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Friday, May 25, 2012

3 die, weapons seized in Zacatecas state

By Chris Covert

Two armed suspects were killed in two separate incidents, a third unidentified man was found shot to death, and several weapons and munitions were seized in in Zacatecas state, according to Mexican news accounts.

A posting on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas news daily said that a Policia Federal (PF) road patrol unit attempted to stop several suspects travelling aboard three vehicles in Fresnillo municipality near the village of Purisima del Maguey Wednesday.  The suspects refused to stop and instead opened fire on the PF unit.

The ensuing pursuit led the unit to the town of Caledon where one suspect was hit by gunfire, and presumably died at the scene.  The suspects aboard the other two vehicles fled the scene.

PF agents seized one rifle and the vehicle at the scene.

In another action, a PF road patrol came under small arms fire in Calera municipality from individuals travelling aboard a pickup truck Friday.  PF return fire killed one suspect.  The press report indicates that a second suspect may have gotten away in the exchange of gunfire.

PF agents seized a small quantity of marijuana, one AK-47 rifle, 12 weapons magazines, 241 rounds of ammunition, tactical gear and the vehicle.

On Thursday, a PF road patrol discovered a cache of weapons in Villa de Cos municipality Thursday. The weapons cache was found in a  vacant lot on Calle Nueva Aurora.

Seized weapons include 41 rifles, 43 40mm grenades, 28 weapons magazines and 569 rounds of ammunition.

On Wednesday morning police found an unidentified man shot to death on the road between Jimenez del Teúl and Chalchihuite.  The victim was said to be a victim of an organized crime execution.

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  1. It's being reported on blog del narco that "el mayo" has escaped from prison. Anyone got any details about this?

    1. He was not in prison, he simply got away as the law was gonna get him.

  2. © Copyright 2012 by Chris Covert
    You must obtain permission to reprint this article.

    I'm surprised to know you give permission to reprint this article.

  3. I'm tired of reading about these guys escaping. How come they don't have missiles that they can fire at these guys or helicopter gunship support? YOU'RE IN A STINKING WAR - NOW ACT LIKE IT!

  4. The US reward for el mayo's capture $5 million
    But with the US gov "divide and conquer" strategy he has a get outta jail free card. Just like monopoly, both governments are playing the game

  5. Aaah okay my apologies I thought he was in prison and escaped, thanks for clearing that up for me.


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