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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mexican security forces kill 10 bad guys in Nayarit and Jalisco

By Chris Covert

Mexican security forces killed four armed suspects in a firefight near a remote mountain community in extreme southeastern Nayarit state Thursday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

The incident took place in La Yesca municipality, which is 10 kilometers north of the Nayarit-Jalisco border, where Nayarit state Policia Estatal Preventiva (PEP) agents encountered 40 armed suspects travelling aboard a convoy of 10 SUVs at about 2230 hrs near Las Carboneras.

The police agents at the scene initially requested additional support.  State PEP agents were in the area because, apparently a number of passenger buses had been attacked recently.  Police reinforcements including an elite police unit arrived during the firefight to set up blocking positions near Jala, Ahuacatlan and Ixtlan del Rio, along Mexico Federal Highway 15D.  Highway 15D is a four lane highway that runs between Guadalajara, Jalisco in the southeast and Tepic, Nayarit to the northwest.

The firefight lasted until first light at about 0400 hrs when the suspects fled the scene leaving behind four dead.

Meanwhile, security forces went on higher alert following a counterambush by Jalisco state police agents which killed 6 armed suspects Wednesday evening at about 1700 hrs near the border with Michoacan state in southeastern Jalisco state.

According to reports, a police patrol was travelling along a highway between Ahuijullo, Jalisco to Tepalcatepec, Michoacan when the patrol came under small arms fire.

Police counterfire killed six suspects while the remainder fled the scene.  Two unidentified villagers were also killed in the gunfight, and two unidentified police agents were wounded.

Police seized one AK-47 rifle, a handgun and eight weapons magazines following the firefight.

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  1. Stupid caballeros or la familia trying to enter jalisco

  2. So are there still Z Michocan?? Wasp with La Familia? Have you readers notice that all cartel can be rebellious too. ANTI GOVERNMENT.

  3. So 6 of the 40 dead and only 1 ak-47 and 1 handgun confiscated including some mags. Does that mean for every 6 traveling in the convoy they are assigned 1 rifle and 1 handgun? Lol what a fkin joke. Worst of all the fire fight lasted hours against poorly armed sicarios lol.


  4. OK I guess the Military rides around killing people for the hell of it, I gotta believe someone was shooting, the survivors took the weapons. Good job!!

  5. Thats how to do it! Kill those bastards...


    I know,you sound like one,blaming crack users for this situation?What an asshole.
    There's to many McDonald's,if it wasn't for them,we wouldn't have all that cow shit.Insane.


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