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Friday, July 6, 2012

Federal Police Officers were fighting over loot

Federal Police were fighting over loot in the DF airport

El Diario/Reforma. 7-6-2012. The shootout last June 25th in the capital city airport was due to a fight between agents fighting over the loot derived from drug trafficking, not from an operation to capture them, as was stated by Luis Cardenas Palomino, Chief of the Regional Security Division of the Federal Police.

According to new videos and testimony of the incident that Reforma (newspaper) had access to, in the fight where three federal police officers died, there were at least 10 agents involved, not 5, as had been asserted by the SSP (Department of Public Safety.)

That day after Flight 019 from Lima, Peru, had landed, which brought a package presumably containing cocaine, the videos show it is Officer Daniel Cruz Garcia who picks up the package in the bathroom and then goes up the escalator to the Immigration area.

The SSP's version identified him as  Zeferino Morales Franco.

On the images, sources say, the police officer can be seen going to different locations while walking against the normal flow of pedestrian traffic while talking on a cell phone. In this manner, he arrives at the last waiting areas,  a checkpoint called "Metro", then he loses himself in the public area of Terminal 2 without being detected by any authority.

A half hour later, a group of 6 agents are involved in a discussion in the airport's California Restaurant. The dispute, according to sources, is because they cannot come to an agreement over some "business deal." Those officers leave the restaurant and go the fast food area, a blind spot on the surveillance cameras. According to witnesses, it's right about the time of the disputes when the shooting breaks out and Josue Adan Matadamas Cota and Enrique de Jesus Pacheco Valdez, who was in civilian clothes and on his day off, are killed.

At the scene of the shooting, they find between 18 and 20 fired cases.

The cameras also show that seconds before, during and after the shooting, four other police officers who were in the hallways at the time arrived at the scene of the shootout.

In addition, while people were running in a panic, 2 police officers observed the incident calmly, never offering support and simply talking on their cell phones.

After the firefight, the cameras show that Morales Franco and Cruz Garcia escape through the stairways located beside the parking area and run towards Hangares Avenue, crossing the taxicab area. Despite this, according to official testimony, the rest of the persons involved descend using the main escalators in the main hallway and the stairways located under the California Restaurant, where there were also blood stains found.

After the shootout, the Federal Police opened files on the personnel assigned to the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

According to public employees,  about 300 agents of the Division of Regional Security of the Federal Police come together in Terminals 1 and 2, officers whose job it is to detect the commission of federal crimes like drug trafficking.

Before the June 25 shootout, agents assigned to the terminal areas were simply routinely posted there and would show up at the command post before beginning their work.

However, after these incidents in which officers Josue Adan Matadamas, Fidel Rojas and Enrique de Jesus Pacheco were murdered by their fellow officers, the Federal Police rotated out part of the personnel assigned to the AICM and ordered files opened on all the agents.

Personnel from the central headquarters of the Federal Police showed up at the capital city airport, particularly at the parking area of the maintenance building where the federal police offices are located, to review the personal information, photographs, fingerprints, voice and even the DNA of every one of the agents.


  1. I knew they were all dirty cops. Its time to take all the dirty ass cops n polititions down cuz they aint worried about the people's safety they just wana put a few extra dollars in there pocket.

  2. What a mess! And what a shame for the Mexican Govt. It seems that nobody can be trusted. What's the deal with this Palomino guy, is he in on it? Why did blatantly lie?

  3. i always believed that in order to squash the drug cartels government is the 1 and only way it could be handled however corruption just like cancer has tendency to grow grow and grow no limits i believe it has grown to main branch all the way to presidente and his crooooonies once the wild cells get under control maybe the cartels can be eliminated tough one in mexico every 1 from in the nucleus or the family has been either affected or involved so mexican masses take up arms destroy the cancerous cartels or it will destroy you no longer leave this to federal control citizens foreigners etc fight this battle against the evil now now now not maniana no time to waste viva great mexican masses

  4. aju said
    Reply | Threaded | More star
    Jul 06, 2012; 3:38pm
    Re: EPN interview with WAPO
    1292 posts

    Can't get any worse than Pendejo Calderon. Over 100,000 and counting. Great job."

    i see your bias but i assure you it most definitely can get worse as a matter of fact i guarantee it.

  5. Starting a firefight at work tends to change normal everyday activities. Perhaps the officers were sampling to much product. Or maybe they got caught up in listening to rap and a time for restraint turned into a like a boss moment. It all gets so confusing but one thing is for sure is a lot of sick leave was left on the table.

    On the other hand it could be that to loose out on the deal means the wife and kids get turned into mulch. In that case why not start gun play immediately? After all the hard work, studying, and training it all goes to smoke with a scream. But the Puritan work ethic mumbo jumbo has its blind spots just like hip hop, rap. What is important to many folk is that a few people end up with nice houses and a lot of cash.

    Thanks for posting. The situation is a prophecy in microcosm for the many, though not at a airport, maybe.

  6. It appears the SSP (Dept of Public Safety) was trying to cover up the entire incident...Police officers murdered by fellow officers and no one is held accountable...unbelievable...

    1. Why does anybody seem shocked or surprised at this or anything else that happens in Mexico?i read this yawn and finish eating my egg mc muffin! Just another day in mexico

  7. Like I said before...the DF airport has always been controlled by cop criminals...since the place was built. And this "shootout" was nothing more than a dispute between crooked cops BECAUSE in Mexico being a cop is having a license to commit the police commit crimes. Their job is NOT about serving/protecting the public or solving crimes or arresting bad guys. THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS. Their job is about stealing enough money to meet their quota and have some left over for themselves.

    Corrupt cops in the US are not even on the same planet as corrupt cops in Mexico.

  8. Corruption in the u.s. police forces is rampant as well, just not as easily discovered because they take many precautions knowing fully well they'd end up in prison for a long time if caught. In mex. there's no such thing as long term prison sentences or the death penalty so it's a free for all where the risks pay off more than hurt them. But you're right on any given force in the u.s. you'd find perhaps 50 percent of the cops give or take have broken the law whereas in mexico it's the norm for a cop to live an indescent, immoral, and shameless life. We are talking about a people who live without virtues or whose only purpose in the world is to commit evil.

  9. they are all bad over there

  10. Yes, Mexican cops live by "Morbida" it's actually one of the reasons they chase the job.
    If a lowly municipal can do w'ell you can imagine what a Federal Cop can make..? Remember
    in Mexico most cops have to Pay to be hired..!


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