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Friday, August 3, 2012

2,893 criminals killed during this administration: Sedena

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat,  

El Diario. 8-1-2012

Distrito Federal. In the war against drug trafficking and organized crime, during this (president's) administration, the Army has killed 2,893 suspected criminals in confrontations that have taken place in various locations around the country, as a result of direct attacks against military personnel who have had to defend against an average of eight attacks every week, according to a report from the Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional (Sedena: Mexico's Department of Defense).

The document, to which El Universal was given access and that encompasses a period from the start of this administration until this past July 18, also reveals that "regrettably, in carrying out these operations, 39 persons not involved in the fight against crime lost their lives," and states that in every case there were proceedings against the military personnel responsible (for the deaths).

The report emphasizes that "the work carried out by military personnel on behalf of Mexican society shows positive results almost six years from its unfolding," when President Felipe Calderon ordered the offensive against crime in December of 2006.  It reveals that, in view of the results obtained by the Army, nine out of ten Mexicans believe the Army should stay on the streets doing security related tasks, and that eight out of ten persons trust the institution.

Currently, more than 45,000 Army troops are deployed throughout the national territory, a force that daily carries out more than 4,000 operations related to the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime, in addition to operations to assist the civilian population in disasters and emergencies.

With respect to security related tasks, the report details that during this administration there have been 2,442 attacks against military personnel, which translates to practically eight  incidents every week. In these confrontations, 2,983 aggressors have lost their lives and 400 have been wounded. The number represents 6% of the 47,515 deaths due to presumed criminal rivalries or linked to organized crime that were reported by the Procuraduria General de la Republica (PGR: Attorney General) from the start of this administration to September of 2011, a statistic that some experts calculate may reach 60,000 during this term. Sedena also points out that, as a result of  confrontations with members of organized crime, 2,519 suspects were detained, who are part of the 47,000 persons arrested during the current administration.

Army incursions against crime, the report indicates, also allowed more than 1,900 persons that were being held by kidnappers to be freed by military personnel, who also seized more than 119,000 weapons, more than 12 million cartridges in several calibers, 13,567,000 psychotropic pills, more than 36,000 kilos of cocaine and  9,834,000 kilograms of marijuana, and eradicated 660,000 illegal plots.

The military and human rights

The report admits that during the Army operations 39 people not involved in the fight against organized crime lost their lives. These cases are related to recommendations issued by the National Human Rights Commission against Sedena, on the presumption that military personnel were responsible for these deaths.

The report points out that "in the few cases that have had a negative impact on society, the law has been enforced against those responsible, with total transparency, efficacy and efficiency in the administration of law."


  1. They want martial law,,,

  2. Ok that number is a start... Full press now!!!!! Please!!!!


  4. Cool post. Thanks. I like number articles because in this war its like watching mind bending magicians. So there were 39 innocent bystanders hurt in attacks on the military, eh? 2442 attacks. Nice. Right. Wow. What are the odds? I'm relieved to see how lucky the good people of Mexico are.

    1900 kidnap victims were saved. It would be interesting to see how many of those people were reported,,,uh, gone, missing drunk,,,anything. There must be a few thousand disappeared, eh? Not forty thousand, eh? No way. Well maybe.

    The number of dead given low balls, just a bit, the number of dead that froze at around fifty grand for about two and a half months. They say the number may grow now. Someone must nod and it will grow.

    47,501 dead with 47,000 arrested. That might the most amazing numbers of all. Think about those numbers and look at a calculator. It will smoke. Military and crime historians will have hanging jaws for decades just pondering those unlikely numbers.

    But really, not being sarcastic, I like the stat articles and the pictures, too. Not the gory ones, but trippy cityscapes and and astounded people, smoking cars and warped lights. You guys work hard, I'm not kissing your bummy, mind you, but thanks BB.

  5. and the world turns..

  6. I always wonder about the Mexican authorities,the decent ones who are trying to do the right thing.
    It must be almost impossible?They must have to live together,watch who they speak to,try to be somewhat anonymous.Imagine it?This is why i always wonder who these young dudes are in the masks.What an almost impossible job they have.
    Pretty thankless to,i wonder what percentage of the Mexican people support them?I understand that some of these are also corrupted"silver or lead"but some are trying to do the right thing.
    Anyway,i have respect for these guys,they have a thankless,very dangerous job,that will continue to be dangerous even if they left that occupation.con respecto a ellos

  7. Of course they want to keep them around, they are the only somewhat reliable security force they have. Popularity is no measure of success.

  8. Thats just was reported and confurmed. Thats not including people by mistake or out of the lines. The marina they dont ask questions or take shit from anyone. They are the last ones that are actually educated and have some type of standard.

  9. They should clear up the title to, military killed almost 3000 of chapos enemies

  10. AND THE REST Of the 49,000 are innocent people killed great job

  11. So out 70 000 people killed only 2893 were criminals who ever came up with these numbers is obviously on some dope get the numbers right SEDENA your a fucking joke

  12. that's it? not to sound like dick, but that seems low :-/

  13. Something big is happening in the border states. Like chihuahua coahuila ect. Chapos people are gettin killed it seems like the new administration is against cds. My sources in mexico say all of a sudden people from la gente and Carteles unidos were left out to dry. Without any back up or support from govt.or anyone else they are ducks in high grass.. Mexico is headed for even more havock. We can only wait to see what happens next.. Atte malcolm mex..

  14. I am sure this is very reliable information. It came from the five generals arrested last week for their activities in organized crime. I am sure they had nothing to do with organized kidnappings or the disappearing of innocent people. Surely they only reported the hard core criminals they killed that of course worked for the "other side." The federal police and military in Mexico are worse than Zetas. Stop cheerleading for a military that is as evil as Hitler's.


  16. its way too many narcos in mexico to stop this war will be a never endin fight if mexican military patrol their border insted of urban cities too stop tje money and guns from traiding hands the cartel has been gearing up for thirty years u cant fight them in the street its tho many wit too many big guns I think dictator calderon didnt have a plan and still dont just the support of money hungry politicians from were the grea usa the country of one billion lies they commited genocide on the people that built this country for them mexico will be fine it is just comin out the closet that its a Narco country

  17. Clearly some folks did not understood the article. The stats are for the ARmy. Compared to overall war "reported" stats

  18. that number seems low if there are 50,000 dead over the administration. I understand this is the army's stats but that seems low. Is the army lying about the numbers because they are covering up the way larger amount they have killed innocently. I could see 20 to 30 criminals have been killed by the army and federal agents. What is the amount of crimminals killed by the PGR or PRI whoever is the equivalence of the FBI. Their number must be much crazier.

  19. ever read the news when they. kill cartel member its only a small num when they gun fight they travel thirty sicarios at a time. if the army only killed 2000 then why would you think the FBI killed more the marines have a hard time. trying too even kill one or two


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