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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mexican authorities find 14 dead in Nuevo Laredo

By Chris Covert

A total of 14 unidentified individuals were found dead stuffed into a minivan in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Tuesday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

The find was made around 0730 hrs when officials were given information about three dead bodies left inside a Chrysler Voyager minivan near the intersection Calle Maclovio Herrera and Avenida Guerrero.  When police arrived it was realized 14 dead were inside the vehicle.

The dead were all male in their 30s, ten of them stuffed inside black plastic bags.

The drug gang affiliation of the dead was not disclosed although Nuevo Laredo is considered to be Los Zetas territory,

The latest information on Nuevo Laredo is that operatives associated with the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels are attempting to move into Nuevo Laredo in a bid to oust Los Zetas from their main river crossing into the US.
To read the Border land story about the Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels' latest encounter in Nuevo Laredo, click here and here
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  1. According to The Monitor, they have information that this killing was carried out by the Matazetas. And, considering the way they were left behind (bodies left inside a vehicle), it makes sense that it was probably them.

  2. The grapevine says it was a message by los zetas to benjamin galvan for not paying quota thats why,the narco message left at the scene was not revealed cuz they are under zeta law reporting the manta means death others say rival group did the massacre but zetas dont want to let the public know the enemy lurks from within????????

  3. @badanov: WHO WERE THE KILLERS? C.D.S?

  4. Official word from nuevo laredo the manta read estampos limpiando la plaza de zetas en nuevo laredo sus jefes an corrido a anahuac y,a piedras negras en nuevo laredo ay puro halcon drogadictos y pordioseros cuidando la plaza

  5. "stuffing" 14 people into a minivan must be a sick joke on their part. Can't see any other reason to put them all into one vehicle otherwise.

  6. Please anybody who know - tell me who the ded were - los Z or golfos!!
    This stuff is reaally stiff =))

  7. Is true some of them got their dicks nailed to their foreheads while they were still alive? Damn!!!

  8. Trevino and lazcano must be getting nervous.
    Their box is getting smaller and smaller!
    Probably their own men will give them up for the reward!!!

  9. This looks like it was the Z,cleaning people who were claiming to be Z,or who left a message claiming shit.
    Look at April 17, 2012 11:46 PM .Above.
    And the manta below it.

  10. The 14 killed were zetas. There was a narco manta at the scene signed by matazetas/comandante diablo/cds

  11. what I heard that it was the Z. They are taking out people who were affileated with "El Borrado" from Los Tejas.

  12. I've heard that the dead where killed by Los Zetas and it was a message to the mayor of the city that's why it wasn't reported by official news there. Nuevo Laredo seems like a plaza that is easy to take it seems a lot of the Los Zetas there are young people.

  13. el z40 y lazcano no sacen que hacer

  14. It' was chapo I found the article with picture on mundonarco he calls out el 40 it looks like the previous killed with a message were indeed legit chapo banners

  15. Pienso que quieres decir "ellos no SABEN que hacer" jaja

  16. Wheres the most important part of this event???

    Where is the Narcomanta??It clearly says who it was and why and adds on saying that (Chapo) is not scared of Z40,and he knows that he sent el H to throw heads in his grounds because Z40 doesnt have the balls nor the people.

  17. I hope they were fucking dead Zetas. The only good Zeta is a dead Zeta. Kill every fucking one of them.

  18. It was CDS they had men in black posing with guns & there was a baby Blue truck F-150 i thnks he left a banner saying the cleansing has begun or somthing like tht for more info try it shows some pictures

  19. @badanov: WHO WERE THE KILLERS? C.D.S?

    24 hours after the story broke, and still no one knows who killed whom.

    I can guess, but then, you can, too.

  20. From
    A manta was found next to the bodies that read. "A LA CIUDADANIA, Ya comenzamos a limpiar nuevo laredo de zetas, porque queremos una ciudad libre y para que vivan en paz. Nosotros somos narcotraficantes y no nos metemos con la gente honesta, trabajadora, o el comercio. Queremos que nadie paque cuotas a estas lacras, por lo que todo aquel que paqie cuota, es considerado un traidor por financiar a los zetas. Le voy a enseñar a estos mugrosos a trabajar al estilo sinaloa. Sin secuestrar, sin cuotas, sin extorsiones. "

    "A ti 40, te dije que no me espantas. Se que mandaste al H a tirar las cabezas aqui en mi tierra, porque no tienes los huevos ni la gente para venir a hacerlo tu. Que no se te olvide que soy tu padre." Chapo Guzman

  21. It has to be dead zetas they are more numbers of them in that piece of shit town

    1. Piece of shit town is where you are hiding right know so you can run your mouth safely. Come to Nuevo Laredo and see for yourself what's going on.

  22. yep chapo out there somewhere but im starting to think its the military doing this shit. its kinda wierd both times the bodies are left justa few feet from where the military are. but who knows laredo is going the drain with the people they aint doin it right .hope someone does clean house . i miss the old mexico and now i have to live with this shit going on .it sux wish we could own guns then it'd be a different story bet that


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