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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No survivors found at Mexican Navy helo crash site

By Chris Covert

The Mexican Navy helicopter reported missing since last Friday as found Wednesday afternoon , but it is unclear if any survivors were found, according to a news release by the Mexican Secretaria de Marina (SEMAR) the controlling agency for the Mexican Navy.

The Eurocopter Panther AS565 helicopter was enroute from the port city of Manzanillo, Colima to its base in Minatitlan in Veracruz state Friday when it was reported missing after failing to make contact with air traffic control in nearby Michoacan state.  According the the SEMAR news release the ship captain, two officers and one other navy personnel were aboard.  The news release does not mention casualties.

The bird was found 18 kilometers south of Pihuamo municipality in Jalisco state at the top of a mountain.  Navy personnel are making preparations to arrive at the crash site.

The area around Pihuamo municipality was the location last May 2011 of several major counternarcotics sweeps by Mexican security forces which yielded quantities of drugs and weapons.   Because of the Article 41 clamp on drug war news it is impossible to learn if the area is still a counternarcotics area of operation for Mexico's security forces.

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  1. "In other news, the Sinaloa Cartel is upset over the failed delivery of a new Eurocopter they ordered..."

    1. Sadly that was very funny. ;-)

  2. What is the Article 41 clamp on drug war news? Is it actually against the law now to report about it?

  3. BB you guys seem to have so much of the news before it even gets released on MsM. saw the report about protesters in the forums a week ago and here is the report about protests a week later on cnn. cudos to BB.
    "Online and on the streets, Mexico youth protests grow as election looms
    By Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN
    updated 4:52 PM EDT, Wed June 27, 2012...

    1. The media works for one political party or the other, you'll hear the news they want you to hear when they want you to hear it.

  4. don't go to sleep BB.
    Authorities on alert following reports of gunmen in Rio Grande City

    by Action 4 News Staff

    Posted: 06.26.2012 at 4:35 PM
    Read more: Local, Crime, Gunmen, Four Armed Men, Long Rifle, Border Patrol, Starr County Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, DPS, Rio Grande City Police Department, Ramirez Elementary School, Rio Grande River, Rio Grande City, Starr County, Rio Grande Valley, Texas, Mexico

    Authorities were put on alert in Starr County where officials received a report of four armed men trying to cross the waters of Rio Grande.

    It all happened in an area along the river just south of Ramirez Elementary School early Tuesday afternoon.

    Investigators told Action 4 News that they received a call about four armed men trying to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico.

    U.S. Border Patrol agents, Starr County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Rio Grande City police and state troopers all responded to the scene.

    Authorities reportedly only found one man armed with a long rifle.

    Two other men at the scene were found unarmed.

  5. Chivis can you investigate about enrique Pena nieto that hit his wife and send her to the hospital ?and that a tv company send her a gift so she wouldn't leave peña

  6. first reporting ia wed june 28, san antonio news papper reports about mexico df. Airport shooting.

  7. Pihuamo Jalisco! It's a nice town been there lots of times!

  8. It's illegal in MX to report on the government activities prior to the election (Sunday). As of today (Thursday) political ads are silenced, too (gracias a Dios).

  9. Lol .... in other news... LOL ...

  10. What are you gonna show us ?? Maybe that there's no corruption in mx or that the cartels dont kill innocent people. Not everybody likes cartels in mx. Remember we so called pigs keep u alive and wealthy. Don't bite the hand yhat feeds you. You boys keep giving us info and we'll keep you around. att. tio sam


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