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Monday, May 7, 2012

Statements of El Chapito, reality of a trafficker

 The Reality of a Trafficker

Leal Octavio Hernandez,  known to be an upper level lieutenant of Fernando Sanchez Arellano, was arrested on April 28 in Tijuana.  Statements made by him, after his arrest, and the accompanying Zeta Tijuana story offer conflicting insight into the man, also known as 'killer'.  Octavio Hernandez also gave authorities information concerning Alfredo Azarte, 'El Aquiles', and his brother, Rene Artega, 'La Rana', known to be the representatives of the Sinaloa Cartel in Tijuana, as well as information about the father of Juan Sillas Rocha, 'Don Juan', who Hernandez alleges is leading the cell, previously belonging to his son.  This is contrary to reports claiming Hernandez had been moved up to fill this role.

According to 'El Chapito', he has never been involved in kidnappings or murders, and despite what the Zeta claims, is not from Puebla, but is a native of Tijuana.  The profile of 'El Chapito' and his role in the CAF painted quite a different picture, implicating Hernandez in a string of kidnappings and murders, in fact, claiming he was one of the primary enforcers of Sanchez Arellano against 'Los Teos'.  Perhaps, 'Chapito' is trying to distance himself from the violent legacy he leaves behind, yet the man arrested last week, did not seem to be the ruthless cell leader he was said to be.  Arrested with one other man, who has been identidied as the brother in law of Octavio Hernandez, and who he claimed was not involved in criminal activity and trafficking.  'Chapito', major wholesale drug trafficker, was arrested with 180 kilograms of marijuana.

He admitted to being involved in trafficking across the border, as well as local retail sales, moving about 15-20 kilos a week, sometimes up to 100.  He worked with tiendoeros, small time drug dealers in Zona Rio, moving marijuana through them, for top prices.  He also crossed pounds across the border, paying 150 a kilo for each one crossed, in cars, or by people walking across San Ysidro, to a customer in Spring Valley, San Diego who paid $300 a pound.  Hardly the work of a cartel lieutenant, and in fact, Chapito says he was not part of any cartel, at the time of his capture, resulting in a dangerous work environment, because he was not 'paying floor', fearing La Rana and 'El Marquitos', whom he said did not respect women or children.  

Chapito admitted knowing 'El Aquiles', but, clarified that the two had fallen out over a woman, named 'Carolina', in 2010.  No reference to the hanged bodies, and severed heads, bearing notes, presumably both to and from 'Killer', and the alleged feud between the two.  Aquiles, he said lived with La Rana, in San Luis Colorado, Sonora, and Mexicali, running operations by radio contact with subordinates.  Aquiles is believed to be the main one crossing drugs across the border, by the tunnels found in Tijuana.  Chapito claimed to have no relationship with Jose Soto, 'El Tigre', who leads the remaining 'Los Teos', and is said to have his stronghold in Rosario Beach.  Yet, strangely said they were not treacherous, and had confidence with them. 

After the falling out with Aquiles, he joined Juan Sillas Rocha, yet claimed the relationship was never very strong, as they did not offer him protection, financing, weapons, people, but he asked for permission to 'work', and started paying taxes to Sillas Rocha.  As already was known, when Sillas Rocha returned to Tijuana, he was out of money, and in trouble, when he was captured, Chapito says the cell fell apart, some joined Juan Pina Sillas, the father of Juan Sillas, who runs his group from Ensenada, some went to Aquiles, some left Tijuana.  Chapito said he was tired, and felt trapped in the city, and wanted to leave to Sinaloa, but was a native of Tijuana, not Puebla.  So, he kept working, outside of the criminal politics of the city, and without support from any local law enforcement, citing Julian Leyazola as the beginning of the change. Also, noting the ministerial police were with Aquiles.

 In the article detailing the initial arrest of Chapito, he is a feared figure, a brutal killer, allegedly the closest confidante of Sanchez Arellano, yet, in his arrest, he seems disheveled, exhausted, and paints a picture that reads more like a tale of employment woes, rather then a bloody rise to the upper echelon of organized crime.  All could be lies, smoke and mirrors, invented by Hernandez, to keep him from a lengthy prison term, or just the reality of an independent trafficker in Tijuana, without resources, fearing the authorities, and vicious and vindictive plaza bosses, who, in turn, when caught may not be the men we expected either. 

Sources Zeta Tijuana, AFN Tijuana, for the full article, go to Zeta's website.


  1. It is all an act trying to save his ass... he is not going to admit to any of the heavy stuff that he has done because its a for sure life sentence if he does...

  2. In other words, to make the 'bad guys' look more fearsome and therefore making the cops that much smarter, braver and tougher, the cops lied about this fellow at least. Can't help but wonder how much of the supposed 'machismo' and violence of the cartels is hype spewed for that purpose.

  3. I think he said the ones who are with Aquiles are the ministeriales not the municipales. I think his lying, he only speaks about Aquiles who until now we knew was his enemy, don't says anything about Inge or others narcos, also he blames Aquiles to be behind the threats on Zeta, when a source said to zeta editors that Melvin Gutierrez was the one who wanted to hurt them.

    I don't know, maybe that Carolina girl was really hot.

  4. Don't believe a word this motherfucker has to say.
    He is already talkin shit to save his fat ass.
    Does anyone on here believe this mutt has never killed anyone as he says?Does anyone here believe he hasn't had someone kidnapped for money?
    Something radical needs to be enacted against these fuckers runnin around Mexico,something they can fear,something they know will happen to them.
    Right now,they basically don't give a shit,they commit the most heinous crimes,and say"fuck it,whats the worst they can do to me"But we are all to worried about his human rights?
    Fuckin pathetic.

  5. Ya abrió el agua tan pronto. No que muy chacal.

  6. Valid points, and I corrected my mistake, thanks to anonymous, but, I tend to believe most of his version, more then the previous one I wrote, from Zeta. That's not something a lieutenant, or even an upper level guy would be caught with, a 1994 Jeep Cherokee with 180 kilos of weed. After they catch someone important they usually reference and explain his importance to Inge, or whoever, and this was just nothing. But, we'll see, or more likely we will hear, maybe from a commentator here, how right or wrong we all are.

  7. San Luis is three miles from my home. I wonder how many people like this live there. Scary shit.

  8. please do not consider legalization.
    "EDINBURG — Raul Garza, 24, fed his three little girls and kept them in a room for more than a day after allegedly killing their mother and their 12-year-old aunt Friday evening.

    An argument over Garza’s alleged cocaine addiction turned deadly at the couple’s home north of Weslaco about 7 p.m. Friday, Sheriff Lupe Treviño said.

    Investigators, however, would not find out about it until Sunday morning, when they discovered the two bodies.

    The 24-year-old Weslaco employee allegedly beat, choked and stabbed his common-law wife of six years at least 22 times and then raped and killed her younger sister, who walked in on his wife’s murder, Treviño said."

    1. Wow, that is the dumbest prohibition tactic I have seen yet. You literally make no sense with this

  9. Upload the video of the sicarios having fun in taumalipas... please and thanks.

    la verga es la verga putos!

  10. I agree with J here ... This guy was not a top level guy. 15-20 kilos a week is not even close to a cartel leader, he said sometimes 100 per week (on a good week I'm sure). As far as him not being involved in murders and/or kidnapping it would not surprise me. There is a pact in the city that anybody can work so as long they do not make an unnecessary killings/kidnappings and pay due fees. Maybe he was ratted off because as he stated he did not pay "plaza" but again nobody knows but him. As far as ZETA, yes they have really good articles but by the same token one cannot believe everything that is printed on there.
    On a side note: There is another "chapito" that actually could have more power than this guy.
    A guy who lives in TJ.

  11. Where is GENTE DE TIJUANA? I will like to see what bull shit he will come up whit.

    Good work J

  12. The facts of this murder have nothing to do with legalization. It occurred under prohibition. Would he have been even more addicted if coca was legal? Hardly. The real problem was not the addiction but the drain on the family finance. Why is coca so expensive? Prohibition. Therefore it is prohibition which caused this tragedy, not drugs. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  13. Reality is never quite as glamorous as the warriors on both sides would like you to believe. They're all just people, some of them quite bad people, no doubt, but still people that had to start somewhere. The truth is that the drug war is doing nothing but creating criminals that are willing to do more terrible things than has ever been seen before. Progress is nonexistent, drugs continue to flow and they will never be stopped.

  14. Man,i don't care how "upper level"he was.
    He is one of the dogs ruining Mexico.Out of this guys own mouth he is mixing it with pure rats,Achilles,Rana,Sillas Rocha?Can you get more of a rag ass desperado than him?He should have starred in his own beheading video.Ye man,we believe your not a bad guy,"i just sell a little dope",that's all.I know man,we believe you.

  15. De leal nomas el nombre tiene este joton. Ya tiene dos dias piyando. Tan chingones es los corridos pero en realidad son puros cobardes.

  16. GENTE DE TIJUANAMay 8, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    may 8 2:12am anonimos como siempre como ves la realidad esqueno hay pruebas contra el y en menos de un ano sale de la pinta parejita la unica prueba es lo que la zeta publico pero el chapito tiene mucha intelligecia si lo pescaron pero no tienen nada concreto enterate bien parejita sabes que lla mero doycontigo hace mucho calor ayi en national city hasme un favor dura mas en la computadora lla mero doy contigo tengo muchas ganas de conocer tu familia que tenga buen dia

  17. How many people did he have under his command ?

  18. GENTE DE TIJUANA me vale verga que des conmigo pendejo, yo también tengo rifles y se tirar bien, estuve en el ejercito. Vivo en Paradise Hills no en National City pinche putito de mierda, soy veterano de guerra me llamo Luis y tengo 34 anos así que cuando gustes pinche maricón.


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