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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mexican Marines detain 9 drug cartel bad guys

By Chris Covert

Mexican Naval Infantry units have detained a total of nine suspects -- allegedly affiliated with the Jalisco Nueva Generacion drug cartel -- including two top leaders in three operations in Veracruz state, according to data provided by the Mexican Secretaria de Marina (SEMAR).

The three counternarcotics operations all took place in Boca del Río municipality, starting in Infonavit colony, where marines detained three suspects identified as José Manuel Sanchez Sanchez AKA Cunita, 42, Adriana Reyes Leal, 18,  Noemi de la O. Rodriguez, 30, Martha Crisol Martínez Portillo AKA Tita,  22 and Levi Vergara Yepez AKA Coca, 25.

Marines also secured guns, munitions, quantities of crack cocaine and marijuana and one vehicle.

Based on an anonymous citizen's complains and from information developed from the Infovanit colony stop, marines were dispatched to Primero de Mayo where they detained two individuals on a motorcycle identified as Jorge Luis Feria Hernandez, 23 and José Francisco Torres Lopez, 27.

In Primero de Mayo Mexican Marines also seized guns, drugs and other contraband, including a motorcycle.

SEMAR said that Jorge Luis Feria Hernandez was the Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel's financial agent for the area.

A final operation took place in Nueva Era colony where Marines detained Noe Humberto Hernandez Perez AKA La P, 28 and a female companion, Claribel Casas Duran, 24.

SEMAR said that Hernandez Perez was the Jalisco Nueva Generacion's plaza leader for the Boca del Rio/Veracruz region.  Weapons drugs ammunition and other contraband were seized in the aftermath of the arrest.

The Jalisco Nueva Generacion drug cartel's top leaders -- Erick Valencia Salazar, AKA El 85 and Nemesio Oseguera, AKA El Mencho -- were detained in a Mexican Army operation earlier last month in Jalisco state, the aftermath of which saw massive numbers of roadblocks and gun battles between cartel operatives and Mexican security forces in Guadalajara, Jalisco, which is the cartel's home turf.
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  1. For you cjng fans theirs a video on youtube from ct to the cjng. Arriba michoacan hijos de la verga

    1. Ponte a estudiar, chupando pitos a gente ke ni te conose no ganas nada

  2. Any information on panifila naferta colony near jaurez going to a wedding. 5 weeks

  3. Got a lnk 11:08 pm?

  4. los de michoacan me la pelan

  5. Why does the title say "Mexican Marines detain 9 drug cartel bad guys" Is there such thing as drug cartel good guys? By the way the Mexican Marina doesn't mean Mexican Marines but Mexican Navy!

  6. So I'm guessing there are Drug Cartel Good Guys?

    1. Yes, El Azul he don't fk with anyone, lays low and helps people out.

  7. Here is the fallout from the,Erick Valencia Salazar, AKA El 85 and Nemesio Oseguera, AKA El Mencho,arrest's.Collar some bigger players and get them to talk,and in Mexico you know they gonna talk.Not like our fag assed country's(even child killers got rights in our countries!)
    Catch the names and you gonna get a lot more from them in police"interviews".

  8. By the way the Mexican Marina doesn't mean Mexican Marines but Mexican Navy!

    Mexican Naval Infantry are a component of Secretaria de Marina (SEMAR).


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