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Friday, September 21, 2012

Gulf Cartel Regional Leader "El Tio" Captured with Six Others

Borderland Beat

"El Tio"
Federal Police arrested Salvador Román Garcia, known to authorities as "El Tio," and identified as second in command of the Gulf Cartel in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.  He was picked up with six others who are thought to be responsible for attacks on at least two bars, six homicides in the state 

Through a statement, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), explained that lines of research indicate that "El Tio"  was allegedly responsible for the logistical operation of drug distribution for Gulf Cartel as well as coordinating kidnappings, killings of members of rival groups, mainly" Los Zetas, with whom  their disputing for control of the area. 

Salvador Román Garcia was captured after the September 1 arrest of David Rosales Guzmán, alias, El Comandante Diablo,"  alleged plaza leader for the Gulf Cartel in Monterrey.

According to the SSP, , 48 years old, was arrested on September 18 when he was visibly armed in a parked car parked on Avenida Bernardo Reyes, in the Bellavista neighborhood.

In the same place were found six other armed persons in two cars. Those arrested were identified as Jonathan Abraham Castañeda González, 21 years,Juan Julio Castro Muñiz,  29 years,, who were linked to various murders; Jorge Alonso Ramos Solís, 29 years, alleged informer who reported movements authorities.
In addition to Juan Pablo Triana Aguilera, “El Pabis,” 32 years, Pedro Antonio Martínez Sida, 32, years  and José Alberto Girón López, 37, alleged Gulf Cartel informant who reported the movements of various distinct authorities.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the detainees are related to attacks on bars and homicides in Monterrey:

Attack on  "Elefante"  bar on February 7, 2012 in Monterrey

Attack on the nightclub "Woman", on March  92012 in Monterrey

Murder of two people in Progreso, July 30, 2012 in Monterrey

Murder of a person, the August 28, 2012 in St. Barnabas, Monterrey

Attack with explosives on Civil Police Force in Nuevo Leon on September 4, 2012

Homicide three people, the September 5, 2012 in the neighborhood Montenegro , Santa Catarina

During the detention, federal police seized a Nissan Tsuru vehicle Nuevo Leon plate MLA 1342,  a Jetta Volkswagen with Nuevo Leon license  plate SKC 1523, another Jetta with Nuevo Leon licence plate 6519 SMN
Also confiscated as an assault rifle with charger loaded with 16 rounds of ammunition, two rifles shotgun, a charger supplied with nine rounds, four rounds of ammunition and a grenade.
Eiight envelopes of green herbs with the characteristics of marijuana, 500 packets of white powder with the characteristics of cocaine, seven mobile devices, radio communication equipment, and various documentations were found..

Subjects were secured and made available to the Office of Special Investigations on Organized Crime (SIEDO).The SSP added that so far this month have been arrested 17 people linked to  "Gulf Cartel" criminal organization in the state of Nuevo Leon.


  1. So is comandante diablo the one who's family was killed captured? No one ever clarified that

  2. Another one bites the dust....or should i say bites the pillow.

  3. Rip gulf cartel. Zetas will take over no doubt. Taliban will be destroyed. Jalisco will fall. These guys just have evolutionized cartel warfare. what can chapo do when his allies are done and a full frontal war without the help of the govt starts. How much will his him out. Next caballeros templarios and cjng then beltran juarez and zetas vs sinaloa

    1. I couldn't of said it better myself.. Tell the TRUTH AND CHAIN THE DEVIL..

  4. September 21, 2012 7:31 AM - It is NOT the same Diablo that had his family killed, two totally different people.

    Wow another hit to CDG, its been a bad month for these guys. It would seem that the Diablo that was captured had alot of information to give.

    As for the people that will say they were snitched out by Chapo or other rivals I don't think that's the case, if they know where their at and want them gone why not just go in and kill them.

    el 520

  5. @9/21 7:31AM,

    Yes it has been is the link:

  6. Sounds like a low level guy selling dime bags ..i think the govt. Hypes It up .why would a top cartel be caught dime bagging It ?

  7. Right..I was selling dimes in high school!! That makes me a cartel leader??lol..every one of these cats is a "cartel head" smh..bunch on Bs..

  8. After El Taliban joined CDG, a lot of Gulf Cartel leaders are getting arrested...Something fishy or maybe I am inferring too much...Any thoughts?

  9. well when alot of top guys get caught you need to remember there is a chain reaction of other top and lower guys gettin caught due to snitching to lessen their own sentence .

  10. CDG isnt even a cartel anymore. they are reduced to the size of a street gang now.

  11. If a jackass is caught with dime bags that does not mean that he does not move some weight. If El Chapo is caught and they find centavos in his pocket that does not mean that he is not a billionaire. A guy still needs pocket change.

    Less scientific but more telling is to look in to his eyes. This Tio has the look of a shifty scoundrel. I doubt that he could lead competent men. He just has no morals and dared to live the life. The authorities did him a favor by nabbing him before someone on the street called his bluff.

  12. CDG has been around since the prohibition area,, They are here to stay,, Another capo will fill the gaps

    1. Yeah that capo is called ZETAS!!!

  13. This man is no cartel boss.. he just trying to make a living... Stop making up stories

  14. Watch PRIs Punal Nieto first presidential term and looks like it is true PRI very well in fact be prozeta. Hope not cos Zetas are supported by US enemies like Iran n Russia. Google it. It will be interesante.

  15. Let's just say cdg is done ima say in a year theres not gonna b no more left of them


  17. So El Coss was the one doin all the betrayings.

  18. Gaaawwdd damn the Gulf Cartel are being dismantled left right and center!!

    I would rather the government went after the Zeta's more than other cartels as the Gulf Cartel are trying to exterminate them. Yes they are just as bad but but they are generally more "business" orientated unlike the Zeta's who seem to enjoy the terror they cause and the lives they take.

    More innocents die from the Zeta's than the CDG.

  19. Chapo atarted all the killing and nobody goes after him


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