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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mexican security forces bag six bad guys in Zacatecas

By Chris Covert

Mexican Policia Federal (PF) and Zacatecas state police agents killed six armed suspects and detained eight others in Zacatecas in a brief running gunfight Monday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

The shootout took place at about 0730 hrs between the communities of Buenavista de Trujillo and San Cristobal in Fresnillo, where state police agents observed the drivers of two trucks take evasive maneuvers when they saw the police, prompting at attempt at a traffic stop.

The drivers then attempted to flee, prompting a pursuit and an
exchange of gunfire.

Previous versions of the story were that agents had detained an unidentified Los Zetas Valapraiso cell leader, and that the appearance of several armed suspects was an attempt to free the leader.  That version was not denied by Zacatecas attorney general, Arturo Nahle Garcia, however, subsequent reports from Zacatecas do not refer to the arrest.  Nahle Garcia said an arrest had been made, and that several suspects did attack state police agents.

A version of the story published Monday afternoon by El Diario de Coahuila news daily was that when the state police agents were intercepted, they called for backup and that a PF road patrol unit showed up to provide relief.

PF road units frequently patrol and operate in Fresnillo and the surrounding area.

After the gunfight, a total of eight suspects were detained:  Martin Hernandez Torres, AKA El Mongo, 35, Inocencio Pizaña Ramirez, 25,  Everardo Daniel Casanova Mejia, 21, Hidalgo Jerez Cajbon Caal, 18,  Eduardo Ramirez Arteaga, 37, Marcos Ivan Bojorquez Corona, 25 José Ordaz Razcoc, 31 and Domingo Beb Caal, 39.

All the detainees are from Guatemala, according to El Sol de Zacatecas news daily.

Materiel seized in the aftermath include: 87 weapons magazines, 2,156 rounds of ammunition, 63 "stars", communications and tactical gear, and two vehicles: a Dodge Double Cab pickup truck and a Cadillac Escalade SUV, both reported stolen.  El Diario de Coahuila  reported six rifles and a rocket launcher was also seized following the confrontation.

Chris Covert writes Mexican drug war and national political news for


  1. Good work Law Enforcement,these trashey criminals needed to be eliminated this is good for Mexico. The arrested individuals need to be given a chance to confess, then confession or no liquidated, shoot, shovel and shut up.

  2. Not to worry...It’s just a matter of time before they’re allowed to escape too...

  3. All are from GUATEMALA...which shows that since C.D.G and Carteles Unidos entered Zacatecas in early 2011 Los Zetas responded by bringing more support from Guatemala.

    1. Good point there

    2. No you moron that just means that have recruits from Guatemala just like the cdg have them too.don't get your hope up son carteles unidos ain't doing nothing its more like the military and federals.i hate when people talk shit about how carteles unidos are the big shit haha stop hearing fake ass corridors.cdg have guatemaltecos as well fighting in zacatecas cause they won't send the tamaulipas soldiers so they can take care of matamoros y reynosa.have a little more brain and common sense.golfos are not much trust me.STOP HEARING MOVIMIENTO CAGADOS CORRIDOS!!!!!!!!!

    3. Whos the moron stop speaking on what u dont know im in the area at least 4 times a year family all live in zacatecas its getting clean compared to when the old governer had the reigns n sold the plaza to the zetas. Fyi military is united with carteles unidos where u there when cdg entered the presidencia in juchipila went in there for an hour while convoys military n police where outside armed with high artilary while one of cdgs leader spoke to someone in there then came out and a bigger convoy with military and police as well went and ambushed 25 zetas in the mountains of cuxpala. Well guess what i seen it transpire while cdg went in there as well had cdg member speak to me about they are just going to make a limpia so notify friends and family that not to be alarmed but to stay home. Im not into this cartel nonsense but i got to give respect where it should and yes carteles unidos do manifacture drugs and kill but only to has to be dealt with and if you use drugs thats on the indavidual. But yes zacatecas is little by little getting cleaned yes there will be some left but not like before. The south of the state has been cleaned and is still getting cleaned still my dad was a victim to those piece of trash zetas just because of a fuckin truck and assumed he had money but hey those guys got killed not by military not by police but by carteles unidos. So keep doing what your doing Chapo n Mayo wars are never won in a day but keep cleaning. And what does music have to do with anything they r not fighting battles they are just fake people who sing about what they here for carteles unidos or not so dont go based on music and i do agree tamaulipas is infested with that garbage where people from the us cant even driving comftarbly not even to see there famalies but lil by lil itll get cleaned

  4. they were hunting animals. Oh wait...........

  5. Nah Zacatecas is in the process of getting cleaned up... It's clean in the south!!

  6. Given the tendency of "law enforcement" and the military in Mexico to shoot bystanders or whoever else is around and then call whoever ends up dead a "delincuente," and given the fact that virtually no killings are investigated, it is a little presumptuous to label the deceased "bad guys." Tienen nombres.

  7. Six killed and 8 detained? I want to read 14 killed, 0 detained! FUCKING KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alta verapaz región in Guatemala is maruchanezz territory, the guatemalans either cdg or z

  9. 7:59 PM says "Given the tendency of "law enforcement" and the military in Mexico to shoot bystanders or whoever else is around and then call whoever ends up dead a "delincuente," and given the fact that virtually no killings are investigated, it is a little presumptuous to label the deceased "bad guys." Tienen nombres."

    Given that they were foreign nationals driving around in stolen vehicles with a rocket launcher, well I doubt they were in town to pick lettuce.

  10. Puro Zacatecas putos...Carteles Unidos


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