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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mexico's Deadliest Prison Riot in Apodaca as GDG and Zetas Clash

MEXICO CITY--Fighting between two warring drug cartels appears to have killed 44 inmates in what may be Mexico's deadliest prison riot, officials said Sunday.

Jorge Domene, security spokesman for Nuevo Leon state, said that the prisoners died when inmates from one cell block invaded another cell block in a prison in Apodaca, a few miles from the city of Monterrey, Mexico's industrial capital. Mr. Domene said it was likely that the killing involved "a feud" between members of the Zetas drug cartel and the rival Gulf Cartel.

"It appears that inmates in one cell block attacked the other," said Mr. Domene, speaking in a telephone interview from Monterrey.

The entire prison staff on duty at the time has been detained to determine if guards were involved in the fighting, which started at 2 am, Mr. Domene said. The prison, built to house some 1,700 inmates is jammed full with some 2,700 prisoners, he said..

The dead prisoners were stabbed, beaten and hit with stones in the fighting, Mr. Domene said. Television footage showed hundreds of worried and weeping relatives of inmates gathered around the prison fence.

Since President Felipe Calderon declared war against Mexico's drug traffickers in 2006, Mexican prisons have often become deadly battlefields for members of rival drug gangs captured by security forces. Last month, thirty one inmates died in a similar riot in the next door step of Tamaulipas. In October, 20 inmates were killed in fighting in a prison in Matamoros, also in Tamaulipas, across the border from Brownsville, Texas.

In many cases, prisons are run by one or another criminal cartel, which use the prisons as sanctuaries. In 2010, the government arrested the prison director and guards at one facility in the state of Durango where officials allegedly provided arms and transport for a death squad of Sinaloa cartel members who were allowed out every night to kill rivals. The inmates, who were involved in a number of drug related killings, including the massacre of 17 people at a restaurant, would then return to sleep safely at the prison..

 "Prison reform is a pending agenda item in Mexico," says Eric Olson, at the Mexico Institute at Washington's Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. "The strategy has been to arrest a lot of people, but when you warehouse prisoners in prisons that are overcrowded and poorly managed, you are likely to have this kind of warfare breakout inside prisons.'

For the last two years, the Zetas, once enforcers for the Gulf Cartel, have been fighting their former colleagues for control of drug routes and local drug markets in both Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, which border the U.S. The Zetas have also orchestrated massive prison breaks to free gang members and to recruit inmates as soldiers for their organization.

Police hold back the relatives of inmates outside the Apodaca correctional state facility as they try to get past the gates in Apodaca on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico.
Prison conditions in all of Latin America have deteriorated as governments through the region incarcerate more people as they try to deal with a wave of violence linked in part to drug cartels. The region's creaky judicial system means that many times prisoners awaiting trial for minor crimes are kept in the same population as the worst criminals. Last week, a fire swept through a jammed prison in Honduras, killing 357 people. Last year, in Venezuela, 30 people died in a 27 day riot and siege of a notoriously overcrowded prison.

Jose Miguel Vivanco, Americas director of Washington-based Human Rights Watch, says governments throughout Latin America have abandoned their responsibility for running prisons. "Inmates in many prisons run the prisons as they wish," said Mr. Vivanco. "In the last two decades in Latin America, most of the violence, the worst abuses, committed with total impunity, have been done by prisoners against other prisoners."

WSJ Text as published all photos and Map added by Chivis
Reuters Video HERE
Source:  Wall Street Journal
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  1. Thank you God, now we have 44 less criminals.

  2. Mexico should build more rundown prisons so these idiots can kill eachother faster. Fucken losers.

  3. I saw the Monterrey News a few minutes ago, Most of the people that got killed where from the Delta Area, They say they where burned alive and other version they say that they got killed with Rocks And other shit, In my point of view i Don't think it was a Rumble Zetas Vs CDG like they say, I Think all of The persons that got killed where from one Cartel, I Think The Zetas Control that Jail.....I Konw that Topo Chico is controlled by the Zetas, But this one i don't know....there was a Rumor some pople escaped from the Jail (the ones that committed the crime)

    They already announced there names to the family's that where outside the Jail, None was a familiy member from the family's waiting out side, I Think the pople that got killed where CDG (most of them from Tamaulipas)

  4. I agree, let these filthy pieces of shit kill each other off.

  5. Word is:
    Zs VS CDG (Golfo)
    from 2 cell blocks containing 750 prisoners.

    However they have not discounted the possibility that the riot was planned as a distraction for prison break, and in fact prisoners are unaccounted for....Paz, Chivis

  6. News I heard on multimedios monterrey is zeta controlled jail and the prison guards ambushed a cdg stonghold inside the jail with zetas from the inside it was a golfo massacre zetas ripped them apart with help from guards golfos stood no chance mostly all dead are gulf cartel members.

  7. Are you ready to RUMBLE????!!!!

  8. They should consider prison reform. They should start executing the more violent criminals within a week of sentencing. Then execute any other prisoner who decides to commit acts of violence once incarcerated. Then they would not have a over crowding condition. And this people would never get to the street again to kill more people.
    LOL you know there is no good answer here.
    God Bless Mexico, her government, her law inforcment, and her hard working citizens. The cartels will get what they like to dish out.

  9. Sick and tired of these human right's groups complaining that Gov't isn't doing enough. What the hell do they want? Gov't gets involved and they allege human right's violations. Then Gov't shows restraint and they claim the Gov't isn't doing anything about it.

    Mexico needs a strong leader to come in and clean house. Impose martial law and execute all criminals on the spot, including any one trying to interfere in this action. Enough is Enough.

    All real Gov'ts throughout history have had to deal with THEIR problems on their own - without foreign intervention. This means taking action and executing every criminal that poses a threat to the state. Enough is Enough!

  10. only thing wrong with this story is not enough criminals dead in the riot other than that good story.

  11. @ 11:31----what a stupid comment. No mames espero.

  12. I guess this flies in the face of the gun ban crowd. These guys used rocks and knifes. Well maybe u can ban all rocks and knifes from Mexico next. Oh and might as well ban them from the USA cause we might sell rocks to mexico.

  13. All the dead were Golfas, and yes Zetas escaped!

  14. Mexico needs to do two things to end all of this:

    1) Mandatory death sentences to anyone obviously involved in cartel activity, criminals, politicians, and police alike. Fast track this over 2-3 months and clear the jails and clean up society.

    2)Start building the economy based on seaports and becoming a major transportation powerhouse for all of North and Central America. Mexico is rich in resources but lacks a way to effectively distribute them worldwide.

    However, there is no hope, because neither will happen. It does no good to house these guys, they won't change, and eventually they will return to society. And the violence will continue.

    1. So true man, these "ppl" are all parasites regardless of which cartel they're from they're all just ruining they're own country just put them down they don't do anything worthwhile for their country. Something drastic needs to happen their fk the human rights crowd as they don't have to live near ppl like them.

  15. Good News, why not gas the whole place,like exterminating rats!

  16. their families have no right to demand their safety, fucking sicarios.

  17. hahaha this is great! 44 scumbags dead! I wish for this to happen more.

    @ February 20, 2012 12:31 AM

    Yes you make some good points with what you say here:

    "Sick and tired of these human right's groups complaining that Gov't isn't doing enough. What the hell do they want? Gov't gets involved and they allege human right's violations. Then Gov't shows restraint and they claim the Gov't isn't doing anything about it."

    Its true. They be damned if they do and they be damned if they don't. I think indeed there needs to be a strong leader with a more ruthless government but who will execute criminals but only for bad crimes such as murder. If executing any type of criminals was done there and then by any government then it would get out of hand pretty quickly I mean seriously....would a petty thief really deserve to be executed? where would it end? yes the government needs to be tougher but they gotta use the death penalty only in harsh crimes which probably means most of these cartel members would die. Real shame. *snigger

  18. alot of you people are stupid saying your glad they died or got killed . they are human just like stfu with that bulshit .in america you have aryan botherhood a bunch of whitetrash , the black gorilla family , and them fucking italians and in every one those groups they have killed , raped and even dicapitated people so its the same shit in different toilets.yall just focusing on mexico yall need to worried about losing yalls women to us mexicans thats 4real haha lol

  19. @ yalls women to us mexicans thats 4real haha lol.

    Mr,i aint got a fuckin clue what you flappin your gums about? Are you high or what ? Go suck a donkeys cock ,you doja .

  20. @ 1:46 PM

    Yeh rite dude all the women all over the world are just flocking to Mexico because of the men there. A greasy Pedro like you is the man of their dreams im sure.

    As far as saying that cartel members are human is fucking dumbass! They are as cold as ice and have no problems killing innocents just so they can make a few bucks. Wake up dude or maybe your just a retard.

  21. I get on here on the time to read the stories of whats going on. Is it me or does it seem that Regio guy is a Z cheerleader and an idiot? just saying

  22. @ anon February 19, 2012 11:49 PM,Maybe the good 'ol U.S. of A,should take you up on your advice & do something with "Their" overcrowded prison system.They can start with all of their child molesters,rapists,child pornagraphy addicts! Instead of pampering & protecting them.When that happens,then you can criticize our prison system!!


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