandro Salas

Knowing her son is in CERESO (jail) is just a concern of this lady; but how he got to that place and if he will be alive for one more day, is what really torments her.
Monterrey. The cries and groans emerge from outside the Forensic offices. The women hug each other; mothers, daughters cry for their deceased that are on the mortality list of the 44 killed of the Apodaca Penitentiary.
It is the afternoon of Sunday, February 19th; Martha doesn’t know why she is there,  she has been there waiting since dawn, she was told by phone that the persons killed at the prison were from CDG and not Zetas. But she wanted to be at SEMEFO, hopefully to quell her concern and then go to the penitentiary.
A 50 year old man had been in the city for a couple of hours, searching for a nephew from Panuco, Veracruz, and after the mass killing of CERESO, he also went to SEMEFO to see if he was among the victims.
The man of Panuco and Martha were talking; she was advising him, she told him to have in his hands, a copy of the birth certificate of his nephew and to proceed to the unit and ask for him.
“I am leaving to the penitentiary; Thank God Jonathan is not here. I wanted to be here anyway; it’s not easy, one of the deceased was named like my son, when I heard the name I almost fainted, but I saw the last name and I was relieved, but I felt badly for the others.
Half hour later, Luis Manuel from Panuco, said he didn’t find his nephew on the list.
At the beginning of the year, Beto telephoned his mother and also spoke with his uncle; he told his mother that he was working in construction and told his uncle that he was working for the people of the letter in Monterrey.
A friend of Beto called the family and told them that Beto was kidnapped. Luis Manuel had searched  Veracruz, Poza Rica, San Fernando and Ciudad Mier, since he has promised his sister, Beto’s mother,  that he will find him, dead or alive.
Reports of beat down
Late afternoon of February 22nd, Luis Manuel presented himself on the doors of the Cereso, where one more time meets with Martha, who explains to him that to request information he needs to go in the morning.
“Now things are heated up, last night was a chaos because many of us got pissed off because there was an operative, Police beat up and shot many of our prisoners,  they went overboard and that is why we quarrel with the Civil Force”, said Martha, angry.
Outside the penitentiary are 20 people. Some are sitting down on the bench of the bus stop, others are aboard cars and one or two wait standing in front of the barbwire fence of the Penitentiary of apodaca, on the road to Salinas Victoria.
Martha is there, she a 45 year old lady, 5'2" tall,  dyed red hair, medium complexion and having an extroverted character. She and the other mothers and family members were literally on guard, taking note of every police car or vehicle that go into the penitentiary.
“That is how we realize who enters, the hour they go in and if our people inside gets shot, we report them. We know that the fucking authority doesn’t do anything, but for now we tell Human Rights and we also tell the people inside, who they are.
Martha says she is pissed off of the operative that the federals did, since she said that it was a bloodbath. She was referring to what occur on the Coca Ambulatory (C), where, according to investigations, the majority of the responsible for the massacre that left 44 inmates of Delta killed.
That is why Martha is there, guarding, along with other inmate relatives. By then, Jonathan, her 21 year old son, has 11 months in jail.
She admits it, her son joined the Zetas, but she says that he was forced to and threatened.
A forced change
Jonathan was a plumber, floor tile helper and electrician.
He has worked since he was 15 years old, age when he started using crack, but mostly marijuana.
One day he bought drug and was kidnapped by an armed group, under the argument that he had bought weed from the contrary band.
He was kidnapped two days, he was whipped and beat up along with a friend and “when he was released they said that he had to work for them, and if he refused, my little girl – his sister- and I were going to get killed”.
That is how the Zetas recruited him.
Immediately, Jonathan left his trade and the job his employer gave him for over five years and drastically change direction.
He was doing better economically speaking, his income provided him to purchase his drug, buy clothes, take care of his girlfriend and give money to his mother, whom at first opposed to his new activities.
Good thing they got lucky
One time, by the end of 2010, Jonathan and his friend absented from their house for three days, in which Martha looked for him everywhere.
On the fourth day of absence, at noon, Martha saw her son in a presentation of a kidnapper band on television.
The Marines rescued a merchandiser and his two sons from a safe house located in one of the colonias on the peak of the mountain of Topo Chico and apprehended Jonathan and an accomplice there..
Stunned and staring at the television, Martha says, “I was shattered, as if I was falling into a deep hole. I was falling, falling… The good thing, I thought, despite everything, he is alive and not dead, like I thought he would be many times”.
Martha managed to talk to one of her “son’s captors”, (zetas recruiter), who told her  thank God that her son was alive.
He told her that at first the young boys were protecting him, for which they were almost killed in gunfire.
“He told me: good thing they got lucky”.
The woman asked the marine why they beat him up so much. He said that it was part of their job.
At this point, Martha thinks that her son can be rehabilitated, although in the penitentiary, he is to the service of the same group that recruited him.
Yes, My son is one of them, but he is a good person, he has to work for them, if not they would kill him. I put him on God’s hands.
Source: Milenio
Translated by Chivis


  1. Mexico, land of many curses

  2. Delutional lady, he is not a good person. Had you maybe been a better mother and saw what you actually had and not what wanted to see, he might of had a chance. May he rest in peace, they all die young.

    1. Of course its the moms fault. and the dads fault, who is not mentioned to no suprise. It is the collective fault of every mother and father out there. Mexico as a culture has allowed this to grow. what about his zeta captors? were they also kidnapped? let me guess - an infinite cycle of victims. I think not. values are taught at home. do you want a culture that values education Or one where mom looks the other way when her son hands a stack of bills? time to take some responaibility

    2. Why didnt the son joint the military and help combat organized crime?

    3. That's no ones fault, You can raise Your Children in the most strict matter... But its the company They keep as Teens/Young Adult that molds there future 90% of the time! This person was forced to become what he has become... Or his Beloved Mother and Sister would be killed. Don't judge him because he loves His Family.

    4. You guys are dumbasses if someone said, "you do this or I kill your entire fucking family" I'm pretty sure you would ablige. Don't talk about values and shit cuz Americans are the number 1 consumer yet they act like their shit don't stink, you guys fucking disgust me with your ignorant comments.But hey talking about values, we take care of our parents as we grow, you fucks just stick your parents in a home and wait for them to die. Values huh?

    5. When you go up against Z its not only 4-6 guys to worry about, once they send your families name to the top you go against hundreds to thousands. This ain't the fucking boyscouts either. so if somebody (Z) threatens your fam you are going to do as your told.Plus his VALUES said fuck it as long as my family lives and I can support them, fuck my life. What would you tough guys do huh? Please enlighten us with your fucking solution!

    6. Just let it be. The years coming are going to bring surprizes.

  3. All prisoners are always innocent! lol
    This is a crock of shit, they were not there in protest trying to protect their loved ones inside. They showed up because their relatives were asked to call them. The fat bearded guy gave the prisoners cell phones and phone cards then asked them to call home and get their family to show up and protest, block the entrance, and they were to do the same inside. They did get a beat down though, and left naked in the cold until close to midnight. My cousin was there and he was beat very badly.

  4. There is NO excuse for becoming a cartel member, they should ALL be put to death, the sooner the better!

  5. Fear. Everyone does as the z asks because they fear... Oh well, nothing to be done. Ni modo.

  6. I don't understand how the zetas are hated so much and still manage to be so strong. Everywhere they recruit a multitude of ppl. Oh yeah my mistake.. I do now.. La gente nueva killed my wife and my son for an old truck. If they would have asked she would of given it to them. All cartels are SHIT...... its just that some of us have issues with others. I'm lost in translation but if i had a choice I'd wish death on cds first..

  7. All the mothers are the same . My son had no enemies he was a good boy . When I was a young boy thats what I told my mother please never say that

  8. Your son is the.demon seed, it is now your moral responsibility to end his life before. His kills someone else's family member.stop lookin for pity and kill your son please!!!

  9. "he is not a good person"
    Do you know him personally?
    Funny shit,what would you all know about it?
    Fuck do you know about Mexico?Except what you read on here?You know nothing of life there?
    What would any of you know about any kind of criminal behavior?Have any of you ever gone looking for someone?Ever been in jail?Ever sold drugs?Ever had to steal for money?But you all experts who know everything about this?
    Its so black and white isn't it.
    You sound like a gang of virginal school girls.
    "They should all be put to death"Its what everyone wants to hear isn't it.Your righteous indignation at these"criminals"He is in the Z,he a bad person.Man,you people are either on a different secluded planet,or you a gang of phony sheep spouting what every"good"person should think.Phony cowardly hypocrites.

    1. There's plenty of people who don't resort to that, stop trying to justify what these people do. Too many take the easy way out, have no morals and prey on the victims they claim to be

    2. You tell em bro! He is a saint. Why only a saint would kidnap people for ransom and shoot em in the head if the famuly doesnt have the money to pay.A Godly saint I tell you!

    3. The American Dole Retards will always accuse & abuse others without even comprehending WHY lot of poor and down trodden people take to crime...It is the lack of oppertunities in life and desperation that drives the down trodden to crimnal activities, initially it is to survive but then they get caught up in the deep web of crime...Ask yourselves are these crimnals better or worse than Wall Street Traders who for their selfish greed ruin companies & economies that indirectly make a lot of people jobless, homelees and on the brink of starvation...I am not defending the crimnals but hopefully Goverments and Society can create an enviourment where more people have access to education and basic standards of living whereby there is a reduction in crimnals and crime.

  10. There they are.

    Here they comment.

    An arm chair mob sitting in their mommie's basements "on that dang internets" giving the Cesarian thumbs up/down when its someone else's hide.

    What do you think? People like this just get up in the morning and say: you know, i think I'll go kidnap me some random pelado today. Let's ride, Flaco!

    You (nor I) know what the real truth is.

    That's why dumb little feeble punks, smokin their Friday night j's and droppin their mooker at the club tonight, all over the USA should pull up a chair, shut the f up and see what their impetuous little asses created.

    These little sissy boys wouldn't give a poo bout who's consoling the mothers of 55k men, women and children tonight; all bad parents, right?

  11. @ El_Regio
    How are you getting on lately?You know who////+
    Bro,are you still wearing those ball stranglers?
    I just wanted to tell you that a truss may help you out more with your problem?PM me if you need more info?Just to let you know,the medical staff were telling me what alleviates the pain the best.
    I hope your cousin is alright as well,i dont think i know that one?PM me bro?

  12. Stop defending the thug gangsters like they had no choice about getting into their horrendous lifestyle.. Stop with the absurd reasoning "that people just don't know how it is"...that it isn't black and white.

    Actually, it is totally black and white. You're either a parasite criminal contributing to the decline of Mexican society or you're not. There's no inbetween. Too think that way is a dangerous enabling that has brought Mexico to the catastrophic situation it is currently in.

    These mother's should be glad that their criminal offspring haven't been hung from the streetlights or lined up against a wall by a firing squad for their dangerous contributions to the ghoulish cartels that inflict death & violence on honest society.

    Lying down with snakes because they offer an alleged way out of poverty is banal & obtuse reasoning.

    It's scary that there are people that will defend these gangsters until the very end.

    1. If a cartel told you to join and be paid more money than you have ever seen, or not join and have your entire family wiped out, what would you do?

      If you say that you wouldn't join based on your principles, you are either a liar or you don't have a family. It isn't black and white. Nothing is black and white in these situations. Don't blame the worker bees. Blame the asshole politicians and government institutions that rely on the illicit drug trade to keep the dollars rolling in. People like yourself need to get off your soap box, and see how the world really works. Most people will do anything to keep their family from being hurt, and I for one cannot fault them for that.
      - El blanco guy

  13. 4:23 PM
    Another racist piece of shit,whining about the"whiteman"they get off they ass to earn money through working you fuckin loser.You dont fucks with anyone except yourself in your room loser bitch.Live your life whining about someone else while you gettin clowned with no money bitch.
    Racists are losers,its a known fact.

  14. 3:03 what about the mothers of kidnap victims ,what about the mothers of central and south American immigrants looking for a better life killed an robed in mx.there r no old cartel members sitting around telling stories to their grand kids because death and prison got the best of why live? To hurt and kill others? The quicker and younger they die the better.

  15. Most Women love their Children,so whats the point?

  16. So, when did you learn how to read? It gets easier.

    Why do people rejoice in their stupidity so much these days. The world is becoming an idiot contest.

    -el blanco guy

  17. What would you do? You are a state police officer whose duty is patrolling the highways looking for speeders or drunk drivers. You have been on that job for many years. The worst corruption you have been guilty of is taking a small mordita (bite) occasionally when you stop a speeder. You are parked at one of your usual spots watching for speeders. It is just after dark. Suddenly a black SUV pulls up and parks in front of you. A pickup with it's lights on bright pulls up close behind you. Four men appear at the front windows of your car. One enters the passenger door. He hands you a set of keys and says "this is the keys to the new pickup behind you. If you don't accept this gift, we will kill you wife and daughters in a horrible way" And they call your wife and daughters by name. They tell you all they want of you is a little information from time to time. You will receive a monthly sum of money as a gift to show our appreciation. You have to give us your answer right now. Do you accept our gifts?

    This happened to the uncle of my niece's husband several years ago. What would you do in his shoes?

    1. Choice between the Devil & The Deep Sea BUT then all of us would choose the Devil so that no harm befalls our famlies and us...People who contradict it are talking bullshit and are bunch of pussies hiding behind their computer acting tough.

  18. Just like ghetto mamas in the U.S.:

    "My babeece is a good boy, he didn't mean to kill all dem folks..."

  19. Yeah im pretty sure hitlers mom thought he was a good kid to.

  20. You people are sad I would not wish it on you though. You People don't know pain, you don't know struggle or heartache. Mexico is hell right now at least here in Tamaulipas many family members dead

  21. Lol you know this dude is in prison saying damn mom I do all this to let you live and you embarrass me like this and make me look like a crack head punk in not only home but in America too!?!? You better hope I don't get out lmao jkjk all in good fun xD

  22. Most of you lame fucks are plain fuken ignorant!!! The point of the story, and correct me if I'm wrong Chivis is that there's no doubt some of these low level sicarios are FORCED to become members. Any one asked you to join a gang, especially the setas or they'll kill ur family u would be gagin on ur won throw up and shiting on ur pants! I can tell you that in El Monte, California I was robbed at gun point in FRONT of my house with my gf and was told that if I called the cops they would go after my sis, brother and mother. They pointed towards my house, guess what? I didn't say shit!!! N if u fags lived in El Monte (suburb in east LA) or mexico u fags wouldn't do shit!!! Stupid fucks talkin shit having no fuken clue of reality! Go fuck urselves u stupid fucks that judge with no fuken rationality whatsoever. U guys think u have big balls!!! In mexico they would cut ur balls off and feed them to ur assholes!!!! Hey BB, make sure u post this comment, these lame asses deserve to read this!!!

    1. Use your 2nd Amendment, buy a fucking AR 15 and defend your home, shoot the fucking cholos in the ass and stop crying like a baby, damn!

    2. LOL...A stupid comment by a redneck American Asshole Gun Fodder Kid...You Are A Joke...LMAO.

  23. Hey DD, ur post is excellent, mine just had a bit more anger in it! Haha! I'm the guy from el monte. Anyways, those of us who have been to mex or have family there really know what's up. The rest of these fags on BB talkin shit like they're perfect just read BB cus this drug n violance shit excites their sick ass minds. They probably get hard when they read all the shocking shit goin on. Btw bro, ur writing is pretty bad ass! I TOTALLY pictured in my mind what happened to the uncle of ur nieces husband!

  24. Most of you lame fucks are plain fuken ignorant!!! The point of the story, and correct me if I'm wrong Chivis is that there's no doubt some of these low level sicarios are FORCED to become members. Any one asked you to join a gang, especially the setas or they'll kill ur family u would be gagin on ur won throw up and shiting on ur pants! I can tell you that in El Monte, California I was robbed at gun point in FRONT of my house with my gf and was told that if I called the cops they would go after my sis, brother and mother. They pointed towards my house, guess what? I didn't say shit!!! N if u fags lived in El Monte (suburb in east LA) or mexico u fags wouldn't do shit!!! Stupid fucks talkin shit having no fuken clue of reality! Go fuck urselves u stupid fucks that judge with no fuken rationality whatsoever. U guys think u have big balls!!! In mexico they would cut ur balls off and feed them to ur assholes!!!! Hey BB, make sure u post this comment, these lame asses deserve to read this!!!

  25. What a dumb bitch. I bet her good son tortured and killed people too! But he is still a good guy! Hey why not him and I have a cup of tea?..

  26. Very true,get these stupid asses on here saying every official that has been caught taking bribes deserves to die or youths forced to join cartels and end up getting shot up they say lil punk deserved it.........truth is alot of these people never got an option...silver or lead.

  27. I agree with the others on this do any of you (including one of the moderators) have any right to pass judgement on these people?

    You have NO IDEA what it is actually like until you have lived in Mexico. A little over a year ago I was one of those passing judgment, I now live in a border city and understand what it is like.

    These people are not always given a choice. How do you say no when the pressure is there every day? When they come to your door, stop you on the street? Offer you 2-3 times what you would make in a factory and all you have to do is stand on a street corner with a radio.

    You ask how do I know all of these things? They have been trying to recruit my husband for over a year. He has been able to say no and so far they have accepted that, but only because of the "people" he knows.

    My husband had a life prior to meeting me and it was not a pretty one. He was involved in all the drugs and guns, but it was all before the "letter" moved in. When we were married he swore to never go back to that far he has been able to keep that promise, but we both know that this may not always be possible.

    Most people here are not given a choice. IT IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE!!!! The choice is either you work for them or you die...simple as that. Our cousin has been trying to get out, but they won't let him because "he knows too much", he was told if he left they would kill his family.

    What would you do?

  28. He could've told his family and moved to another city. That's what many other Mexicans do when they're businesses are threatened.

  29. 10:04 pm, I'll yell you right now what I would do!! I would accept his ofter then round up some friends ARM some civilians,ARM some victims family's,and when I receive my first payment I put two in the mothrfu....s face!!!!

  30. ....people judge, i am guilty of doing it my-self, but truth being said, ONLY GOD KNOWS THE VERY DEEP THOUGHTS OF THE mothers, AND SONS, REALATIVES, ETC, (can you blame them, they love their sons reguardless of who they are)...


    ....LOVE....A PRECIOUS GIFT...


  31. Everyone can judge this man? Instead of judging him why don't you support his family so he can leave the drug business. Nobody knows this young man situation. Wouldnt you do what you have to do do if you family and life was threatened. That's the only life these poor families know. I'm not trying to justify the evil the man has done because he will soon get his, but understand that this is the only life available right now in Mexico.

    1. Fuck him! If he can fight against the Mexican Army and Marines, then he can fight against the cartels by joining the military, this way he can live a good life and help his country at the same time.

  32. my brother is a good person too even though he murdered 3people

  33. "my brother is a good person too even though he murdered 3 people"
    You think thats funny and ironic?I think it is perfectly natural for us to kill,and be a good person?Lets say the people he killed deserved it.
    Child killers,serial murderers,etc,what of your ironic joke now?Not so black and white anymore?

  34. The solution? It's hard and Mexico doesn't have the will to do it. Root out corruption. Make it a capital offense for a public servant to take or seek a bribe--yes, even the traffic cop "only" taking small morditas, all the way to the top--including the general and his two gold watches. Make it a capital offense for someone to bribe public officials. Extend mandatory public education by a few years. Install and enforce impregnable anti-corruption measures in PEMEX, embrace the Eagle Ford shale through Coahuila and Tamaulipas and give those "good boys" a good job that pays them a decent salary without a need to join the cartels.

  35. I am sure "Commadante Diablo"'s mother says the same bullshit, "My son is really a "good boy" he is just caught up in a bad crowd..."

    Get Real...

    1. Easy to pass judgement from the suburbs. Funny how comfort never breeds compassion . -el blanco guy

  36. I'm sure that they force people to work for them. Remember the immigrants coming to America were kidnapped and given a choice- New job with Zetas or die. Many chose death. They found about 70 bodies of the ones that chose death. One of them survived to tell the story.

    Also, to join them you must prove yourself on the spot by killing someone they tell you to kill.

  37. @ 6:04pm
    I thought the Eagle Ford formation only ran through Tamps. Oh well, Pemex doesn't have the technology/know-how to frack or develop deepwater production fields because every penny the enterprise generates is stolen or diverted. Nothing is left to reinvest to exploit these resources. Asi es compas, aqui no ay chambas 'pa los "good boy" ni-nis. And BTW what's up with your 'capitol offense' solution. Hasn't there been enough killing already?

  38. This is a process. I think.

  39. I can always tell who is not living through this or has loved ones living through this. My best friend is a cab driver living this nightmare and I as well. DO NOT BLAME THE MOTHERS blame the Mexican government, the US government and the rich. Their greed is what has caused this.

  40. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, they were all great people, too. Real salt of the earth types, I tell ya.

  41. These people wouldn't have to stand guard outside a prison if they would have kept guard of their children and who they were hanging out with instead

  42. @ 6:20pm your an insignificant little germ.

  43. If there was anybody with a brain in these cartels they would make peace and make mexico even better than the u s and just feed these honkees theyre drugs use theyre money in mexico comunities and everything would be fine

  44. It is partially the parents fault for not stopping his drug use or allowing him to hang around shady people. In Mexico the reprocussions of this are much greater than in the US. This is actually the argument for legalizing marijuana in the US so kids don't have to find weed from shady people in bad areas where they may be recruited into gangs so the can start selling weed to their little friends. However in Mexico even if you are a good kid and become a computer programmer the cartel may still even kidnap you to work for them, just less of a chance maybe.

  45. I think you can be a good person and still make bad decisions to start with at a young age. Whether it is due to weakness, bad peer pressure, no convictions, lack of parental guidance, partying, not thinking, or being forced to do criminal acts, the kid and the family will pay.

    A sense of self worth, a conviction that they're loved, and matter to the family has to be instilled in toddlers and pre-adolescent minds by their parents. Bad decisions affect everyone in the family eventually. One misstep and before long, one can lose control over their lives, they'll lose sight of themselves, and then they'll be living a life, doing so many bad things, that life no longer resembles "previous life", and they don't even think of themselves as a good person anymore. Maybe they aren't. There mothers think they are. No matter, it then may be impossible to differentiate between good, bad or what just is. It may not matter anymore because all self respect went down the drain anyway a long time ago and it continues on that downward spiral to a horrible end. This scenario never ends well...

    I'm no god, I have no right to judge. I feel terrible that Mexicans are in this position in the first place. Trying to instill self worth, and self esteem into a pre ni-ni culture is nearly futile without a lot of help from parents, family, community, religious institutions, education, literacy, after school enrichment programs, sports, social programs etc. Build up the youth. Give them something to look forward to besides Plomo o plata. Mexico can structure a better future in the future by making changes slowly and steadily. And one day, it could be different. Their needs to be a change of priorities now. Mexican bureaucracy has to endorse change.

    I just started out to say thanks for the thought provoking article, Chivis. Good work. And now I set myself up, to be screamed at in here as usual.

  46. Blood is thicker than water. Assuming all of them are murderers is jumping to conclusions of the worst kind, as is assuming the law is always right.

  47. @el blanco guy,
    Did you not read the article? Her son was indirectly involved when he became a drug user! The mother stated he started using crack but mostly marijuana! He bought drugs from the wrong crew and got his ass whipped and then he was forced to join. Seems to me...this "I have/had no choice" defense is bullshit. Let me asked you something, if they "Zetas" were forcing this guy to do their dirty work, by threatening the safety of his family members...why pay him at all! Realistically, this dude was probably a drug addict and started working for the Zetas for the both the money and the drugs! Plain and simple everything else is bullshit!!

  48. What is there to prevent them from killing your sister anyway? Maybe they tell you to kill her or they kill you both? Why would you think you can make deals with them? Do you think they are honest people, honorable people?

    They will do what they want to do and there is nothing you can do about it.

    So, you take the money and hope they don't change their mind about you? You call that a life? I call it slavery and we all know they are heavy into keeping slaves. They have slaves, they make slaves, they will make you a slave - it does not matter if they pay you or how much they pay you - they own you. You want to be their property?

    Don Alejo Garza Tamez was murdered defending his ranch. The narcos gave him one day to vacate his ranch because they wanted it. He sent his workers home, gathered his hunting rifles and killed 4 of 30 of them as they arrived the next morning. They got him with an RPG. None of the chickenshit PF, Army, Marines or State Police had the balls to even go to the ranch until they were sure there were no narcos around.

    If anyone on this comment thread had half the cojones of Don Alejo Garza Tamez, Mexico would be free, not slave.

    You can be a Don Alejo or you can be a slave. Anyway you look at it, your existence in Mexico is precarious.

  49. Most of the times its people like most of ya that make them like that ya think ya to good for people and dont accept them and think ya better then guys like this feel like nobodys so when they join stuff like this its like there like a movie star doing stuff you see on movies just show everbody love and accept them and teach your kids to accept everyone to because you and your kids can help people from not turning like a person like this

  50. So you'd be another Don Alejo, huh? Give 'em a gun and they turn into John James Rambo.

    I don't know you, but if you're like any of the others here I know you'd probably be greasing your pompis for them if they asked to stretch test your sphincter at gunpoint.

    All that 'd be coming out of your mouth would be, "yes sir... let me put a little dab of Vaseline on myself for you..." ....there you go....'s that feel? ...let me squeeze it a little for you... ...there you go...

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