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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Death in Durango: 7 die

By Chris Covert

A total of seven unidentified individuals have been killed or were found dead in drug or gang related violence in Durango state.

Two unidentified armed suspects were killed and six others were wounded in a shootout in Durango city Wednesday morning.  A news account posted on the website of El Contexto de Durango news daily reported that police were called to a location on Calle Francisco Villa in Arturo Gamiz colony on reports of armed suspects travelling aboard a Jeep Cherokee SUV.

Two police agents who had arrived on the scene were fired on, and called for reinforcements.  Before reinforcements arrived, the suspects managed to flee the area aboard several stolen vehicles.  The gunfight lasted 20 minutes and may have involved as many as 10 armed suspects.  Four police agents were wounded and two armed suspects were detained.

Following the firefight, police seized three AK-47 rifles, three AK-47 weapons magazines and two other vehicles including a Nissan Murano SUV and a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.

One of the dead suspects was identified as  Pedro Antonio Canales Gutierrez, who died of his wounds as he was receiving medical attention..
  • Four unidentified men were found dead and partially decapitated in San Bernardo municipality Tuesday, according to a news item posted on the website of El Contexto de Durango.  The dead were found near the village of 5th de Julio, and were apparently beaten.
  • A news item posted on the website of El Siglo de Durnago news daily reported that in Santiago Papasquiaro municipality,  Policia Estatal Acreditable (PEA) agents were dispatched to a bus stop near the village of Sandias on a report of a dead body.  When police arrived at the scene, they came under small arms fire.  Reinforcements were called, and presumably the shooters fled.  Security forces later found an abandoned pickup truck that had been used by the shooters.
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  1. wow so 7 nobody dies plenty of other street kids and gang members to take their place

  2. It seems mex police are being targeted,,,,,

  3. "wow so 7 nobody dies plenty of other street kids and gang members to take their place"
    What if one of these nobodys was your beloved brother?Sometimes we should try to think a little before sounding stupid.There are many reasons why people get involved in criminal acts,many.We all know the most fundamental one.

  4. At least its not the police targeting inocent folks like in anaheim

  5. Those innocent folk should have stayed there asses home and not throw shit at the police like idiots
    So shut the fuck up you scared lil white boy

  6. How sad wish my people had more job oppertunities and higher wages.

  7. I aint white I live a block away I kno how it is down here not justwatching the t v ive been here all along they let the dogs go before the bottles and rocks its easy to talk when u dont even have the slighest idea

  8. Wow! Reading the comments, it is easy to see why society has declined to this point. So much anger, hatred and intolerance evident here. Mellow, people! Love thy brother.

  9. "So much anger, hatred and intolerance evident here. Mellow, people! Love thy brother"
    Yes and most of it is racist Mexicans,shouting out"whiteboy,gringo"no wonder they got problems.
    They hate everyone?Fucks up with that?And you cannot have a conversation without it turning into a rant against the US.Of course the US isn't perfect,we all know that,but what country is?


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