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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Violent afternoon in Saltillo

A series of shootouts swept through Saltillo, the state capitol of Coahuila, this afternoon resulting in at least three deaths, including two police officers.

Today's incidents were similar to the violence in Saltillo last March, when at least two groups of Gulf cartel gunmen drove through the city, provoking gun battles with rival Zetas and local and federal authorities.

According to local media and witnesses, today's shootouts began at approximately 2:00pm between rival groups of gunmen on the city's east side in the colonias Los Cerritos, Praderas and Magisterio, where one unidentified person was reportedly killed

The fighting then spread to the Los Maestros and Guanajuato areas.

Heavy fighting between Marines and a group of gunmen was reported outside of the Technologico de Saltillo campus, where students were forced to seek refuge.

By 4:00pm fighting had spread to the  periférico Luis Echeverría between Venustiano Carranza and Monclova. It was here outside of a carwash where gunmen attacked members of a state police GATE (swat type) unit, killing one officer and wounding others.

Soon after federal reinforcements arrived one federal police officer was shot and killed.

By 5:00pm the fighting had spread to the area around the Torre Elite skyscraper before finally ending.

There were no reports of other casualties or arrests as of Tuesday night.

To the east of Saltillo, in the neighboring state of Nuevo Leon, five men were murdered in the Monterrey neighborhood of colonia Independencia.

The five men were suspected "narcomenudistas" (street level drug dealers).

In the first day of November, nine persons were the victims of execution style murders in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

In the state of Nuevo Leon 1,546 execution style murders have occurred in the first 10 months of 2011. If November 1st is any indication, the number of executions for all of 2011 will be higher than 2,000.



  1. Dam CDG goes anywere to fight zetas.

  2. I'll be much safer in Iraq or Afghanistan. The hell with Mexico!..

  3. Woops? these are street drug dealers shooting it out? Fox legalized drugs in Mexico in quantities for personal use about 5 years ago so why the drug dealers legalization is claimed to end such trashyness. Once again this story shows the huge lack of organized effective law enforcement a gunfight all across town for 3 hours makes one wonder why law could not shoot up the criminals stopping the fight?? Some day Mexico could get control of itsself.

  4. Ak's from Guatemala and Coke-up with an unlimited supply from Columbia, and ready for a fight.

  5. 6:37 AM... Because he didn't legalize it and tax it. He only decriminalized very small quantities because they just like US cannot afford to lock up addicts.

  6. We drive threw there every year an it sucks cuz you have to go threw the middle of the city ,, i have a feeling this could turn out to be another juarez and monterey ,

  7. Those shell casings almost look black. Much darker than your normal Russian steel cased ammo. For sure not the greenish lacquered stuff or the newer gre poly coated steel stuff.

    Saludos desde ?

  8. CDG, what the fuck are you doing in Coahuila? Haha I swear its just like the Sinaloa Cartel taking the fight to Veracruz.FIRST control your homestate then go open plazas.

  9. Well,if they came into the plaza poppin off,id be goin with some mean motherfuckers and hunt the fuckers down.Heatin it up again?Everyone sayin CDG is fuckin itself up,well what does this say?And how the fuck they pickin up dealers?Anyone came for me,they get it in the head no fuckin around,so who picked these up and executed them?What faction of CDG is this?If it is them,they bangin with everyone.

  10. 8:19

    you are an idiot, CDG still controls mostly Tamaulipas, impormant cities like tampico, reynosa miguel aleman. The zetas only control Nuevo laredo and a few towns. NO ONE has full control of a state. CDG also still operate in Zactecas, Nuevo leon and veracruz. They are still in the game and not going to give up yet.


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