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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saltillo Coahuila: Home of Los Zetas

This is not news to all that live in Coahuila, for years Saltillo is home to the last letter, in and out the government. Saltillo has heated up since  the “Zgov” departed, the former Governor, Humberto Moreira, who  is the brother of the current Governor Ruben Moreira. Much of the violence is not reported. A couple months ago, I sent a team that took supplies to migrant shelters in Saltillo. My staff called from the hotel where outside had commenced a shootout that lasted for hours. The hotel locked the doors allowing no one in or out.   The following day we searched the Coahuila media sources and found no reference to the shootout.  I promised my staff I would not send them back on missions at this time. It’s so sad, this “war” effects people in countless ways…even preventing humanitarian work from being conducted….Paz, Chivis
Saltillo • The capital of Coahuila, Saltillo, has become "the home of Los Zetas," said Gen. Noah Sandoval, chief of the Fourth Military Region based in Nuevo Leon, who asked the mayors of the northern municipalities to join to combat insecurity in conjunction with the Mexican Army.

"What we want is to add efforts that everyone do their duties, to collaborate: the only thing we want the soldiers," said Sandoval.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís,, advanced the possibility that violence this month has exceeded the figures for earlier dates, because only in this last week counted 89 people were shot.

Among those killed include seven policemen and 18 minors, of who belonged to organized crime gangs who fight for the state plazas.

He added that in 17 days there have been 51 violent acts in the Coahuila, an average of three per day, of which 49 are related to organized crime. Of the 89 people on July, 77 were in Torreon and other municipalities of La Laguna.

Common places where groups have staged confrontations crime gangs are boulevards de Indendendencia in the city of Torreon, and Fundadores, in Saltillo, no matter what time of day is isn't important.

Last week a group of commandos attacked accredited state police , in fact killed were three and another one was seriously injured. Overall, there were seven casualties in the police organization in this period.

Moreover, in the beginning of the week Saltillo turned bloody, as five people were killed in different parts of the city with the same modus operandi.

The state attorney general of , Homero Ramos Gloria, said even though the city of Saltillo has not yet reached the levels of violence of La Laguna is, however, said that recent events are caused by the fight of territories

"I do not think we have, by the geographical context and the characteristics in Saltillo, to have these levels, but there is evidence of a struggle between rival members of criminal groups who are likely to have been co participating and bonding, as has been the implied assumptions held by the findings and in keeping with the drug dealing. " Ramos Gloria said.

For his part, Governor Ruben Moreira, mentioned that citizens, police, legislators and mayors in the region must close ranks to restore peace in the state.

Governor Ruben Moreira
Arteaga shootout:

Local authorities reported that about 14:10 hours on Thursday there was a shootout between Mexican army personnel and suspected members of organized crime which left four civilians dead.

Spokesman on security issues from the government of Coahuila, Sergio Sisbeles Alvarado reported through his Twitter account that four suspects were killed after attacking military personnel.

The incident occurred at kilometer 17 on the road to La Carbonera, in the municipality of Arteaga.

The state Department of Public Safety reported that at that time that it received a report on explosions of firearms, then a convoy of three vehicles opened fire on the soldiers, who were conducting a surveillance operation in the area.

Seven suspects of the Arteaga killings presented by GATES

Sisbeles Alvarado said at the scene were three vehicles, one had special shielding- armored. And four rifles, 60 magazines, four grenades and at least 80 thousand dollars in cash were secured at the scene.

After the attack, uniformed federal, state and military seized cars and deployed an operation to la Sierra de Arteaga in search of more of the offenders. As of press time reported the capture of seven people.

Meanwhile, Gov. Ruben Moreira Valdez confirmed the visit of Interior Minister Alejandro Poire, to Torreon and Saltillo,  next week.

Reported that during his visit to reassess the situation of security issues and methods to strengthen the Laguna Safe Program. Security agreements will be signed.

He indicated that Poire will have a broad agenda and noted that at the time to legal instruments will be signed for the both cities.

"That means we are allies with the federal government in the fight against organized crime," he said.

Indicated that the Department of Defense offers a magnificent communication, as Coahuila has the distinction of belonging to two military regions: and administrative and operational management.

Yarrington requests protection

Tomas Yarrington, former governor of Tamaulipas, has expanded his appeal for protection not only against the freezing of bank accounts, but against other legal acts the Attorney General's Office (PGR) can take against you.

A couple of weeks ago the former official called for the protection of justice to overturn the immigration alert against him, which records his ins and out of the country, in addition to his travels around the country.

The request to extend the writ of protection was filed in court under the fourth district in criminal matters in the City of Mexico, under No. 692/2012.

So far the judicial authority has not granted any Yarrington suspension against any act of the PGR, as the former agent chief executive did not apply.

The former governor was upheld following the investigation carried out by the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (OFDI) against people who have been identified by the U.S. and Mexico to be their strawmen who are believed to have washed money for the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas.

More than a month, in a radio interview, the former governor refused that he has or had ties to organized crime.

Translated by and posted on Borderlandbeat Forum by HAVANA VIEW HERE
(Ruben Mosso / Mexico


  1. " chivis "just thought i'd share this with you and bb people pretty interesting i'd your opinion


  2. @Tyrone-
    Well my friend, I will give you this: very ineresting angle. I did ask myself "why would a mass killer, advise that his apt is booby trapped???" It made no sense, maybe remorse kicked in? and I wondered about the funds...and thought about him working for "someone". The guy was depressed because he could not find work in his field, so he decided to go to med school and attain his PHD. He graduated with honors, so he is no dummy. I have a hard time thinking that the American government would be behind this, but did wonder about what those points I mentioned above...Paz, Chivis..

  3. maybe they are moving west a new manta was displayed today cd. victoria by the tired citizens of tamanlipas that how it was signed


  4. Hey good article saltillo is getting worse and worse by the day, and soon piedras negras is gonna be the same.

  5. your right tyrone people need to open up there eyes and see whats really happening here.

    get inform open up your eyes before its to late.

  6. Zetas have been sniffing around here forever, but now there is just more of them everywhere in Saltillo now. So it isn't really new home. But it is more unsafe that is true and the point. More came from Mont. that's a fact starting after the fire last August steadily

  7. @July 21, 2012 11:41 PM

    I think it was just his games. He was proud of the traps. Police said those was very sophisticated traps and not easy to solve.
    "You got me, now try to solve those traps."

    Sick person. And one thing: his mother was not surprised, "You got right guy".
    Why his mother didn't inform police about this nut job? Doesn't it make him partner in crime?
    To me it makes.

  8. More Z's came from Zacatecas

    1. No ceas mamon vato ridiculo,en zacatecas les estan poniendo una chinga asta para llevar para sus demas bastiones jajajaja sinple echo resiente lo de villa nueva mas de 30 muertos de los mugrozoZ y aparte los que levantaron,no si los carteles unidos andan bravos y con todo arrevatandoles plazas a los mugrozoz y dises que van refuersos mas bien los mugrozoZ de zacatecas quieren refuersos jajajaja y te lo dise UN zacatecano que vive y camina por MI estado no como otros gueyes que nomas hablan por hablar Zacatecas al 1000 y en contra de los mugrozoZ...

  9. Nuevo Laredo used to be there homebase. Did cdg/cds apply enough pressure to make them choose another location??

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. dear chivis as always you are a mind and eye opener.
    to the people who think that disarmament is not going to happen in your lifetime go ahead and read "In the modern world, the state – at least in theory – has to fulfil a dual function
    with regard to political order: first, the state organizes and guarantees public order
    domestically within a defined territory; second, all states together constitute the
    international system and, thereby, the global order. Ineffective, weak, failing or
    failed states – which can be subsumed under the rubric of fragile statehood – tend to
    undermine both functions and cause problems at the national, regional and global
    levels. Many post-colonial (or post-Soviet) states are unable to provide basic
    public functions and services vis-à-vis their citizens and are incapable of performing
    their duties and responsibilities as members of the international community."
    Regulations and controls governing small arms and light weapons, their parts, accessories, and ammunition serve to prevent these items from reaching the hands of those inclined to misuse them. A number of control measures are designed to restrict access; yet, even when the intended recipient is considered responsible, arms and ammunition can be diverted to unauthorized (and irresponsible) end users. Many small arms measures therefore serve to strengthen physical control over the storage or movement of weapons and ammunition. In some cases, it may make sense to remove the item permanently from circulation. v

  12. Piedras Negras is the home of los z...or where else do u see lambos n Ferrari's riding around like nuthin.

  13. Wtf where's my comment?

  14. The sale of pink thongs skyrocketed after zorras moved to saltillo along with playgirl magazines. Despierten la REVOLUCION YA EMPEZO EN CHERAN.




    1. Wtf? I bet Jay-z and Beyonce are in on it too....

    2. You know what's even scarier? There is no such thing as the illuminati, just a bunch of greedy, power hungry assholes who think they know what's best for everyone! I almost wish there were an illuminati, then at least there would be some order to this clusterfuck we call Earth at the moment. Bilderbergs, NWO, masons, and fifth column shadow groups...meh

  16. The reason he gave up info about his traps is simple. Earlier, he left his apt door open with loud music blaring. He wanted someone to open the door and activate the traps. That way, it would act as a diversion for police and ambulance.

    I truly think his plan was to shoot, then get away. Fortunately, his trap didnt work and police responded to the shooting within 90 seconds. He was already standing near his car. I think he truly wanted to get away after the shooting.

    His plan failed, nobody sprang the trap and he was caught. Thus, he told police in an effort to avoid even more murder/terrorism charges laid against him. The fact that he surrendered peacefully adds to this.

    No conspiracy, no false flag attack.

  17. hey fukn with gonna catch a lot of hell from all sides

  18. And in more news at 200am last night carteles unidos entered nuevo Laredo in a big convoy of SUVs they were met with resistence and a major battle erupted wow!!!!!!!!

  19. @11:30

    where did you see about the convoy? I looked around and could not find it...thanks!

  20. Theres articles on mundo narco and nar,oviencia already I got familia en nuevo Laredo me dijieron muchaw cosas buscalo chivis dont listen to that idiota ur awesome everytime I posted info uve responded fair n balanced alrato Los bloggers will let us no more but it happened no lie,paz chivis!!

  21. Itlk come out on the blogs soon hey chivis u ever thought about doing a realtime blogging site like,nuevolaredoenvivo to report while it happens I post stuff up here but I dont know when ull get the message or where ur,gunna find it if I post it but u saw the nuevo Laredo convoy good job from larete!!!!

  22. Its out on mundonarco and nar,oviolencia already wait for more bloggers to report estubo buena por la Benito Juarez southwest Laredo could hear it there was choppers in the area all nite and even sporadic gunfire in Laredo Westside near Mexico att: larete

  23. Gracias to 1:38...

    @1:43AM... have you tried going to the BB forum page? Anyone can post what they are interested in discussing. The forum people do a great service...and the post and comments are real time, no delay. Here we have to get to the comments when we can. But on forum often someone breaks news. check it out, and it is fairly simple, if you want to try it but want instructions for creating posts, write to me and I have created a couple of "how to" in doc.x giving the instructions how to post, and also how to post vids and photos....I looked for the convoy on twitter...Stay safe....Paz, Chivis

  24. I just tried writing to u no luck lol I clicked on ur email let me try that page ur talking about I got family all over tbe border in tamaulipas know it like the bak of my hand got out of there 1 year ago I had to come to a Texan bordertown pero tengo muchos contactos y se mucho pedo

  25. is the link to forum:

    its an easier view of all posts.
    as for my email..i will ck why it did not work. but you can go to forum and link on "people" and I am the first name you have an option to send an email. thanks and good night!!

  26. More breaking news 20 camionetas entraron por la avenida reforma anoche xon Las letras x rayadas el xommando x

  27. There was heavy fighting in Nuevo Laredo all weekend.

  28. tato laredo posted friday about a shooting which killed a few but it was military vs. the letter . one of my friends friend was killed not sure of the involvment

    Nuevolaredoenvivo Nuevo Laredo


    this is from friday havent heard much else


  29. I tred getting good info on that incident and though readers said BDN and Mundo had a post IMO it was not worth posting it had almost zero info.

    I am sorry to hear aout your friend Tyrone. From the little info I could garner there were not many deaths only a couple. But you know how that goes, maybe true, maybe not. I was surprised that even yesterday there was nothing in the mainstream news....just a few narco blogs and very little at that.

  30. Zetas in torreon get help from the Shiite mosque there.they help launder $ and provide weapons and tunnel expertise .

  31. Ex Mexican politicians hiding through out the Rgv. Bunch of pussies..... Hiding til they saw who' won office and just who they can make their deals with. Fuckers were talking $ from all the cartels,and the cartels know it,so they are fair game.

  32. I live in cali but i m from valle hermoso tamps i m going there for chrismas how is t there

  33. How is matamoros is t safe

  34. I live in several different countries, having had a home next to Plaza España in Saltillo since 1989. One thing I will tell you, the shootout there in July 2012 was right outside my front door and was the reason I moved completely away from that city within 2 weeks. Now, in central México, we are dealing with it again. I arrived at my home this winter only to find cartel violence and police corruption at an all time high. The fix: arm every citizen. I will teach them how to use their weapons. I'm a former federal officer and a martial arts master. México, you listening? Arm the people. The violence will end.


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