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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Six Members of Carteles Unidos Arrested in Morelos

Mexican Federal Police arrested six suspected hit men and kidnappers linked to the Carteles Unidos criminal organization, authorities said.

The suspects were arrested over the weekend at a home in Temixco, a town in the central state of Morelos, where authorities arrived after detecting several armed individuals inside, the federal Public Safety Secretariat said Tuesday.

The officers freed one person who had been held captive for five days, the secretariat said.

Carteles Unidos “is known for carrying out kidnappings and homicides, using extreme violence” against “members of rival groups,” the secretariat said.

According to Mexican authorities, that criminal association “was looking to gain a foothold in Temixco.”

One of the detainees was identified as the 30-year-old suspected leader of Carteles Unidos in Temixco, Idemar Ramirez Martinez, "El Apache" who is accused of homicide, kidnapping and coordinating the sale and distribution of drugs in that area.

Ramirez confessed to participating in the murder of six people whose bodies were dumped in different Morelos municipalities.

Four men and a minor aged 16 to 32 were arrested along with Ramirez and accused of guarding kidnap victims, committing homicides and selling drugs.

Security forces also confiscated 39 packets of marijuana, 58 envelopes with cocaine, five rifles, two handguns, 120 rounds of ammunition, nine ammunition clips, six radiotelephones, three cellular phones, a bulletproof vest, cash, five automobiles (three of them stolen) and two stolen motorcycles.

According to media reports, Carteles Unidos is an alliance of several drug mobs that was formed last year to battle Los Zetas, a gang of special forces deserters turned outlaws that is considered Mexico’s most violent criminal outfit.

Source: EFE


  1. What great examples of Class,these guys wouldn't make good dog food, positive news they are identified and off the street,at least temporarily.

  2. Stop calling them “clips!” THEY'RE CALLED MAGAZINES!!!!!

  3. Drugs and money will always keep these criminals motivated to break the law!! To bad they believe they are above the law!!
    Great job putting these persons in jail where they belong!!
    Law enforcement has to remain just as or more so motivated to stop this bloodbath!!
    God Bless them all

  4. American_Me said...

    Stop calling them “clips!” THEY'RE CALLED MAGAZINES!!!!!
    November 3, 2011 11:47 AM

    It grinds your gears too huh lol

  5. @ 11:47 am
    DID YOU FORGET TO TAKE YOUR MEDS TODAY? of all the critical issues in Mx and the world you are going to concentrate on if or if not a spring mechanism has a feeding spring or not thereby Magazine rather than the synonym clip should be used or not? really?

  6. Whats up with borderlandbeat lately??

    Carteles Unidos, What Carteles Unidos??? Come on people everyone knows that the alliance CDS,CDG,LFM is no more.Even the alliance CDS & CDG is unsure as of now,and everyone knows what happened to La Familia,they did theexact opposite of a true Family,and separated after they encountered their first major problem,the death of its leader.And then La Tuta went savage and wanted everything for himself and just kills rivals and random people.In the interrogation video of el Chango Mendez he identified La Tuta as a traitor.

    Also Morelos is one of the home bases of the Beltran Leyvas,Carteles Unidos wouldnt be chillin in Morelos I am kinda doubting the verification of this article, "it was such the power of Arturo Beltran that in Morelos he decided who lived and who died",stated a reporter of Univision a spanish show, that is somewhat popular,after Arturo was confirmed dead by Marines. my point is simple Carteles Unidos in Morelos???????

    Very unlikely.

  7. I'd guess they weren't 'chilling', but sent to gain a foothold. Remember earlier this year with CDG and Beltrans hanging banners both blaming the other for the murder of Sicillas son? CDG/CDS is trying to move on the territory. Perhaps they are failing, we do not know.

    Does Morelos have a similar situation to Nueveo Laredo, as far as almost total media block? You almost never hear anything out of Morelos lately.

  8. If you ask me I would say CDG is probably the weakest out of all the Cartels(With probably the exception of LFM,which could also be arguebly the weakest) without Cardenas there now just Factions distributing drugs, they are having to many disagreements,and if that wasnt enought the goverment and Zetas are whopping their ass.

    Morelos for the most part is controlled by Beltran Leyvas,according to A Univision reporter "controlling as much as 15 out of the 33 municipios, corrupting the highest levels of Military Officers,and Institutions."

  9. November 3, 2011 9:16 PM Que es Punetas?

    Punetas es lo mismo que puñetas?

    Oh quieres decir puñeteros?

  10. CU no longer exists.

  11. LFM died out the majority of its members being CTs now and very few joined the Sinaloa cartel but that alliance CDS CDG LFM was Mexicos only hope for a peaceful cartel now that CDG is getting tossed around from the inside the Zetas will finish them soon unless Sinaloa and CT lend a hand like before remember the 250 LFM gunmen in Reynosa , J do you think CFC has a chance of staying in the game as a big player like CDS CT Zetas VCF BLO? Or wind up like AFO?

  12. sooo...what do you call stripper clips..they are not magazines...


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