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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Deceased Mexican Capos Remembered on Day of the Dead

By Karina Mendez
Late drug lords and other deceased underworld figures are being fondly remembered amid food and festivities in Day of the Dead celebrations in the western state of Sinaloa, birthplace of Mexico’s most notorious kingpins.

Like elsewhere in Mexico, the people of Sinaloa traditionally visit the graves of their adult loved ones on Nov. 2, honoring them by organizing a private celebration filled with music, flowers and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed.

But the celebration of this pre-Columbian tradition is especially jubilant at the Jardines del Humaya cemetery in Culiacan, Sinaloa’s capital, where lavish parties featuring live music and free-flowing whisky are held in front of elaborate mausoleums erected as tributes to drug-gang capos.

The cemetery is home to ordinary citizens but also to drug lords such as Arturo Beltran Leyva, who styled himself the “Boss of Bosses,” and Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, bitter rivals who both met their end in recent years at the hands of government security forces.

One of the cemetery watchmen said family and friends of the deceased hire bands or famous artists to play “corridos” (traditional Mexican ballads) and other songs for the late crime bosses and fire gunshots in the air to honor them.

“Yes, they have a celebration for them. Once a year, they bring bands or groups and play (music for them) all night. They drink whisky and sometimes bring women,” one cemetery worker said.

Jardines del Humaya’s reputation as the final resting place for drug traffickers began in the 1980s with the burial of Lamberto Quintero, a notorious marijuana trafficker for whom late Mexican singer-songwriter Chalino Sanchez wrote and sang a corrido.

The second drug trafficker buried there was Ines Calderon Quintero, known for smuggling massive quantities of cocaine to the United States.

Jardines del Humaya is home both to simple tombstones and multi-story mausoleums that cost up to 2 million pesos ($150,000) and mirror the kingpins’ ostentatious use of wealth before their deaths.

Some of the mausoleums in Jardines del Humaya are marble two- or three-story structures that replicate the capos’ houses and feature stained-glass windows, gardens and even air-conditioning units so visitors will feel more comfortable during their visit.

One two-story mausoleum with polarized glass is home to Gonzalo Araujo Payan, a one-time top gunslinger for fugitive Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman who died in his home from a gunshot to the head, an apparent suicide.

The wife and children of Hector “El Güero” Palma, who were killed by a rival drug lord, also are buried at Jardines del Humaya.

Many inhabitants of Sinaloa, a state with a long history of drug-related violence, have laid victims of violent crime to rest and therefore funerals, burials and Day of the Dead celebrations – for departed loved ones, both young and old – are commonplace.

In addition to “Chapo” Guzman, included on the Forbes magazine list of the world’s richest people, Sinaloa is the birthplace of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, the Arellano Felix brothers, who founded the Tijuana cartel, the Beltran Leyva brothers and many other organized crime figures.

Source: EFE


  1. I think it will be nice if one day we can celebrate all the dead capos, in other words the Mexican military should kill all this SOB soon so we all can celebrate their deaths.

  2. Well to be honest its really not a suprise,far from what they did they were also human beings and had Family also.

    I remember a while back there was a head found in Arturo Beltrans grave with a rose in its ear and a body in Gonzalo Araujo JR who died with Arturo Beltran in Cuernavaca in that shoot out with Marines,what Im confused about is who was that person? ??? Was it one of the people that ratted them out,and gave up their location????

  3. Who wrote this article?? Idk because saying Arturo Beltran styled himself the Boss of Bosses doesnt sound right.
    The way I have heard of it is that his orginal or earlier nickname was" El Botas Blancas", given to him by Amado Carillo Fuentes,later on he receive many more nicknames like "El Barbas","La Muerte","El Ayudante","El Jefe de Las Plazas", "El Jefe de Jefes",, but my point is the nickname El jefe De jefes was not chosen by him,Arturo allowed Los Tigres Del Norte, a Famous mexican band,to write a Corrido/drug ballad about him,which.Los Tigres did and it became very popular,the title of that song is El Jefe de Jefes.

    And after the song everyone started calling him el jefes de jefes,even the media,because they knew who the song was reffering to.

  4. Well, no matter how bad some of these capos are, goes to show that they are human beings too. That's how ingrained and important the drug lifestyle is to mexico, that they celebrate it and embrace it.

  5. They should bury them at sea like Osama. Then the fish will turn them into fertilizer and finally some good will come out of their useless existence.

  6. what about the celebration to the innocent. what a degrading and immoral way to celebrate to those who lived a good life and died at the hands of these evil animals.

  7. The Mexican Government should run a bull dozer through that fuken cemetery.. That cemetery is a disgrace to the govt and all the innocents that have died..

  8. All souls day is to commemorate those in purgatory. These "capos" are in hell so this holy day does not apply.

  9. Fuck tombstones are better than my house in USA !

  10. I say bulldoze it just like ANON 8:33 am suggested.

  11. and herein lies the root of the problem in Mexico?

  12. You all are some hateful bastards.

  13. Eh how do you expect the violence in MX to stop when shit like this happens? No wonder your country won't move forward.

  14. @ LB
    Ya para de opinar. Caes gordo

  15. I must say that they have a much more colorful way of celebrating and honoring their dead that we do. I had seen this before a year or two ago. It is kind of strange that arch rivals are buried next door to each other.

    1:10 PM...You are so right. All the want to be militia men hate all of Mexico and anything that they do. Trafficking drugs is the largest and most lucrative independent business in Mexico. It has 90% of Mexico's folklore. There is so many disgruntled US citizens on this site. And they process there feelings of inadequacy by being keyboard warriors and third hand KKK racists. The funny thing is, nobody will even care when they die because they will have done nothing significant in their poor little insignificant pathetic lives.

  16. Drop a bomb in dat cemety. They celebrate murders.thiefs,rapist, this rancheros in sinaloa are like cavemen and behave as such. Sinaloa el culo d mexico.

  17. @4:52 pm

    LB es mi compa.

    to celebrate dia de los muertos is to celebrate someone's death but it's also to celebrate the life that a person lived and by celebrating a capo's life is celebrating a lifestyle and culture that is destroying mexico.

    but if it help's a mother and family move on then i'm okay with it.

  18. haha damm this drug lords are treated better then Kings/Presidents EVEN after their deaths,its pretty amazing.Mexico is definately moving forward.

  19. What a bunch of fucking "narco cheerleaders" on here..."these narco capos were human beings.." sob sob sob.. Really? They were the worst of humankind..murderers of their fellow man for the purpose of money! Fuck them..they didn't deserve a proper burial they should have been cremated and flushed down the toilet like the rest of the turds! Allowing them to have grave markers gives them access to assholes, who think these guys were some sort of heros..

  20. 11/3 @5:44PM,
    You shouldn't speak of disgruntled Americans on here being "pathetic" because that would very much describe your comment and attitude. You mention the "KKK" flash the "KKK" is pretty much "has been" powerless organization with 0 influence on American attitudes and opinions. But I guess you wouldn't know that because you have your head up your ass.

    You must be a nut case or clearly a dumbass, if you think any dead cartel capo has achieved anything significant, as a result of their criminal endeavors...but hey if you want to continue to worship these douche bags because you think they are legends in Mexico's history that's your problem. What's really pathetic is the fact you call Mexico's drug trafficking a "lucrative independent business" like it's legitimate and something to be proud of...just goes to show you can't fix stupid.

  21. Mexico needs to bulldoze that shit!

  22. @ Anonymous said...

    @ LB
    Ya para de opinar. Caes gordo
    November 3, 2011 4:52 PM

    you ride some nuts in the graveyard lately?

  23. pretty funny..after a life of being wolves who prey on their fellow these narcopukes want to suck up and be little lambs of god...satan hates a hypocrite most of all..and one who has flashy bad taste is even lower..

    these narcoturds are worm food ...but for a generation they will have some ball washers ..but then they fade away as well..leaving just some crumbling stupid looking ostentatious grave markers who no one cares about ...sorry to hurt your butts narco ball riders ..but that is really what will happen in the end

  24. I suggest that when EL CHAPULIN MONTA-PERROS and LA MOMIA ZAMBADA are caught. They should hang them by there NUTS upside down ALIVE near RAMON ARELLANO-FELIX tomb as an offering to the GREATEST ENFORCER of all time!!....

  25. it is obvious that the majority in this forum are envious of those who can afford a tombstone that perhaps is more expensive than your homes.and to anon 7:26, el dia de los muertos celebrates ALL of our dead you ignorant idiot,not just capos!


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