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Friday, July 6, 2012

Federal Police insist their version of the shootout is true

Federal Police Insists in its Version of the DF Airport Operation.

El Diario. Distrito Federal. 7-6-12. Luis Cardenas Palomino, Chief of the Federal Police Regional Security Division, reiterated that the shootout in the capital city airport, in which three agents lost their lives, derived from an operation in which a member of that organizaton was trying to arrest federal officers involved with a drug trafficking organization, and not from a dispute over the loot.

In a press conference, the federal official asserted that the Federal Police (PFP) does not believe that the agents who died in Terminal 2 had previously met with their aggressors and reiterated that the motive for those crimes came from a Federal Police operation undertaken to arrest federal elements involved with a drug trafficking network in the airport.

"We have at this point not yet identified any more individuals in that particular incident, the investigation is ongoing. With respect to lending credence to any discussion (between the federal officers), we cannot credit any discussion between those elements, neither through videos, statements, crime scene investigations nor autopsies of the agents. What can be given credence is that the three officers who were going to arrest Zeferino Morales were ambushed  by another officer identified from behind as Daniel Cruz," he explained.

For Cardenas Palomino, it's disgraceful that anybody could attempt to characterize as criminals the three officers who died while working against drug trafficking and corruption.

"Investigations are continuing and we are not just investigating this case, but all the trafficking networks that could be operating in the terminal," he said.

This news medium today published a story that reported that the shootout in Terminal 2 on June 25 was the result of a dispute between agents over loot they obtained from drug trafficking, and not from an operation designed to arrest them.

In addition, the sources consulted and different videos support the assertion that Officer Daniel Cruz is the one who retrieves a package from the bathrooms containing suspected drugs, not Zeferino Morales, as asserted by the Federal Police.

Despite this, Cardenas Palomino reiterated that Officer Morales is the one who takes the drugs from the bathrooms, and that afterwards Daniel Cruz went through the same motions, although by then the drugs had already been taken from the bathrooms.

Cardenas Palomino added that the three federal police officers who are still at large are being sought by Federal Police units and he is confident they will be captured in a matter of days.      


  1. Why send only 3 cops to make the arrests?


    "Federal agents involved in drug trafficking shot their fellow officers in the back."

    Why would they turn their backs on them if they were supposed to be arresting these guys? Were they walking away? Doesn't add up.

  3. who to believe in mexican govt please some 1 give me an honest answer

  4. At least on bad cop was behind... not all of them

  5. If you watch this video; you would see that this was not a couple of lowly "Honest" PFP
    Officers risking their lives becasue they knew
    and saw the transaction and w/out permission from their superiors decided they were going to
    arrest their bros. in arms..! They are not Paid
    enough to alienate their fellow officer's who
    have to back them up in fire fights etc. This is
    definately an internal struggle beyween crooked PFP cops who decided they were not going to share anymore with the cops that got killed and thats what
    really went down. Palomino is trying to save Face with the Public and his superiors. End of Story mi amigos..!

  6. where there is confusion .. there is usually complicity.

  7. If you know Palominos background then you know that what ever he is claiming happened it happened exactly the opposite he is as corrupt as they come piece of shit a sell out Mexico is all messed up because of the narcos like him that wear a badge!


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