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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Intergang firefight kills four, four more found dead in Durango city

By Chris Covert

Four armed suspects were killed and another undisclosed number of others were wounded in an apparent intergang firefight in Durango state Saturday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

Mexican security forces to include Durango state police agents and federal security forces were dispatched to Santiago Papasquiaro municipality Saturday morning.  The site of the gunfight was reportedly on a 13 kilometer stretch of road between the village of Los Herrera and Topia municipality.

Security forces found four men dead.  Two of the dead were identified as Luis Andres Garcia, 30, of Santiago Papasquiaro and  Francisco Agredano Cadena, 30,  of Guadalajara, Jalisco.  The other two bodies were listed as no name at the state morgue.  Reports say the firefight took place at dawn.

Security forces also seized a Jeep Cherokee SUV, a .38 Caliber revolver and an undisclosed quantity of powder cocaine.

Meanwhile in Durango city four individuals were found dead Sunday, all of whom died by strangulation.  One of the dead was identified as Juan Jose Ayala Ruiz, 33, a fruit vendor by trade, who was found near Puente Negro, and the other was Joseph Soto Jesus Renteria, 24, who was found in Madero colony.

A third unidentified victim was found on Bulevar Francisco Villa, while a fourth was found near the intersection of Calles Isauro Venzor and Cuauhtémoc.

It is worth noting that many of the 331 dead found in Durango municipality in mass graves last year were also killed by strangulation, or by asphyxiation.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. Well strangulation is a cheap way to kill someone,and its envirmentally friendly,even better four less criminals.

  2. Gn just call a truce with the M's. Last thing you want is for them to let more zetas in. Haha what happened to them helicopters and planes with trained people you brought in!! M's ain't no gn and don't work sinaloa anymore so this ain't no infighting stop misinforming!!!!

  3. Who has the plaza and whos trying to enter

  4. So GN and M are together killing zetas

  5. O.K. so who the hell knows wtf is up in Durango???

  6. 7:05 Los M's and la gn but the zetas want to come in to fight chapo.

  7. Se dice que los caballeros estan prendiendo todas las plazas donde sinaloa quiere o esta.

  8. is a situation of extreme violence that we had not seen years ago. every day you hear shots, sometimes ak-47. human heads, bodies mutilated bodies hanging, narcobanners, kidnappings. just see the video to get an idea of what we live

  9. Some M's are with gn. Most zetas are in fosas en durango. M16 is from santiago and holding his weight. Theres alot of mayo and chapo people in the area.

  10. No mames, los malcriados no pueden ni solos con Michoacan. Donde fregados van a meterse a la sierra de Durango.

  11. So the G.N. is With the M's or are they enemies?

    I Hope that is true that the CT are heating up CDS plazas that happens for betraying fucking Chaputo and CJNG bunch of pussies!

  12. Los M's are the ones originally fighting and holding the fence against the Zetas.
    They saw the bloodiest battles to hold la sierra and regain territories lost in the original intrusion by zetas through Santiago Papasquiaro and Tepenuanes.
    Los Ms are. Loyal to el MZ while la gente nueva to el chapo. Until recently they were killing each other indiscrimanetly, most of the graves found in Durango City.
    Sounds like theres a truce, but personal issues usually cause these issues at the very begining.

  13. los ms traicionaron a los chapos a los mayos y a los cabreras, se quedaron solo matando a inocentes, y se descubrieron que eran asesinos y secuestradores, y se quedaron solos por traidores, nadie los quiere, por mszetas....

  14. LOS M'S DON'T WORK WITH EL MAYO OR CHAPO AT ALL. The code M's doesn't stand for Mayo's and and they have used that since years ago. 1:07 an they didn't betray they got betrayed. And neither El chapo nor El mayo can finish them even with all the people they bring in.

  15. April 3, 2012 10:24 AM .
    Senore,tell us a little more?Was this crew fighting against El Flaco Noel Salgueiro,GN, Felipe Cabreras.Is this what the confusing message was about?As you say Los Ms,is not Mayo people.They do their own thing now?I,m asking because the message was hard to understand and everyone had different versions of shit they thought it was.
    You see above,someone saying they loyal to Mayo people,this is what i mean.Saludos senore.

  16. Los de la ultima letra nunca podieron con los M. La M resulto ser la mejor letra

  17. April 4, 2012 12:00 AM.
    Senore,i think i get your meaning?Last letter,are not with the M,nor will they be?I understand you don't want to say to much shit,always think of yourselves.The same side can be murkin each other,and then someone says the complete wrong fuckin thing.I think i may be totally wrong?You write what you think is best,i can read,write little Espanol.Stay strong dude and ten cuidado hermano.

  18. Mexican sources listed say very little about the identity of the gang of the fighters involved. All we know is what the news will tell us: that four armed suspects were killed in a firefight with a number of wounded, all presumably from the same gang.

    The other side of this particular fight must have been hit pretty badly to leave behind powder cocaine unless it was in very small quantities.

    The only criminal group in Mexico I now of that takes their dead and wounded with them at the conclusion of a firefight are Los Zetas.

  19. 12 00 its pretty confusing in durango. Zetas have been beat back to areas closer to torreon and zacatecas. El chapo amd mayo have alot of people there such as mingos, gente nueva, mayitos, chachos, and others more. Not to sure what happend with los M's. Some people say they got betrayed others say they screwed el chapo. One M got in a gunfight with soldiers en la sierra. Before they killed him he took out 8 guachos. Durango is a big state and its hard to know whats going on everywere.

  20. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and comments,we just want to clear things up a little,not get anyone into any kind of trouble.That is not our job,i don't know if i,m right or wrong,but Los Ms,does not stand Mayos,and sometimes these things lead to big confusion,just like that blanket i was talkin about.Certain areas Z beat back,sneak in sneak out,type shit?You can't patrol every inch of it.
    badanov,i think that was when they were the military cadre,professional,long time ago.

  21. Yall are a bunch of stupid idiots this is a piece of shit one of the four dead was my uncle and this is lies yall dont know a crap of what even happened


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