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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kidnapping victim found in trunk of car at international bridge


HIDALGO — Police here rescued a kidnapping victim from the trunk of a car bound for Mexico Tuesday morning.

Police are not releasing many details about the kidnapping because it is still under investigation and officers want to protect the victim from further danger, Captain Robert Vela of the Hidalgo Police Department said.

A police officer stationed at the Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge was inspecting southbound traffic when he came across a driver who looked younger than the average licensed driver, investigators said. At least one patrolman is always on duty at the port of entry to secure the toll booths and keep an eye out for stolen vehicles and wanted suspects.

At about 2:15 a.m., the officer begins to question the young driver, who is seemingly nervous, Vela said. As he is doing this, the officer hears a thumping coming from the rear of the vehicle. Police are not disclosing its make or model.

The officer, figuring something is not right, asks the driver to step out, handcuffs him and calls for backup, investigators said. When relief arrives, the officer heads to the trunk and begins hearing a humming noise.

“Is there anybody in there,” the officer asked.

At that point, the humming and the thumping get louder, Vela said.

When investigators opened the trunk, they found a gagged man bound from his ankles and wrists, police said. The victim, a U.S. citizen living in the Western part of Hidalgo County, tells them he’s been held captive for two to three days.

No one, however, reported him missing, Vela said.

The driver, a juvenile and U.S. citizen, was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center, police said. Officials are withholding his age.

Vela said it’s not unusual for officers to find contraband heading to Mexico, but this is the first time a kidnapped person is found. It would be difficult to tell if any others have been taken across the Rio Grande in the same manner because not every single car is inspected.


  1. Why do they say this is the first time...there's a lot of things that don't make it to the media..being close to border I hear a lot of stories.Heard of people being kidnapped and taken into mexico.families of the victims are too scared to ask for help..

  2. The only thing Mexicans EVER look for when entering Mexico is property they can tax you on PERIOD. What if the US searched vehicles crossing into Mexico for Money,Guns, dead people,whatever? Mexicans bitch make a big show that US guns are why Mexico is a war zone and Lefties eat this shit up,Mexicans eat it up total Bull Shit and everybody knows it.It may be effective to search exiting vehicles. Its a Damn Miracle that this poor bastard was found,his lucky day,of course the driver didn't know anybody was in the trunk?? 6 weeks probation and $1,000 for the court appointed lawyer.

  3. Go to where the moneys at.

  4. @6:22- you left out the part about giving him a green card, free health care, and money to pay for his college education...

  5. I drive seven times through Mexico last year. In October a year ago, I was never for sure who was the real police and who was not. I acknowledged them the same and lucky enough to get respect. It was luck only, nothing I did on my part.

    There are more borders than just the Rio Grande. I can't wait till I feel comfortable enough to talk about the borders here, three days passage from Matamoros. There are many.

    Keep peaceful in all that we do. Love everyone.

  6. I doubt this was the first time agents have found someone alive, kidnapped in the trunk at the border. We just hear 1/600th of the stuff that goes on. I believe the guy knew exactly what he was carrying. But since he is underaged, it was worth the gamble. Recently in Juarez, they found some officers who were under investigation for being totally out of control extorting auto parts store owners left and right, so, besides a bunch of weapons (not theirs), they had a tied and taped kidnapped victim in the trunk who luckily they got too busy to kill. No problem. That's normal, right.

  7. I live in mexico and it is true the mexicans just search basically for tax items and then cry about the weapon every major furniture and appliance store in the valley of Tx they can give you a phone no. of a passador who will pick up your new sofa or tv and deliver it in mex cheaper than you can cross it across because they pay bribes to the mex customs.They have delivered furniture for me and told me that they could get whatever I wanted across..hint..hint........What I don't hear anybody saying anything about is one of the biggest problems in mex is that you have no way of defending yourself legally....can't own a pistol or rifle and if you kill someone trying to rob or kidnap you or your will go to prison for having a weapon......ya mi voy

  8. Again, if Mexico gave two shits about the guns flowing south they would stop them at the border. Or at least put some effort into it. Instead, we have our guys checking cars heading south now. Then, when you get past the US agents, the Mexicans at the border don't even look at you. And if they did check the cars, do you think if they found money, guns, or kidnapped US citizens they would report them? If I was a Mexican agent I would be trying to cash in on the money heading south. Oh, I forgot. His boss would have him killed for taking the bad guys money. The same bad guys who would pay the bosses to look after their interests, and not those of the Mexican people.

  9. This sounds like it was staged and purposely "discovered"...

  10. November 2, 2011 6:53 PM @6:22- you left out the part about giving him a green card, free health care, and money to pay for his college education...

    Why will he get a green card??? He is a U.S citizen.

    November 2, 2011 5:46 PM Why do they say this is the first time

    I'm sure they meant, is the first time they arrest somebody trying to smuggle a kidnapping victim out of U.S.

  11. Did y'all not read the article? The kidnap victim was found on the US side at the exit to Mexico, not on the Mexican side. However, you are right the Mexican authorities do not do a very good job of inspecting the vehicles at the point of entry. I am a Caucasian US citizen living in Acuña with my husband and we have never really been searched until recently when the Marinas started searching every vehicle at the bridge.

  12. What is it that some of those in the US think everyone wants to live there and milk their system? I was born there and I walked away for a better life where my neighbors know my name and care for me.

    Transmigrantes have learned to bond together through Alta Mira and Tampico. We watch for each other till we separate past Villahermosa.

    A gun is not needed to defend oneself. If someone going to kill me, no gun of mine is going to stop them. They can wait till I need sleep. I carry no gun. I carry Coca Cola, cigarettes, fruit, and a smile.

    The people of Mexico are beautiful and caring. Don't judge a whole country by the action of a few jerks.

    Yes, the kidnapping happens more frequently than I would like to admit.

    BTW, no free health care in the states unless you are indigent and in an emergency. The rest of the people with a bit of savings have to pay dearly to even see a doctor.

  13. Why is it that no one with ATF,DEA,DOJ,DOD,ICE,etc. are prosecuted for supplying arms, money, etc. to the cartels?

  14. Why does the Department of Homeland Security have 500,000 employees and $100billion/year budget when they are useless?

  15. 7:24 - yeah, and if we didn't have our outlandishly large military invading the middle east and OCCUPYING land to grab oil, prop up govts, protect Israel, then we wouldn't be targets there and they would have no reason to mess with us. Osama Bin Laden said it directly, leave and we will leave you alone. Why don't we bring our military home and not need Homeland Security??

  16. @ Anonymous said...

    7:24 - yeah, and if we didn't have our outlandishly large military invading the middle east and OCCUPYING land to grab oil, prop up govts, protect Israel, then we wouldn't be targets there and they would have no reason to mess with us. Osama Bin Laden said it directly, leave and we will leave you alone. Why don't we bring our military home and not need Homeland Security??
    November 3, 2011 9:23 AM



    poor Americans... so close to New York City AND so close to Mexico

  17. Impossible, Napolitano told us the border is as safe as ever and that there wasn't any spill over violence. Avert your eyes and ears citizen.

  18. HIdalgo, Texas across from Reynosa, Mexico. If it had been the Mexican authorities I would give them the benefit of the considerable doubt though. Yes, they take a case of merchendise off the top just to start talking with an inspected vehicle's driver but they do largely enforce the real law too. Hey, we can hope for positive change on both sides of the border LOL.

  19. "it would be difficult to tell if this has happened before" jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

    thats because you don't check shit going south,clowns!!

    like this doesn't happen 5-10 times a day along the border!! homeland security/border patrol is a joke. we all know who controls our border (shorty).


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