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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mexican Navy bird missing since Friday

By Chris Covert

A Mexican Navy helicopter reported missing last June 22nd is presumed crashed, according to Mexican news accounts.
Foto: El Universal

According to a news item posted on the website of El Universal news daily the Panther AS565 helicopter had been dispatched last Friday from a navy base in Manzanillo, Colima and was bound for a base in Minatitlan, Veracruz on the east coast of Mexico border. 

The aircraft was carrying four unidentified Mexican navy personnel.

According to news reports, the bird departed International Airport Playa de Oro in Colima at about 1135 hrs and was expected to make contact with air traffic control in Urupan, Michoancan by 1210 hrs.  Contact was never made.

According to news reports, the bird had undergone maintenance prior to its return to its base in Veracruz state.

According to information provided by a representative of the Mexican Sixth Naval Region search operations by air and ground have been underway since.

According to the El Universal report residents of La Barranca del Muerto in Tecalitlan municipality in Michoancan reported hearing a crash near their area.  Navy officials have said that search operations have been underway since receiving those reports.

A separate report in El Universal said that air traffic personnel had received communications from the bird at around 1710 hrs.  That report probably fuels Mexican navy officials' hope that at least some of the crew may be alive.

That area in Michoacan is very remote and rugged, difficult to access by road since it is marked by ravines and mountains.

According to Wikipedia the Eurocopter Panther is actually built in Brazil.  Only four birds total are in the Mexican Navy inventory.

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  1. If the chopper belong to the police then I would say it was probably overloaded with "stuff" (you know what I mean).

    The navy however is OK so there could be some technical issues with the equipment.

  2. "In other news, the Sinaloa Cartel just received a slightly used, but well maintained Panther AS565 Heli......."

  3. Kind of makes you wonder, what if those people are injured and out there in the michoacan sierra. Also what if the people in that chopper were all in a cartels pocket and were planning to somehow land it somewhere and sell it, and with the money they made on it just went off and started a new life...or maybe they did crash who knows.

  4. A/C was found. Had crashed, no survivors. Found 18 miles from nearest town on top of mountain

  5. Did they give an official cause for the crash? Thanks 11:13am for the important update!

  6. 7 Gunmen Arrested in Culiacan with Barrett .50 cal and a anti aircraft gun!

  7. Uruapan Michoacan :-) writer better be glad it wasn't
    Parangaricutirimicuaro Michoacan :-P


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