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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Death toll in Nuevo Leon mass grave rises to 13

By Chris Covert

Nine more dead have been uncovered in a mass grave in an eastern Nuevo Leon village raising the death toll in the area to 13, according to Mexican news accounts.

Tuesday March 6th, a Mexican Army unit with the 8th Military Zone was dispatched to a farmhouse in the village of Santa Ana in Juarez municipality, where a mass grave was found containing four bodies. Several unidentified individuals in the area were also detained by soldiers in the same incident.

A third grave was later found in the area with bodies or parts of bodies totalling seven. An additional two bodies were found in further exhumations in the area.

Last July, the remains of 18 unidentified individuals were found in Juarez municipality by Mexican Army units. Graves were found in Hilda and La Escondida colonies of the village of Palos Altos.

Correction: The last report on the mass grave find in Santa Ana village in Juarez municipality said Juarez municipality was located 45 kilomters to the northwest of Monterrey. Juarez is in fact seven kilometers to the east. The error has since been corrected. 

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