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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Chapo" Guzmán Indictment Sheds Light on Mexico's Sinaloa Drug Cartel Figures

By Daniel Borund
El Paso Times
The latest indictment of reputed drug lord Joaquin "Chapo" Guzmán provides an insight into the Sinaloa drug cartel in Chihuahua as the cartel went to war.

Guzmán along with what U.S. authorities described as the "upper echelon" of the Sinaloa drug cartel were indicted by a federal grand jury in El Paso last month.

Guzmán and Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada García, who are named as the co-leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, were indicted with 20 other men accused of being cartel lieutenants, regional bosses and hit men in the states of Chihuahua and Durango.

Several of the defendants are former Juárez and Chihuahua law-enforcement officers allegedly involved in drug trafficking, kidnappings and murders.

The Sinaloa cartel has been at war with the Juárez drug cartel reputedly led by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes in a conflict that has spurred violence that has killed some 10,000 people in Juárez alone since 2008.

The Sinaloa cartel is based in Culiacan, Sinaloa, and has a presence throughout Mexico and the United States.

The 14-count indictment includes charges of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, murder in a foreign country, money laundering and drug and weapons charges. Some of the charges are punishable by death.

The document does not discuss the origins of the cartel war, which erupted when an alliance between the Juárez and Sinaloa cartels crumbled regarding their operations in the Chihuahua region.

The indictment stated that a person, known only by the first name of German with the aliases "Paisa" and "German Olivares," is the top lieutenant for Zambada and manages regional cartel lieutenants in Chihuahua, while based in Culiacan.

The war began because Guzmán's people did not approve of "JL" or José Luis Ledesma, a reputed Juárez cartel lieutenant who managed things for Carrillo Fuentes, according to accused drug-trafficker Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez Villarreal in a filmed interview with Mexican federal police. Ledesma is rumored to be dead.

The indictment names alleged members of two major Sinaloa cartel groups in the Juárez region - the Gente Nueva and the Garduño cell.

Gente Nueva
The group named the "Gente Nueva," or the new people, broke away from the Juárez cartel and was supported with guns and money by Guzmán and Zambada, according to the indictment.

When the war began, Mario "Mayito" Nuñez Meza, a former Mexican police officer and member of the Juárez cartel, left the Juárez cartel and joined Guzmán, the indictment stated.

Nuñez Meza (aka M-10) was "assigned by Guzmán to secure Juárez, the states of Chihuahua and Durango and Culiacan for the Sinaloa cartel," the indictment stated. Nuñez Meza's brother, Amado Nuñez Meza, (aka M-11) was allegedly in charge of Durango for the Sinaloa cartel.
In the spring of 2011, the Nuñez Meza brothers left the Sinaloa cartel and formed an independent drug trafficking organization, documents stated.

Mario Nuñez Meza had overseen Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo, who was tasked with running the Sinaloa cartel's enforcement operations in Juárez.

Prior to the cartel war, Marrufo had been an independent marijuana trafficker out of the town of Villa Ahumada, Chihuahua, the indictment stated. Torres Marrufo would pay a "tax" to Sergio Garduño Escobedo to move drugs through the Juárez smuggling corridor. When the war erupted, Marrufo was one of the founders of the Gente Nueva, and with Guzmán's blessing became the Sinaloa cartel's lieutenant in Juárez and then later the entire region, documents alleged.

Torres Marrufo, according to the indictment, used the logo of a jaguar on cocaine bundles to show ownership. He is also accused of ordering the Horizon City kidnapping and murder of Sergio Saucedo for a lost drug load, and the kidnapping and killing of three men, including a New Mexico bridegroom during a wedding in Juárez.

In February, Mexican federal police arrested Torres Marrufo in the city of Leon, Guanajuato.
The indictment stated that Marrufo's right-hand man was Daniel Franco López (aka Micha, Neon and Fer), who has allegedly taken leadership in Juárez for the Sinaloa cartel since Marrufo's arrest.

The indictment also stated that the Gente Nueva's plaza boss in the Valley of Juárez is Gabino Salas Valenciano, alias "El Ingeniero" (the engineer), who allegedly runs drug security, drug distribution and assassin squads in the region east of Juárez.

Other accused associates of the Gente Nueva named in the indictment are:
  • Luis "Bichi" Arellano Romero, a reputed bodyguard for Torres Marrufo. He is the brother of Fernando Arellano Romero, (aka Rayo, 24, Gamma, Blue Demon), an alleged cartel hit man, who is a former member of the Chihuahua state police homicide unit.
  • Mario Alberto Iglesias Villegas, an alleged sicario (hitman) also known as Dos, Delta, Parka and the Grim Reaper. He has been arrested by Mexican authorities, said a spokeswoman for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
  • Emigdio "Millo" Martínez Jr., a member of a longtime cocaine and marijuana trafficking family in Juárez, who worked with Torres Marrufo, the indictment stated.
  • Adrián Avila Ramírez (aka Bam Bam, Tacuba, El 19), who is allegedly an assassin who oversaw cocaine shipments from Guadalajara to the United States via Juárez for Mario Nuñez Meza.
  • Valentín Sáenz de la Cruz (aka El Valle or Lic), an alleged cocaine dealer in the Juárez area in custody in Mexico, the DEA said.
  • Carlos "Buffalo" Flores, a reputed top lieutenant and trusted friend of Mario Nuñez Meza, who allegedly runs a hit squad and is involved in drug trafficking, documents stated.
The U.S. government also indicted a person identified only as José Luis (aka Tocayo, Pachi), who works for Mario Nuñez Meza and runs a Juárez hit squad and is involved in cocaine distribution.

Garduño cell
The indictment includes several former police officers working for the Sinaloa cartel in a violent cocaine distribution cell allegedly run by Garduño, the former Chihuahua state police commander.

According to the indictment, Garduño, known as "Coma," was a station commander for the Chihuahua state police.
  • "Prior to the cartel war, Garduño paid the tax on behalf of the Sinaloa cartel granting them permission from the Juárez cartel to move drugs through the Juárez plaza," the indictment stated.
  • Garduño reputedly answers to German and is Zambada's top lieutenant in the Juárez territory, where he oversees security operations and warehouses where cocaine is stored before it is smuggled into the United States.
  • According to the indictment, Garduño's cocaine bundles use the logo of Memin Pinguin, a Mexican cartoon character of a black boy that has been criticized as being a racial stereotype.
  • Garduño's right-hand man is former Juárez police officer Arturo Lozano Mendez, who oversees the drug warehouses in Juárez, the indictment stated.
  • Other indicted members of the Garduño organization are:
  • Former Juárez police officers David "Christian" Sanchez Hernández, reputedly one of Garduño's largest drug distributors, and his brother, Ivan Sanchez Hernández. 
  • Jesús Rodrigo "Huichi" Fierro Ramírez, who is "a large scale cocaine distributor in the Garduño cell who is known for his extreme acts of violence," the indictment stated. Fierro is a former Chihuahua state police officer and used to collect "taxes" from independent drug dealers for the Juárez cartel. Fierro is the half-brother of Lozano.
  • Mario de la O Lopez, a "top cocaine distributor" and cell leader, documents stated. He is a former Chihuahua state police officer.
  • Arturo Shows Urquidi is allegedly a "core member" of Garduño's cell in Juárez allegedly involved in the unloading of cocaine.
  • Salvador Valdez, a reputed large-scale cocaine distributor for the cell.
Authorities said the new indictment was the result of a long-term investigation by law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Mexico.

The Sinaloa cartel supplies a large portion of the drugs crossing the El Paso region and is believed to have cells in hundreds of U.S. cities. A $5 million reward is offered by the U.S. government for information that leads to the arrest of reputed cartel kingpin Joaquin "Chapo" Guzmán, who also faces several other federal indictments.


  1. Sinaloaa has obviouslyy usual

  2. They Sinaloan's hated dealing with JL constant raising of taxes on them. But, like La Barbie stated of the hatered towards JL from Sinaloan cause he was a fucking PUTO. They felt that they shouldn't have to deal with him.

  3. Man this just put more pieces of the big ass puzzle together.

  4. M10 and M11 dont work for sinaloa cartel?? i thought durango plaza was sinaloa and represented by the meza brothers. those R5 work for them or sinaloa ?


  5. Interesting to note....all of these individuals on the indictment are from Mexico. I am sure they need people from the U.S to move the tons of product...where are there names?

    El Neutron

  6. No wonder JL is called the beast.It seems everyone hates him,he probably a pure fuckin mutt.
    You here on here and everywhere that this mutt is dead.Even the battle goin on in Choix,he was supposed to be leading a crew there?
    I hope someone has murked his ass,and buried him.
    Now its a confusing rumor,but the bitch be laying up for a while,under dirt.

  7. El Neutron .
    Its an indictment of Mexican drug traffickers Einstein.Don't start in with the racist US bullshit.I,ll say it for you,"white people can be just as corrupt as anyone else"Yes,i know that.
    There,do you feel better now,did i get it right.
    Believe it or not,its not about hating on the Mexican people,its nothing personal,its about the shit that these mutts are doing to Mexico and its people.

  8. are they gonna indict chappys twin sons born in las angles..must be nice to be able to send your wifey to the USA to drop some kids ..

    an option not open to average Mexicans.. to the AVERAGE Mexican it is damn near impossible to get a visa..for any reason..

    but for problema senor..bienavidos ..sure your woman can come here and have your kids ..who are now US citizens..

    ok i can't think about the injustice head is gonna explode

    1. His wife is an American citizen,(born in the US)u stupid ignorrant fool.!..know the facts before u post some stupid shit!!

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    3. It's not that hard when ur born in the UNITED STATES!!! she is,...morron!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous said...

    Interesting to note....all of these individuals on the indictment are from Mexico. I am sure they need people from the U.S to move the tons of product...where are there names?

    El Neutron

    mebbe start looking at Starr county texas county govt?

  10. So gente nueva and garduno cell were originally chihuahuenses who used to work for cdj but split to work with cds.all the hiearchy was gente de chihuahua, in cooperation with cds, i had heard dat news last time i was in chih,like a family member told me la misma gente de chih es la que se esta peliando,porque los sinaloas se destinguen y los matan!!! El flaco tenia su casa en parral y su hija attendia escuelas alla, de lo que yo se el sur de chih esta aliado con cds pero el centro de chih parra arriba es terreno disputido!!! Cds is gaining a lot of heat!!!

  11. JL was reportedly a 'hot head' who 'ran things with an iron first', I feel like I could believe his own people set him up years ago, like the rumors say. Interesting indictment, I never realized that GN was a breakaway group of traitors, like El Teo. Why break from Juarez? Was JL that abusive as a plaza boss?

  12. They confess anything at front of camera, that's not news. It's not the same later in the court...

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  14. 7:02 it wasn't that he was a puto like you say its because they were all scared of him because they're all traitors!!

  15. 9:11 they work with ncj now and sinaloa couldn't take them out with the marina and their talibanes!!hahaha

  16. The people in Chihuas went with the bigger kitty at that time and that was and still is CDS. Gente Nueva consisted of people already in certain states, traffickers, narcos who were already established and have been doing their profession for years. Those people were from Chihuas and Sonora for example who aligned themselves with the person who was going to supply them the bigger quantities and effort at that time. With Amados demise they seen the writing on the wall and had to make a move as they knew the game was going to shift. There are alot of NARCOS we don't know about, that sit behind the scenes continously moving weight y envenenado al poblado. Chapo chose certain people that already had the connections deeply enrooted into their homeland, which was Chihuaha for example. These guys moved weight on large scales but always had someone who they had to respond to. Independent traffickers were established years ago, for example Flaco Salguiero and family who had been doing things for years in the southern region of Chihuas. Parral y la sierra taruhmara have always been huge cash cows for narcos. But this artile does enlighten some info as to who some of the narcos behind the scene, now being brought to light.

    1. Very interesting!(rubbing my chin)..good post,u should post more often.

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  18. 5:04 so what happened that day he was at los arenales in juarez and he had people taking tint off their windows with their nails is that why? He must of done something to you because EVERYBODY was scared! Ask the military about when he got in that car accident they didnt even touch him!

  19. Gente nueva stared years ago when the cds was fighting the zetas in Veracruz. Back in 2004 i believe

  20. JL is not dead!!!!!!!!!


  21. @ May 9, 2012 10:42 AM

    Chapo's wife is a U.S Citizen

  22. Would like to know more about JL, I've read that window tint story a few times on here. Makes me cringe just thinking about it, scraping windows with fingernails.

  23. Correct, CDG fractions back then even allowed CDS-Gente Nueva into Veracruz. Even Salguiero back then sent people there. That was the very beginning of what a war was brewing. Gente Nueva exist all over Mexico not just Sinaloa, Chihuas, Sonora. They are inflitratrated all over consistantly moving weight and hands down making more money than any other cartel right now.
    Why do you think Chapo, Mayo and El Azul atill exist? Because they have alot of support and its not just from Sinaloa!

  24. What window tint story about JL? Please tell or give the link. Thanks.

    Also why do people say he died and how long ago?

  25. It's not that hard when ur born in the UNITED STATES!!! she is,...morron!!!!!!!!!!


    pretty funny... MORON is spelled with ONE R ..MORON

    and so what?.... they are still a gang of criminals

  26. A si es mi compa, el flacs mando a matar varias gentes. Lo que si se sabe es que Parral y la sierra hasta Guachochi es una mina de oro para la gente de Chaps y associados. Que son varios, Chihuahua has always had gente movida and it has had it's rebellious moments but for the most it's CDS territory.

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