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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Juárez Police Officers Killed on Tuesday

By Marisela Ortega Lozano
El Paso Times
Two Juárez police officers were ambushed and killed Tuesday night in South Juárez while riding in a 1995 Honda, authorities said.

Several gunmen riddled both officers at the Riberas del Norte and Riberas Peñasco intersection, located in the Riberas del Bravo IV neighborhood, state officials said.

Jacinto Martínez Santiago, 26, was found dead in the middle of the street next to the vehicle. His partner, Juan Ibarra Alférez, 29, was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to officials from the Chihuahua Attorney General's office in Juárez.

Forensics experts recovered 44 bullet casings at the scene.

A spokesperson confirmed the victims as Juárez police officers and declined to give further information.

Around 20 Juárez police officers had been killed so far this year, according to official reports.

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