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Sunday, May 6, 2012

El Desmadre and the Aftermath of Choix

Sending 600 troops plus to the sierra of Choix
The governor of Sinaloa was critical of the Operation Condor in the region of the high mountains in a measure to combat organized crime that resulted in a confrontation between criminals and members of the Army that killed over 20 people. 

"Things have changed. If some people think that Operation Condor had a pleasant memory, for others it did not, at least when it comes to the aspect of human rights. We should implement our own operation. In fact it has already being implemented," said the Governor. 
The commander of the Third Military Region, General Moses Melo, said that more than 300 troops have already been deployed in the area of ​​the mountains of Sinaloa and Choix, and he will deploy an additional 300 troops in order to reach a total of 600. These will be in addition to the Ministerial Police that the governor will send. 
"We are doing all this to ensure the respect of human rights, above all we want to create conditions for those who have been displaced from their homes, so they can trust and return to the place that they left because of the violence," he said. 
The governor said that criminals are "fighting for plazas" not just in terms of distribution, but also in production, both in urban and rural. Now they are claiming the mountains as theirs." 
In this respect, the governor explained that "the criminals monitor who is engaged in producing and selling drugs, and if they observe a rival group looking for product, they tell the growers not sell to the rival groups and only to sell to them, if they refused, the executions suddenly appear." 
Given the fact that some of the criminals who were killed by the army in Choix are from other states (Sinaloa Cartel?), the governor said it will reach out to other authorities like Sonora and Chihuahua to work in a coordinated investigation. The region of Choix has been a strong hold of the Beltran-Layva faction. 
Displaced by violence people came to El Fuerte seeking refuge 
Due to the outbreak of violence that persists in the high mountains, families arrived en masse to the town of El Fuerte. On foot or hitching a ride they were seen in the region of Chinobampo. 
On Friday and Saturday 25 families were received from the towns of La Cofradía, Sabino Cuate, El Platanito and El Pantano. 
"We came here because the people from over there told us we'd better get out to this side because they were awaiting the arrival of the bad people," said a housewife displaced by violence. 
With fear in their faces, the children are afraid to talk about life in the high mountains, the women have a hard time expressing the days they lived in the presence of strange people in their homes. 
"We came because we were told that in the other ranches the gunmen came and forced the women to make tortillas to eat and even to kill a cow because they are many," said one of the displaced. 
They talk about the sorrow they felt when they left their husbands at home to care for the animals and to protect the few things that have managed to buy with a lot of sacrifices. "Most of the men stayed up there on the ranch, but yet a few others got out coming here to Chinobampo." 
There are about 70 people that have been displaced. Some settled in the town of Montoya with relatives, others remain in Chinobampo and the shelters are ready to service 30 people, including children, women and senior citizens. "We will do everything possible to support these people who by necessity have had to leave home," said Vianey Melendrez de Rubio mayor of DIF. 
She said members of the community have offered food and clothing, among other assistance. Thousands of families left their home 
Thousands of families in the hills of Sinaloa were driven away by the wave of violent and are starting to move to Mazatlan. 
They live in shantytowns, rent houses in disadvantaged areas or manage to move in with relatives. 
Without work and with a social and emotional shock is the side effect of the brutal violence of the displaced that is both real and alarming. 
Last week, Alejandro Higuera Osuna, mayor of Mazatlan, acknowledged the lack of an emergency plan to deal with the large flow of refugees. 
According to a report of the Monitoring Centre on Internal Displacement, since 2007, violence in Mexico has caused shifts in Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Durango, Michoacán and Guerrero. 
The document is critical of the Mexican government for lack of attention to the serious problem. "There is no mechanism to monitor or report on the issue of displacement, to ensure the physical and legal protection of the property that is left abandoned, or provide support to integrate the displaced to their new surrounding. The Mexican government also has not sought the support of international community," said the Report.

Gatilleros Decompose in the Mountains of Choix.
The bodies of the sicarios killed in shootouts that happened all week at the top of the mountains of Choix on the border with Chihuahua are starting to decompose and give out foul odors.

The residents of the area have expressed fear because on one hand they are being attacked by the gunmen and on another are afraid of getting sick from the stench of the bodies. 
The dead are the sicarios that were killed in confrontations with rivals cartels, but because the dead are not locals, no one bothers to pick up the bodies and give them a respectful burial. The bodies are mostly found inside the line of the state of Chihuahua. It is said that the cartels that were fighting before they met with the military were the Beltran-Leyva faction and the powerful Sinaloa cartel, who appeared to be the ones who moved in to take over the turf controlled by the beltran clan. 
The decomposition does not break down fast enough causing health risks is what the inhabitants fear. The head of the Sanitary District in North Zone, Jesus Caudillo Ginés, dismissed any health problem from exposure to the air around the bodies. 
"In the case of the Ministry of Health, we're looking at it, we will probably coordinate with the Environmental Health department, but we will be ready in case conditions could cause a problem, but right now there is none," said Caudillo Gines. 
He added that he will certainly coordinate with the corresponding authorities, and he made assurances that they are not yet considering a risk of the odors generated by the decomposition of bodies, and in this case he is asking the Sanitary Regulation to monitor the situation. 
He also said that the Health Regulation will contact the appropriate local authorities for the steps that have to take and to reassure the rest of the population. The official said that the decomposition and break down of the bodies will last days. 

The reality in the mountains.
The toll of dead given by the Attorney General of the State, Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez in the conflicts in Choix was at 22 that included a soldier and a municipal police officer, but perhaps the real version might be different. 
There are versions by the residents that many civilians were killed by gunmen who arrived in the villages looking for shelter, food and water. Many were already given funerals and buried in their communities. 
They said that there are still a few bodies of sicarios in between the mountains of Choix because they are outsiders and have no one to claim their bodies. This may indicate possibly members of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) who came from the north of Sinaloa and/or south from Chihuahua. 
An example of this is in the lines of Choix with Morelos Chihuahua, there are at least two bodies among a pine forest, right between two communities called Santa Rosa and Mesa de los Leales. They have also seen more bodies closest to the line with Choix. 
The people have asked authorities to remove these bodies as they are concerned that the decomposition might generate more infections. 
Yesterday morning a resident of the mountains said "the air smells bad, the odor is coming from the dead who are on the side," referring to the dead gunmen who were lying between the hills covered with pines. Other people say that sicarios went up to the top of the mountains of Morelos, after abandoning four wheeled vehicles so that the military could take them up to the top and they could escape the "hot spot", the area where they have staged gunfights between the military and sicarios with at least 20 dead. 
Some of the dead were identified by relatives at the funeral home to which they were transferred to. 
Some were identified as Eleuterio Baca Emeterio Espinoza who is from Palomas, Chihuahua, Ramon Samaniego Ruperto Rodriguez, 34, who is from Navojoa, Sonora, Ignacio Bogue Izaguirre, 35, from Navojoa, Sonora and Alfonso Chavez Chaparro, 22, originally from Cascates Morelos, Chihuahua, who was killed by gunmen when he came home. 

After nearly a week of intense fighting in the Sierra of Choix authorities now report that the area is currently controlled by the Army, the State Ministerial Police and Municipal Police.

The Vehicles
One of the "cloned" trucks made to look like an official police vehicle was found by the Mexican military abandoned by sicarios in the Sierra de Choix and was towed to the military installation of the 89 Infantry Battalion in Ahome.

With a heavily guarded operation the armored vehicle was transported on the road Mochis-San Blas and had to actually be recovered by a "Hummer" as this was the only type of vehicle that could enter the location of where the vehicle was abandoned. 

For 2 days a civilian tow truck attempted to recover the clone vehicle while having to cross through primitive villages and steep hills but because of the difficulty of the terrain it was decided to use a vehicle with less weight, 4 wheel drive and the adequate strength to remove the vehicle. 

This vehicle was found intact and did not have any signs of bullet holes to the body. It was an armored truck with fake police logos and official numbers of the Federal Police.

Firefight Extends to the Chihuahua state line
Fighting between armed groups and military were so intense that the fight carried over to the state line of Chihuahua and the sicarios, some dressed in military uniforms and armed to the teeth, had been forced outside the limits of Sinaloa.

Residents of nearby communities fear for their lives and are begging for intervention from the authorities to avoid a tragedy as they have learned that the sicarios have displaced whole families from their homes while passing through the high mountains of Choix.

General traffic has been drastically reduced in some localities in the state of Chihuahua and even some of the residents have blocked the entrance to the mountains to prevent people from going up or down to their communities because of the danger against the attack by the "fake soldiers" and the fear of stray bullet that could endanger family members.

Air traffic from civilian aircraft has been restricted as a safety measure, as it is feared that some of the armed group will attempt to escape at all costs.

Source: El Debate


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      Guasave,Los Mochis,Navolato,Ahome,Mazatlan,Sinaloa de Leyva....maybe im wrong????

      Either way I doubt this will wipe out the remaining Beltran Leyvas in Sinaloa. Carillo Fuentes is also operating in Sinaloa.

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  8. Finally a story that gives a brief description of the horrific life innocent broke familys have to indore and all you guys can comment about is which scum is winning or losing " their plaza." All that drug money and the dumb asses didn't buy any food and water before they went to invade farms and kill people. If your gonna jock em go ahead and get in your car and drive to choix, im sure they could use some blowjobs also.

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    the only good drug dealer is a dead drug dealer.

    Responding: That's why tu tio es un Farmero from up north! which means your intelligence is of limited capacity as well!!!

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    1. What a fool... You really think people are ever going to stop consuming drugs? In Malaysia they have death sentences for drug use, and or lengthy prison sentences, and guess what, people still get high...lots of em. The only answer is decriminalization. Before you accuse me of being a bleeding heart or liberal, just know I am far from that. There just is no other answer. It's amazing how many times history repeats itself and the same tired rhetoric always gets spewed.

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    Mexico really needs to wake up and put a stop to all this.

    every one of those thugs have no honor or love for their country.

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    1. Ur absolutely right!!!

    2. I cant believe all these kids postin my uncle said dis my aunt said that, u might as well tell us wat ur granny says too!!! Listen i doubt we will truly know who was all involved or who lost becuz da media can be bought!!! Wat we need is an investigative reporter to go onscene and get first hand accounts from locals and maybe those involved!!!

    3. See u moron that's why we say are aunt uncle and granny stories cuz they r on the ground and they aren't the media so all they say is the truth so when we comment like I did bout my aunt is cuz that's what actually happen and my aunt tell us like I'm sure the other person uncle did cuz the media probably does have it wrong even though u might not care ther is people that do so if u dont care don't comment and if u do care then take everything as a grain of salt but take it peace Loks

  19. Why all these people getting but hurt cause zetillas, beltranez, and carilloz, are getting whoopt? Only thing worst thank being a zetilla is wearing a skirt and doing high kicks for them pathetic!!!

  20. It has begun in Sinaloa and in Nuevo Laredo, I just hope the innocent are left unharmed. PS I know La Barbie is locked up in Mexico but what ever happened to that guy? Has he ratted everyone out yet? or is he ever going to be sent to the US?

  21. Your uncle's s a class after breaking into the poor farmers houses and demanding that they cook for them what Ever food they might have left for their family and themselves, your uncle then then borrowed their phone to let you know what's going I getting this right?

  22. May 6, 2012 5:21 PM . . .
    "That's why tu tio es un Farmero from up north! which means your intelligence is of limited capacity as well"!!!
    He said himself in his comment,that his uncle is a farmer?You silly bitch made panochas.
    What is wrong with being a farmer?Without them your dumb ass might starve.Whatever he farms,what is wrong with it?The man is working hard at whatever it is.So please don't come here thinking you are somehow a better person,because your comment shows what a shallow piece of mierda you are!This shows just a little insight into how peoples lives can be totally disrupted,who are they going to turn to for any kind of help.What would any of us do if strangers turned up with guns on your doorstep,and your family is inside your house?
    How powerless must they feel,and then angry?

  23. May 6, 2012 9:37 PM .
    "Lets stop pointing the finger and blaming others for the corruption our country is involved in"
    We need more Mexicans like this.The ones who can get past the idiotic pride and admiration for these rats who are destroying Mexico.The idiotic nationalism that wont allow any kind of criticism.We need Mexicans like this,who look at themselves and see what has to be done.
    Saludos to you senore.

    1. True corruption is out of control in mexico....our bad. Guess what feeds corruption ON BOTH SIDES? DOLLARS AND A COUPLE OF MILLIONS OF JUNKIES.

  24. Wait a minute those are clone trucks looks like the real deal to me. Haha and yes blo,and carillos are still kicking ass without the goverments help. As for chapo and mayo why if so high and mighty they can't even cruise el malecon de mazatlan, cds bitch ass ratas working for uncle sam.

  25. i dont know if u guys seen the mantas that the beltrans put up in culiacan mochis and guasave...just basically them crying about the military base right near mochis supporting chapos ppl in chiox and it even mentions a few there u have it.

  26. @May 7, 2012 4:51 PM

    Amen to that! Not too often this kind of opinions come out from Mexico on this site.

  27. Not all of them were innocent rancheros this mofos grow weed for the cartels, so don't feel bad for them, fuck them they feed this shit is in their culture. The main guy here used to work for beltran -leyva but he flipped to cds and tried a hit on chapo isidro who has been whooping cds people like crazy.he went for blood after the attempted hit, but also to cut cds weed and amapola supply. And here comes the army to save chapos people ....again. oh and the drugs. This people have been growing amapola and weed for decades. Its America's drug basket.

    1. What tha hell is amapola?

    2. Your dumbass writes a stupid question like that on here.Why don't u Google it,with the same computer u used to write this,u filthy moron!!!!!!!

  28. May 8, 2012 11:10 PM .
    Dude i hear you,but what the fuck are you supposed to do to make a little money in this bitch?Especially when there is no other way to go.
    End of story.

  29. jajaja,beltranes aint losing shit!!!.they only keep getting stronger,again.and over half of the dead are from the cds...jajaja laugh at that chapo fans!!!!!jajajajajajacds aint hold sit down!!!!

  30. chapo isidro, beltrans, azules, zetas, juarez, templarios, CDGNG, Golfo or any other group. In the end we want a solution to all this bullshit so what is it? Everything needs to return to corrupt politicians and being run under the water like in the previous years and all the people that display open aggression and torture need to be put down chapo (isidro or guzman), mayo (anthrax), beltranes, zetas. Death will always come in this trade but needs to be put down to a minimum. Lets learn from the past like the Columbians. Now we are the ones killing each other like in the Escobar days. Its always run through Mexico but we were smarter before. Lets continue to make the profit but not kill over 150 thousand in the process. The flow up north will never stop but I think we are all smart enough to profit from it. The quicker we get this the less death we we will see. It hurts to see my Mexico like this.


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