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Monday, February 20, 2012

Three Die, Including Two Ex-Soldiers, in Shootout

At least three people, including two retired military men, were shot dead in this western Mexican city, spokespersons for the Jalisco state Attorney General’s Office said.

The bodies of Mario Miguel Ibarrola Garcia and Roberto Maceda Pacheco – former members of the Defense Secretariat, which oversees Mexico’s army and air force – were found inside their luxury apartment in the state capital’s upscale Altamira neighborhood.

Investigators also discovered the body of another man, Jesus Jimenez Padilla, next to an AK-47 assault rifle and a bullet-riddled SUV with a Baja California state license plate.

Initial reports said Sunday morning’s shootout stemmed from a military operation in the area, but sources from the 15th Military Region told Efe the troops had merely responded to reports of gunfire and did not participate in the clash.

The state AG’s office thus far has not offered a motive for the gun battle nor indicated whether Jimenez Padilla belonged to an organized crime gang.

Approximately 50 organized crime-related homicides have occurred so far this year in Jalisco, including seven bodies found in clandestine graves and 15 others killed in a series of shootings in different parts of the state in late January.

The Los Zetas cartel, which served as the armed wing of the Gulf cartel until 2010, and the Jalisco Nueva Generacion gang, which was created following the death of Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, one of the leaders of the powerful Sinaloa drug mob, operate in that state.

Source: EFE


  1. I would like to know why there seems to be a never ending supply of savages that can slaughter human beings without thought in Mexico. And being poor isn't an excuse. Being poor doewn't make you a soulless evil savage. So what is it about Mexico that breeds this type of animal?

    1. Disconnected from a sence of self-worth and Spirituality, driven by desperation for money, inherently bad to start with, it's the breeding ground not the people in general.

    2. Mass murder is not unique to Mexico. It's scary how easy it is for humans to do terrible things when there is no order... or even worse: when the state sponsors mass murder.

      Just look around the world. People killing each other hand over first. Doesnt matter if its over drugs, land or blood diamonds. It all ends up with dead bodies and torture.

      And on a side note... even if all the cartels declared a truce tomorrow, the effects of this drug war will be apparent for decades in society.

    3. And all those damn "corridos alterados" making these kids feel invincible doesn't help either.

    4. ^^You can cut a mans throat looking him in the eyes watching blood squirt out of him while he seizes begging you for his life? I highly doubt that, they do it because they literally have to. It starts with cutting off a rivals finger I'll cut your arm then legs head, skinning they have to do something worse to show force just like when someone verbally assaults you and you physically assault them and they murder you humans naturally have to outdo their opposing force. Its not okay but it's just as bad as ripping off someone's nails etc torture is torture murder is murder you never judge someone by your crime is worse its all the same were all Gods children whether you think so or not he may forgive these savages he may not but anyways they do need to be stopped without involvement from U.S I don't want to see my brothers at the hands of that type of violence

  2. Seems like cdg aint the only.people cleaning house maybe a mexican goverment sanction hit gafe death squad of sorts would be interesting

  3. @ February 20, 2012 7:42 PM : $$$

  4. "Being poor doesn't make you a soulless evil savage. So what is it about Mexico that breeds this type of animal?"


    They need to just start killing those evil monsters! mexico does not have enough prisons to put them all in and even if they did locking them up does nothing but add to the already uncontrollable problems! the only true solution is death to the evil scum criminal cartel members! They have no redeeming values and there is no way on earth to ever rehabilitate any of them! mexico needs to fix the problem for itself and the world and kill every single one of them! They will not even make good fertilizer, there will be dead grass where ever the scum bags are buried!

  5. February 21, 2012 7:02 PM ,imma a white ass cracker motherfucker,and so would i.But not everyone is the same.We got sad fuckers who believe in JUSTICE and shit like that,i believe in my justice.Just bein real.


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