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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Former Durango attorney general found executed -- UPDATED

New information from Proceso news weekly which says Ortiz Aguirre was strangled

By Chris Covert

A former attorney general of the Mexican state of Durango was found strangled to death Saturday, only a few days after he was abducted, according to Mexican news accounts.

Ramiro Ortiz Aguirre was found dead alongside the Durango-Torreon road near the village of Estacion El Chorro.  Earlier reports said  Ortiz Aguirre had been beaten, then shot to death, but now reports say Ortiz Aguirre was strangled.

Ortiz Aguirre had been kidnapped last Wednesday evening at about 1800 hrs near the intersection of Bulevar Dolores del Rio and Calle Mina in  Analco colony near Las Alamedas mall, where several armed suspects travelling aboard two trucks took him.  According to reports shots were fired.  Ortiz Aguirre's wife was hit in the leg in the struggle.

Ortiz Aguirre was slated to undergo an election to become Director de la Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Políticas or law school dean at the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango.
Ex-Fiscalia Ramiro Ortiz Aguirre

Mexican security forces were sent to the site via an anonymous telephone call where Ortiz Aguirre was found at about 0825 hrs.

Ortiz Aguirre was appointed Durango state's Fiscalia General del Estado by former governor Ismael Hernandez in 2010.  He retained his position with the election of Jorge Caldera.  He resigned his position in June 2011.

Ortiz Aguirre presided over the exhumation of the 331 dead found between April of 2011 and January, 2012.  The graves found throughout Durango city are arguably one of the worst mass graves in modern Mexican history.  Many of the dead found were killed as far back as 2005, it was reported at the time.

A message was also found at the scene which said Ortiz Aguirre was responsible for some of the deaths in the mass graves.

Mexican press reports noted that at the time of his resignation he had a personal security detail for his protection, implying he had been under death threats.  Reports also say his official security detail was withdrawn hours before he was abducted.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. Life in Mexico is worth -0-...

  2. he was a criminal.

    read what he did

  3. Who would want to be a politician, lawyer, policeman in Mexico corrupt or not??? Same answer ( do as we say or die) Bring in the death penalty and better education programes for the police too no more macho shit cos they carry a gun and have authority. Clean up your country the founders of Mexico would be truly ashamed, sure the Americans take lots of drugs and have a tolerant attitude towards weed BUT how can the Mexican people just kill each other as if it's nothing they do it with no remorse and it's as if they're going to the shop for a pint of milk. Lessons to be learned on both sides drugs are destroying lives on both sides of that frontier.

    1. Real spit ! I second this well said ..

  4. Man,Mexican bad boys do not fuck around.They get that job done.We all sit here,sayin this and that,but it takes balls just to kidnap someone.Arm up,get in the truck go lookin for your man,and shit could go wrong at any minute,and you in a firefight to the death,no two ways about it,to the death.Most on here,haven't even been in violent situations,in a vicious fight.Never mind killing someone,it takes more than you would think to be totally ruthless and kill.But,if this guy was clean,well that is a shame,a real shame,maybe we will here something.Or maybe we wont,cause he was a good Mexican,maybe why he was killed.I wonder why he had all that security took off him?

  5. When is this BS going to end?

  6. he had his security detail withdrew hours before his abduction?? hhmmm.thats too coincidence..

  7. Why was his official security detail withdrawn?
    Once death threats were issued, the criminals don't withdraw them!!!
    So, something is seriously wrong!!!
    What Calderon is doing to clean up the drug gangs by decimating the top leadership is right because the lower ranks, especially the foot soldiers, were frequently forced to join them against their will.
    Also, instead of putting the drug lords in ordinary prison, they should be placed in military prisons where they can be securely guarded.
    They should be tried quickly and if found guilty, sentenced to death and the sentence carried out pronto!

  8. Either Ismael Hernandez is cleaning his mess or the opposite gang trying to take over the position in Law School Dean move him out of the way, same sh*t down in La Facultad de Derecho years pass by and not changes happened there. I remember years ago how they got ride of other such as Chavarria, Rios etc.
    Same gang? Yeah, they are the same. If Mexico was really trying to change go after the Lawyer that are protecting all the gangsters, ain’t happening!!! I know, I’m just talking sh*t too.

  9. This kind of conduct has been going on in Mexico for at least 100 years,whats more the people are passive,the culture is not friendly to a orderly or ethical society,which has steadily decayed, Now what and when will anything happen to reverse this? Who Knows? Encouraging drug usage,AKA legalize? has had no effect in Mexico? Maby A Dictatorship with Martial Law?? Rave on Mexico!

  10. Who has the plaza of durango and who is trying to enter

  11. April 2, 2012 6:04 AM
    Anonymous said...
    "This kind of conduct has been going on in Mexico for at least 100 years,whats more the people are passive,the culture is not friendly to a orderly or ethical society,which has steadily decayed, Now what and when will anything happen to reverse this? Who Knows? Encouraging drug usage,AKA legalize? has had no effect in Mexico? Maby A Dictatorship with Martial Law?? Rave on Mexico! "

    You mean an ethical and orderly society like the one we have in the US ? Thanks for the suggestions but instead, you should consider finishing Elementary education first.

  12. Viva Mejico cabrones!
    Levantanse el pueblo mejicanooooo! arriba!


    1. If this cacahead is mexican. I apologize for his estupides. :Another mexican. But I doubt it.

    2. I hope this guy doesn't reproduce,because if he does or has,the cycle will never end.what a freakin idiot.!!and the sad part about it is that he's too stupid to be a politician,or a rich he could only possibly be a dumb peasant,who the corrupt politicians fuck everyday.

  14. April 2, 2012 2:41 PM .
    "Viva Mejico cabrones!
    Levantanse el pueblo mejicanooooo! arriba!"
    What crawled up your ass vato,you getting excited by the comments again.This fuckin clown is proud of this shit?Thats why it will never end,and thats why yo ass might get a stray cap up it.Blow it out your ass cabrone.Blow the dildo out yer ass while you at it.

  15. April 1, 2012 8:48 PM .
    Real recognize real,tellin ye man.

  16. April 2, 2012 9:19 AM .
    Dude,is the man telling the truth or making that up?Don't get defensive when the truth is told.Most of the time it is impartial observance and opinion expressed,just because he isn't Mexican doe's that mean he is being unfair or is not entitled to an opinion on the crazy violence happening every day.Where would you rather be?Oh i forgot you are in the US,getting defensive.

  17. April 2, 2012 5:14 PM .
    Look what a Mexican posted as a comment.
    How can you get past that shit,what kind of idiocy is that.Unbelievable.That shit aint never gonna end.That is what other nations are up against.Proud of corruption?I knew you couldn't speak sense.

    1. Sad to say,but its almost like if "scandlous" is in our blood.Corruption will never end with Hispanics,that's why I don't vote for hispanics,ever......not saying white people are not corrupt,they are.But the difference is that a white person won't let u starve to death,unlike a Hispanic,who all he cares about is that $$$.

  18. April 4, 2012 4:26 AM .
    Bro,i am glad that you say that.I am US,and bro i don't wish no ill to the Mexican people.I see so much hate for the "gringo" and cannot understand why that is.We all know every country has good people who want nothing more than to be able to provide for their children and wife.I hope there is an end in sight senore.Saludos to you.

  19. I'm a white European and my wife is Mexican, I lived in Monterrey for 2 years and I think politicians are all the same be it in Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America etc... They just want to line their own pockets and they get paid for lying basically. But out of all the countries in the world the "white countries" have the best infrastructure " USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, etc... I mean look at Africa the most advanced country there is south Africa why, probably because it was run by whites racist or not it's true. Also a guy told me Mexico is a new country, I said to my wife bullshit so is Australia, Canada, New Zealand and their infrastructure is much better than Mexico it's just the politicians in Mexico don't give a shit about their people, a shame for such a nice country with nice people and culture. This is probably true of most of the Latin countries treating their own people like shit, & some people say whites are racist, peace people

  20. they took his security to kill him $$$$$$$.



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