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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nuevo Leon Recruiting 8,000 Police Officers

Officials in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon are trying to recruit about 8,000 police officers from different states in an effort to fill the vacancies created by fear, purges of the ranks and arrests, state Security Council spokesman Jorge Domene said.

“Today, we have, adding together the municipal and state agencies, 6,000 officers and the number we are aiming for is 14,000, meaning that we have a shortage of 8,000, so we have to work to get them as soon as possible,” Domene said.

Officials have established a recruiting process for hiring officers from outside the state, targeting Veracruz, San Luis Potosi, Mexico state and Oaxaca, among others, Domene said.

The drug-related violence in Nuevo Leon, which borders the United States, has left 14 cities without police departments, the state Security Council spokesman said.

Officers quit in those cities over the past eight months due to “threats and because of fear,” Domene said.

Officials have purged a number of agencies over the past four months, “taking over entire departments and arresting many officers for having links to organized crime,” Domene said.

The state police, Federal Police and army are currently patrolling the cities that were left without police departments, the state Security Council spokesman said.

On Dec. 15, 400 members of the new state police force will graduate, staffing a law enforcement agency that will have the training and weapons necessary to deal with drug traffickers, a task that only the army has been able to carry out until now, Domene said.

The pay of the new state police force’s members will be 50 percent higher than officers were previously getting, rising from an average of 6,000 pesos ($430) a month to 12,000 pesos ($830) monthly.

More than 1,500 people have died in the wave of drug-related violence in Nuevo Leon in the past year.

Source: EFE


  1. Thanks, reporter Buggs

    Wanted: 8000 morons.

  2. Wanted: Veracruz Zetas to join Nuevo Leon Zetas.

  3. how much do they pay? i hate extortionists, kidnappers and any one who messes with regular citizens.

  4. Read the article was 6000 pesos, now 12000 pesos, or $430 dollars before,now $830 per month to be a cop there. Thats good pay in mexico, plus they have more benefits, free housing, educational opportunities for his family, health insurance...benefits wise they have gotten better.

  5. @November 24, 2011 9:31 AM

    Yes, and this is the way it should have been long time ago but as it is said; better late than never.

  6. yea recruiting idiots to work for the zetas hmmmm

    zetas in nuevo leon 2000 + 8000= great # of dumbas$es killing in NL

  7. I wonder if the health insurance covers lead poisoning? I wish them luck, for all that's worth!

  8. Don't be so hard on Nuevo Leon - we're doing everything we can to combat these thugs. The new police force is called the "Fuerza Civil" and is, at present, our state's best hope.

  9. monterrey es chingon, la ciudad es rica sin el narco, es un bache esto, crimen siempre a habido son unos cuantos cagapalos ke se pasan de lanzas.lo bueno es que el ejercito los esta mandando al pozo. Es como una limpia . Una muerte pendeja.


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