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Friday, November 18, 2011

Police: 2 victims rescued; 6 kidnappers arrested

Idefonso Ortiz and Naxi Lopez
The Monitor

Authorities continue to investigate the kidnapping of two illegal immigrants who were reportedly held under threat of decapitation if their families didn’t pay ransom.

San Juan police investigators working alongside county, state and federal agencies were able to rescue two kidnapping victims Wednesday night in McAllen and arrested four men and two women.

San Juan police Chief Juan Gonzalez said the victims — a man and a woman in their 20s — had been crossed from Mexico approximately three weeks ago and were being held at various houses while the suspects demanded ransom from their family. The woman was 38 weeks pregnant when she crossed and recently gave birth.

The case was originally referred to San Juan police Wednesday evening by Pharr authorities after one of their off-duty officers, working as a security guard at an undisclosed place, was approached by one of the victims.

San Juan investigators worked alongside FBI agents, U.S. Marshals, Texas Rangers, Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputies and McAllen police to locate and rescue the immigrants. Investigators traced the victims to the 2000 block of W. Ebony St. in McAllen, where they rescued the victims and arrested a group of suspects. Two of the suspects, however, made their way to the attic, where they barricaded themselves.

“A less lethal device known as pepper balls were used,” Gonzalez said. “They were shot into the area and about 15 minutes later the two suspects surrendered themselves to U.S. Marshals.”

Gonzalez said the group that was arrested is just one cell that responds to an organized crime group in Mexico that had ordered them to carry out the kidnappings. Their job was to hold people against their will and extort as much money as they could from potential victims and their relatives.

The kidnappers used fear as their main weapon, threatening to torture and behead the victims, investigators said. They did not find weapons at the scene.

The families of the two victims reportedly paid the kidnappers more than $4,000, but investigators recovered $3,400 from one of the suspects.

Police believe there may be more victims throughout the Rio Grande Valley and continue to investigate.

“We believe there are more victims and we are working on targeting the individuals that are behind this,” Gonzalez said. “The investigation is still ongoing and we expect more arrests.”

When asked if he would classify this incident as spillover violence, Gonzalez stated that even though the case does have a connection to Mexico, he doesn’t consider the word spillover when dealing with crime.

“A crime is a crime and we are going to attack it as such,” Gonzalez said. “We know some individuals with ties to cartels have moved to the area and are running their organization from here. We are going to attack those individuals, arrest them and prosecute them. We are also going to go after their facilitators who help them launder their money and prosecute them.”

The six suspects were expected to face charges today.


  1. Of course the violence to the south is coming. To think people that use murder and mutilation as a matter of daily business to respect a line on a map is incredibly naive. I have no idea what the answer is. You have a cycle of escalating violence creating economic depression outside of the drug trade, which causes a loss of jobs, which creates people looking to feed their families, which take a job with the only employer left expanding (the cartels), which creates more violence. What is happening in Mexico is incredibly sad and frightening.

  2. Thanks to Mr Trevino for keeping Hidalgo county safe. Thanks for negotiating with criminals and thiefs for years maybe thats why theres so many home invasions with your blessings along with a cut of earnings. Maybe thats why most drug traficers choose hidalgo county as their base with some money and reelection donations he will look the other way. Is that the reason why you left your other job you did stop crimes when you started but then joined them for your earnings

  3. America needs to get on the ball and put a stop to this bull shit crossing the borders. If allowed to continue they will be kidnapping people right off the streets of Dallas. It just proves that even if drugs are legal there will always be some sorry SOB who will resort to any level of crime to make easy money.

  4. How they can do that to their own people who are trying to just get a chance in life, is beyond me. That's like the slaves in the Underground Railway getting to the end, only to have another slave extort them. Or worse, cut off their head. A normal person would think that you would help your own kind, not try and fleece them. Again, the greatest threat to Mexico is Mexicans.

  5. 13 decapitated Dogs were found in Iguala,Guerrero and it was signed by "El Fantasma" (one of el Chapos Elite Sicarios Leader,"El Fantasma",and "El Bravo" are believed to be Chapos most Elite)

    The 13 decapitated dogs were left in a street with a narcomensaje that threatened kidnappers and announced that they have arrived and thay are gonna clean the plaza.

    Dogs??? Really?? I think this is pathetic.

  6. follow they are doing a month long mexico drug cartel report. although the info is not near as good as here on BB it would be worth giving the link to friends and family that are not ready to see what the whole truth is.

  7. @ November 19, 2011 3:25 AM.You said it man,sometimes life can make you do ,lets say,bad things,what else is a man supposed to do to actually take care of his family,when there is absolutely nothing else.And for people saying "easy money"this proves that there are a lot of fools who have no idea.Drugs is easy money?Selling drugs,acquiring,cutting,pressing,selling,traveling,police,stressing,snitches,rats,fuckers tryin to rob cash money,this is all easy?You just dont know,and a real job,what is that?Its funny,a lot here would not have the balls.Anyway,whatever.

  8. Unless it was specific to CDS, there is another Fantasma in Gurrero.

  9. Who would have thought CT is really getting back into the heavy weight ice again.

  10. Get Serious, Why do anglos look at Mexicans side ways, Well how about they are largley involved in crime, IMIGRATION,DRUGS,SCREWING THEIR OWN PEOPLE in so many ways I can not describe, welfare fraud, anchor babys, voting fraud ,income tax fraud,(cash only) and the CRY is Illegals are being mistreated, kiss my ass, the Democratic Party will do ANYTHING to get the Mexican Vote, ANYTHING, suing ARIZONA,ALABAMA WTF, HELP What happened to My Country?? We no longer can even express a NON-Politically correct statment?? What Happened??

  11. @ 5:43 again you bring political and race into this shit you think that no whites are involved in the underworld? that conservatives don't use immigration as a tool for political gain get out of here with that bullshit

  12. @J Unless theres another Fantasma??? What are you talking about???

    It was signed by "El Fantasma",theres only one Fantasma.

  13. @ 5:43 so what you are saying is that the Mexican vote might mean something what fucking year is it man just like republicans try to do stuff to get your Montana hillbilly ass vote dens will do to the Mexicans the right is pretty naive because if reps would give amnesty Hispanics would vote for the conservative just think about it .
    And just so you know the majority of hispanics are legal

  14. @ November 20, 2011 12:14 AM ,Another racist Mexican,we got Mexican/Americans,we got Mexican friends,but it's bitter motherfuckers like this who cause problems for all of us.This was about crime,but it got hijacked again by a troll,who gets responses by insulting people.Sad bitter little men.White,black,brown,(i,m brown)i don't know what brown is by the way,these people are called the same thing.SAD BITTER RACISTS.

  15. I am an American living in Mexico for work purposes and find that basically human nature is the same everywhere. However, cultural, national and religious teachings are very different in Mexio and do affect attitudes and actions greatly.

    Mexico is very classist and racist and people are expected not to complain about bad treatment / fraud/ etc. People are expected to get power (not by hard work or competence or cooperating together for the common good) -but by playing the game and attaching themselves to / pleasing powerful (rich) people or organizations (the correct political parties, a powerful union, the RC Church, the Drug Cartels, etc.)

    The poor and the middle class and the immigrants passing through Mexico and all others not attached to the powerful are only here to help the rich and powerful stay that way -the sacrificables of Mexican society (provide and income for the RC Church, the cartels or criminal bands- as kidnapping or extortion targets, provide votes to the parties who provide protection one way or another to the most powerful, etc.)

    Its not surprising that young people attach themselves to the drug cartels. The Mex. government doesn´t want them to get good educations, doesn´t care about creating jobs or small businesses, Mexican society is totally closed to them because they don´t know the right people, and no one (including the RC Church) teaches the value of teamwork outside their family, integrety, the golden rule, love your neighbor as yourself /praying for your enemies, etc.

    Alot of this sounds a lot like the US financial community, as well, doesn´t it?


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