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Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Halcones" of Los Caballeros Templarios in Apatzingán

Los Reporteros (a news series in Mexico) report on how the "Halcones" (Hawks, lookouts), the watch dogs of organized crime (in this case the Caballeros Tamplarios), are tasked in following the movements of the various law enforcement agencies and the military in Apatzingan, Michoacan.


  1. This guys got michoacan on lockdown.

  2. CT is the only cartel in Mexico who has almost complete control of there turf

  3. They basically went toe to toe with Los zetas in thosr years the zetas had absolute control in michoacan they had zetas running for they life back in their day as La Familia Michoana they were the first to show force against Z's they now keep protecting michoacan from zetas in their own way as the Caballeros Templarios with their alliance with the CDS they do have michoacan in lockdown

  4. dam im suprised that los zetas have not taken over michoacan or atleast some of it. because they have alot of memebers it seems.maybe they have not tried hard enough lately. cuz they are everywhere.the maps they show in different sites all place los zetas in nearly every state in mexico

  5. Camouflaged checkstops

    Please get this idea to the mexican military right away to accelerate capture of all these thugs:

    To avoid Halcones reporting movement of troups in olive green trucks (ranas, 53) that are easily detected, troups should be flash-deployed in large trucks (26 feet or laarger), such as those use by moving companies, furniture companies, soft drink companies, or groceries stores, such as Safeway, etc. Some of these trucks come already refrigerated which will allow for soldiers comfort in really hot days.

    I recommend to use variations of truck sizes as well as a variety of magnet-based banners or stickers that can be placed on each side of the truck to make it look like an average product or service ompany.

    Inside the trucks, each soldier could be on motorbikes that they can use for fast exit from the truck and deployment of a check stop and also to assist in case a car chase needs to be performed.

    At the same time, a similar deployment can be made 2-5 kilometers behind the first one in a way that any potential criminals are "caught in the net" between the two checkstops with no chance to exit, as the soldiers on those bikes can patrol the connections between both checkstops. My last suggestion is then to hop-over checkstop deployments in different areas of the city every hour or so, giving little chance for these guys to find alternate routes.

    Improvements to these ideas can be made by military strategists to circumvent the halcones effectiveness.

    Thankfully and godspeed,

    Omega 12


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