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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Badanov's Buzzkill Bulletin for March 7th

Mexican Army units conducting counternarcotics operations throughout Mexico since March 1st, have seized 2,651.05 kilograms of marijuana, 159.875 kilograms of methamphetamine, 45 liters of liquid methamphetamine, 7.222 kilograms of opium gum, MP $29,770.00 (USD $2,312,81) and USD $20.00 (MP $257.43) in cash.

  • A Mexican Army unit with the 13th Military Zone conducted a traffic stop in on Avenida Juarez in Ruiz,municipality in Nayarit state March 1st.  Soldiers seized 4 kilograms of opium gum and detained one unidentified suspect.
  • An army unit with the Mexican 42nd Military Zone came under a small arms attack near the village of Tejolocachi in Matachi municipality in Chihuahua state March 1st.  Army counterfire killed one suspect.  It is presumed by the account that a number of suspects managed to escape army gunfire.  Soldiers seized in the aftermath 2,647.15 kilograms of marijuana.  Munitions and other contraband seized include three rifles, 32 weapons magazines, 952 rounds of ammunition and two vehicles, one of which was stolen. 
  • Mexican Army units with the 26th and 29th Military Zone seized a number of weapons and some drug in several municipalities March 1st in Veracruz state.  Operations were conducted in Xalapa, Jaltipan, Cosoleacaque, San Andres Tuxtla and Coatzacoalcos municipalities.  Seized contraband included seven rifles, two handguns, 22 weapons magazines, 662 rounds of ammunition, personal quantities of marijuana and cocaine, and three vehicles.  A total of seven unidentified individuals were detained.
  • A unit with the Mexican 3rd Military Zone in Baja California Sur seized weapons drugs and cash March 2nd.  The unit was on patrol in La Paz municipality when soldiers detained two unidentified individuals and seized 3.9 kilograms of marijuana, 0.480 kilograms of cocaine, 1.875 kilograms of methamphetamine, two handguns, 20 rounds of ammunition, three weapons magazines, MP $22,340.00 (USD $1,735.59) in cash and two vehicles.
  • A Mexican Army unit with the 19th Military Zone detained one unidentified individual following an exchange of gunfire in Veracruz state March 2nd.  The unit was on patrol in Ciudad Cuauhtemoc municipality when it came under small arms fire.  Army counterfire ended the attack forcing an unknown number of armed suspects to flee the scene. Soldiers seized two rifles, two grenades, 24 weapons magazines, 290 rounds of ammunition, one machete and three vehicles. Two unidentified individuals, said to be kidnapped victims, were freed.
  • An army detachment with the 9th Military Zone discovered a hidden synthetic drug laboratory in Sinaloa state March 2rd.  The unit was on patrol in the village of Los Paredones in Culican municipality when it found the lab hidden in the brush.  Soldiers seized 158 kilograms of methamphetamine, 45 liters of liquid methamphetamine, 25 kilograms of sodium acetate, 75 kilograms of caustic soda, 25 kilograms of tartaric acid, one kilogram of iodine, 433 liters of ethyl alcohol, 470 liters of white gas, 360 liters of monomethylamine, 265 liters of hydrochloric acid, 80 liters of acetic anhydride, 40 liters of acetone, 335 liters of unknown substance, and various containers.
  • An army unit with the 12 Military Zone rescued one kidnapping victim and detained two suspects in San Luis Potosi.  The unit responded to intelligence acquired and went to a building near Del Llano to affect the rescue.  Soldiers also found one handgun, seven weapons magazines, 203 rounds of ammunition. MP $3,880.00 (USD $301.43) in cash and tactical and communications gear.
  • A Mexican Army unit with the 15th Military Zone discovered a hidden synthetic drug laboratory in Jalisco state March 2nd.  The unit was on patrol near the village of Los Cedros Ixtlahuacan in  Quinces municipality when it found the lab.  Materiel seized included 250 grams of glass methamphetimine, 480 liters of hydrochloric acid, 350 liters of acetone, 125 kilograms of caustic soda. 105 liters of chemical, 73 kilograms of tartaric acid. 50 liters of ethyl alcohol. 15 kilograms of ammonium chloride, 95  kilograms of unidentified chemicals and various containers and equipment.
The laboratory is the 10th lab dismantled in Jalisco state since January 1st

A separate army unit on the same day executed a traffic stop on the Jamay-La Barca road in municipality of La Barca, detaining one unidentified individuals and seizing personal quantities of marijuana and cocaine.

  • An army unit with the 9th Military Zone seized a number of weapons in Sinaloa state March 2nd.  The unit was operating in conjunction with air units in the area locating three abandoned vehicles.  Seized weapons and munitions included 12 rifles, one 40mm grenade launcher attachment, 41 weapons magazines, and 2,001 rounds of ammunition
  • Mexican Army units with the 26th and 29th Military Zone seized a number of drugs divided for retail sale, and in personal quantities in three separate incidents in Veracruz state March 5th. A total of seven unidentified individuals were also detained.

In the village of Guayabal in Cardel municipality, soldiers seized 33 bundles of marijuana, 2,500 doses of powder cocaine, 1,000 doses of crack cocaine, four rifles, 2,870 rounds ammunition, 120 weapon magazines, one grenade launcher, one rocket launcher, one rocket, three grenades and two vehicles.

In Minatitlan municipality, soldiers seized one rifle, one handgun, three weapons magazines, 33 rounds of ammunition, one vehicle, communications gear, MP $3,550.00 (USD $275.79) and USD $20.00 (MP $257.43) in cash.

  • In Nanchital municipality, soldiers detained one unidentified individual with personal quantities of powder and crack cocaine and communications gear.Units with the Mexican 9th Military Zone seized a number of weapons in Sinaloa state March 6th.  The unit was on patrol near the Sindicatura de Gato de Lara in Angostura municpality when it seized four rifles, one handgun, 21 weapons magazines, 1,315 rounds of ammunition, tactical gear and five vehicles.
  • While setting up a military checkpoint in Coicoyán de las Flores in Oaxaca, military personnel with the 28th Military Zone found a burlap bad with opium gum inside.  A total of 3.222 kilograms of opium gum were found.
Badanov's Burnt Blunt Special

Personnel with the 42nd Military Zone incinerated 2,200 kilograms of marijuana its elements seized March 1st following a firefight.  The incineration was performed near Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua on the based of the Mexican 2nd Infantry Battalion.


  1. Waste of time going after weed. As far as "getting F'ed up" or the effects, it seems counter productive to go after a plant that does less damage than alcohol. Especially when you figure not one person has ever died from it, it's not addictive, it grows literally like a 'weed', and helps so many people who are sick. No, let the drug companies make billions off medications that do half the job and are made of complex chemical chains and compounds that have crazy side effects. They spend millions in lobbying to keep it illegal because who's gonna buy anxiety, menstrual, post chemo, insomnia, pain, eye problems, severe autism medication when a plant in the back yard can have better results. In 20 years "smoking" pot will be for the die hards, when they can make everything from butter to soda with it. And as far as a gateway drug, how is it a gateway drug when it's a schedule 1, and meth and coke are a schedule 2? You tell lies after lies about how addictive weed is, and how it will ruin your life, and then a kid tries and and says "that's not so bad. What was the big deal?". And so they try crystal meth thinking that if they lied about pot, they must have lied about meth. And then the kid is really screwed. And then there are the courts filled with kids caught with small amounts, and they clog up the prosecutors who have to try them; when they could be focusing on the real bad stuff like meth and coke. Not to mention the tax money that California has just scratched the surface of. People who want to smoke pot will smoke pot no matter what the laws are. It just seems so dumb that they spend billions of dollars so the cartels can make billions of dollars off of a plant. And don't forget WHY it is illegal, Mexicans. When Randal Hurst had the patent to make paper and clothing from non hemp products, the best way to get rid of the competition is to make them blaming all this imaginary crime on Mexicans. He was the money behind Refer Madness and personally wrote story after story about how Mexicans high on pot are raping white women all over the south. He got hemp outlawed and reaped the profits from his patents he purchased for nothing.
    And for the record, this is coming from someone who doesn't use cannabis or even drink. I can see a stupid fight when I see it, and look into it. I've had too many friends die from cancer and other things, and was shocked to see them use pot in front of me. But it was the only relief they got. So every time I see pot lumped in with a drug (meth) made from road flares, acetone, and stove fuel which everyone knows that every person they know who uses it is a thief and a lier, I just shake my head and wonder who is "winning" this drug war.

    1. Not addictive??? Hahahaha that's why people can quit whenever they want right! They just choose not to hahahaha


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