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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arsenal seized in Cuernavaca

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The Mexican Army reported the seizure of multiple weapons and tactical equipment Friday night in the municipality of Cuernavaca, Morelos. The city is located south of Mexico City and is considered a stronghold of the Cartel del Pacifico Sur, a small but powerful criminal group composed of the remnants of the Beltran Leyva Organization and led by Hector Beltran Leyva "El H".

According to military authorities 19 mostly assault type weapons, 8 pistols, 153 magazines, approximately 4,000 rounds of ammunition, tactical harnesses, 1 kilogram of heroin and what appears to be a set of U.S. camouflage fatigues with U.S. hook and loop patches were discovered by soldiers inside an abandoned stolen vehicle that was located with information from an anonymous tip.

No arrests directed linked to the weapons were reported.



  1. Wow! Oh Boy! More metal for Calderon's next art project in Nuevo Laredo! Please alert him BB, so he can get started soon!

  2. Beltan-Leyva running shit still? Are they still a DTO to worry about?

  3. They're not called Cartel Pacifico Sur anymore they are referred as "Los Rojos" which is the cell that still remains from Beltran Leyva. They operate in Morelos and North of Guerrero, yet they have been losing a lot of territories such as Taxco and Iguala which now belong to LA familia Michoacana.

    1. How big is La Familia as of now? I know CT has Michoacan on lockdown and LFM is trying to merge back with them

    2. "Los Rojos" are a branch of the Cartel del Golfo. They that orders from the Cardenas fam.

  4. Los Rojos,the Reds,same names different crews,the Cardenas orders one faction of them,from CDG,but fightin with another part of CDG ?Go figure

  5. Good Job, whats up with all the narcos being Zeta para Military types? Well Monkey see Monkey do! Glad to See the TAKE DOWN Bravo!!

  6. Hello amigos!!
    All that ammo and Weapons!!!
    And then u throw in some good ol Mexican H , and shit man these pinche, no good for nothing, ass licking, goat fucking , sorryass SOBs will go out and kill anyone anytime!!! Morales and the rest of these faggots deserve the death penalty!!
    The only Good Criminal is a Fucking Dead One!!!

  7. How many of said weapons were made or sold in the U.S.? What percentage were full auto military weapons? Was the heroin of American manufacture? Any Fast & Furious guns?

  8. Your country needs a good Pest Exterminator! What a mess your Goverment officials should be ashamed of themselves

  9. Legalize drugs and it all stops. But how would the ussa finance death without drugmoney

  10. Legalize drugs and it all stops. But how would the ussa finance death without drugmoney


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