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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mexican Marines Arrest 2 Cartel Members, Rescue 18 Migrants

Two suspected members of the Los Zetas drug cartel were arrested and 18 migrants were rescued by marines in Piedras Negras, a city in the northern state of Coahuila, the Navy Secretariat said Monday.

Antonio Camacho Soria and Martin Molina Vazquez were arrested on May 5 on charges that they were holding the migrants hostage, the secretariat said.

Marines seized firearms, marijuana, a substance that could be cocaine, cash and communications gear in the operation.

Camacho Soria and Molina Vazquez confessed that they were holding several illegal immigrants at a house.

The marines went to the house and found the migrants there, the secretariat said.

The migrants, whose nationalities were not released, were handed over to federal prosecutors in Piedras Negras, the secretariat said.

Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, known as “El Lazca,” deserted from the Mexican army in 1999 and formed Los Zetas with three other soldiers, all members of an elite special operations unit, becoming the armed wing of the Gulf drug cartel.

After several years on the payroll of the Gulf cartel, Los Zetas, considered Mexico’s most violent criminal organization, went into the drug business on their own account and now control several lucrative territories.

Los Zetas has been blamed for several massacres in recent years.

The cartel was accused of being behind the Aug. 23, 2010, massacre of 72 migrants, the majority of them from Latin America, at a ranch outside San Fernando, a city in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas.

Los Zetas has also been blamed for the massacre of 27 peasants in May 2011 at a ranch in Guatemala’s Peten province, which borders Mexico and Belize.

Zetas gunmen set fire to the Casino Royale in Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon, on Aug. 25, 2011, killing 52 gamblers and employees trapped inside, most of whom died of smoke inhalation.

An estimated 300,000 Central Americans undertake the hazardous journey across Mexico each year on their way to the United States.

The trek is a dangerous one, with criminals and corrupt Mexican officials preying on the migrants.

Gangs kidnap, exploit and murder migrants, who are often targeted in extortion schemes, Mexican officials say.

Central American migrants follow a long route that first takes them into Chiapas state, which is on the border with Guatemala, walking part of the way or riding aboard freight trains, buses and cargo trucks.

The flow of migrants has increased markedly in the northern and northeastern parts of Mexico since U.S. officials increased security along the border in the northwestern part of the country.

A total of 46,716 Central Americans were deported from Mexico between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30, 2011, the National Migration Institute, or INM, said in a report released earlier this year.

The majority of the migrants – 41,215 – were men and nearly half, some 23,560, were from Guatemala, the INM said.

Source: EFE


  1. if they are from central america, will there be rallies in the streets to let them stay like in L.A.?

  2. Piedras negras is getting really really bad!! The scum bags (zetas) have destroyed land that I had, they have killed my close cousin's, they have terrorized my parents home town which is Guerrero coahuila. The scum bags are in Guerrero. The ppl from that town have said that there is big fish hiding out in Guerrero. The mayor, the police and some ppl know excatly where there at. I just wish all this would stop but saddly its not. All we have to do is PRAY PRAY AND PRAY!

  3. @ 7:11

    And where is UNIVISION leading the way? Justicia por los migrantes !!!...(but only when it fits our agenda)


  4. "Piedras negras is getting really really bad"
    Man,i wish there was something we could do.
    This is the problem with all these idiots who hero worship these dogs.
    Decent people getting caught up in this shit,and armed crews turning up to take your farm your house,anything,because who is going to stop them?
    Makes you so fuckin angry,these little dogs and their guns,rollin round in their trucks in convoys,and no-one doin anything.As you say,the police know exactly where they are,but,nothing will happen.Senore,don't tell anyone in your circle you post on here,caution.
    Senore all i can say is ten cuidado and hope that Mexico can eventually help its decent people.Saludos senore.

    1. Por Mas que quieramos no se puede ser Nada. Porque? Pues porque si los reportamos de uno o Otra forma se enteran quien los reportan y lluego lluego te matan a toda tu familia asta tus maskotas. Es triste esta cituacion pero como dije en el mensaje anterior no Mas nos con la ORACION y pidiendole a DIOS que guarde a nuestra familia.

  5. esa es gente del Celso....como es que lo estan buscando si yo lo vi en la calle de Piedras Negras sin escolta, tranquilo sin ningun cuidado en el mundo??

  6. Sorry about your cousins and the hell your family is going through in Coahuila. When will it ever end?!

  7. The zetas were the ones that started all this bullshit. When they werent alive the drug dealers never touch a women ,kid or somebody thats not envolve in this. They were the oppesite they help the pueblo


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