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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nuevo Laredo: Man tortured and decapitated for allegedly denouncing cartel activity online

In the predawn hours of Wednesday, November 9, the decapitated body of a male was found at the Christopher Colombus monument in an upscale neighborhood of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

A message left alongside the body identified the man as “El Rascatripas", a moderator for the anonymous internet cartel reporting website Nuevo Laredo en Vivo.

The body, which was reported anonymously to the emergency hotline 066, exhibited obvious signs of torture and was face down with hands cuffed behind the back. The male's head was placed upon a threatening message.

The message, which had some of its text covered by the victim's body, read:

“Hola (XD) soy el “rascatripas” y me paso esto por no entender que no debo deportar en las redes sociales, soy un…… como la Nena de Laredo y con este reporte me despido de “Nuevo Laredo en Vivo” siempre recordad….. Nunca olvid….. su moder “Rascatripas”.

Hello! I'm Rascatripas and this happened to me for failing to understand that I should not report things on social media websites. I am a ..... (text covered by body) just like La Nena from Laredo...With this last report I bid farewell to Nuevo Laredo en Vivo.. Always remem... Never For...

Your moderator,


This death marks the fourth attack on Nuevo Laredo internet users in less than 2 months.

The first two victims were found hanging from a Nuevo Laredo pedestrian bridge on September 13, 2011. Messages left at the scene stated their deaths were the end result of them using anonymous sites such as Frontera Al Rojo Vivo, Denuncia Ciudadano, and Blog del Narco to "snitch".

The third victim was, a woman identified by her Nuevo Laredo en Vivo cyber name La Nena D Laredo, was found decapitated on September 24. Her head was left on top of a computer keyboard with a message warning others against using social media sites to report cartel activity.

La Nena D Laredo's body was found on the same monument as Wednesday's victim.

Moderators at Nuevo Laredo en Vivo announced on their website that the latest victim was not a member of the blog, and explained the homicide as an attempt by Los Zetas to intimidate contributors from denouncing them on the blog.

Nuevo Laredo en Vivo is a local forum where anonymous residents post locations of danger such as shootouts, descriptions of vehicles carrying gunmen and halcones, locations of stolen vehicles and also funnels anonymous tips to federal authorities. 



  1. zetas probably run that site and use it to go after rats.

  2. Don't you think it is time for Calderon himself to move to NL and clean up the town?

  3. Cowards


    a puño limpio y de a uno por uno, apuesto que hasta la nena de laredo les hubiera partido su mandarina en gajos

  4. Nuevo Laredo=sicariolandia. And I can say that because I live in Portland Or.

  5. ....May the ones who are responsible for shedding innocent blood, pay, PAY WITH GODS VENGENCE UPON THEM...

  6. All that meth those psychopaths are doing has rotted their brains and turned them into homicidal maniacs! In reality they are pathetic human beings, stunted emotionally and without a gun they are the biggest pussies on the planet... They dont have any real man bones in their entire bodies, they cant work like a real man and raise a decent family so they prey on others like the true cowards that they are striking from behind...

    They are a disgrace to Mexico and the world... Their entire family trees need to be wiped off the face of the earth, get rid of the bad seeds... They have totally ruined Mexico...


  8. Mexicans: Time to arm up.

  9. las milpas texas just south of pharr is full of gulf cartel members

  10. I agree 7:15, this is not only a fight against the govt but against the people. These animals, mostly Zetas, are going against the citizens of Mexico.. Calderon, if you want to do something about the Zeta problem you need to fire that leech you call Garcia Luna, I am sure that asshole is on the Z pay roll..

  11. There is just now way for them to know who you are when you are posting comments on blogs. It's all a lie to intimidate people. I believe these are probably people they would've killed anyway and make it look like they killed them because they posted something against the Cartel on the blogs.

    I challenge anyone from a Cartel to tell me who I am and where I live. Unless you are using a public Computer with Internet access(common in Mexico) and someone is watching over your shoulder or giving out personal information on these blogs, these people have now way to know who we are.

  12. NoValenMadreTodosCartelesm

    you might want to practice some Opsec.

    Are you posting over an SSL connection? No? Then the contents of your posting can be sniffed by anyone sitting in between your computer and the site you are posting on. That means that if your ISP has a cartel affiliated SysAdmin that has put a sniffer on the ISP routers, he can see whatever non-encrypted traffic you are sending. From there, it's a simple matter to search it for keywords, then cross reference your IP address to your customer account.

    You won't know whether the cartels know who you are until you are snatched from the street on day and wind up in a basement with 3 guys practicing their Babe Ruth baseball swings on you with aluminum bats.

    Oh, and even if you are posting over an SSL connection, that doesn't mean you are safe. Your origin and destination IP addresses are still there. These can be matched up with timestamps on posts on the social media sites you are posting on.

    And then there is the chance that the social media site you are posting is subverted or worse, was set up as a honey pot from the get go.

  13. It's nothing more than the same old fear tactics they've been using over and over again. The moderators for the website even said the victim was not a moderator for there website and they do not know who he to the Zetas..epic fail!!! What a bunch of fucking idiots..let's murder a dude and decapitate the body, so we can try scare people from using Internet blog sites.

  14. Screw the drug cartels they are nothing but cowards. I am not from Mexico, but the crap that is happening over there is spilling into Texas. I am glad to see Mexicans stand up for themselves and take a stand. I say this F**K THE CARTELS.

  15. I bet if this guy had a shotgun next to his computer the results would have been a bit different, at least he would have gone out with dignity. Fuck ur stupid goverenment, ARM YOURSELVES NOW!!!

  16. All I can say is, if in reality they were really good, more than one people will be killed every day for their blogging activities.

  17. People its not them having high technology devices to track internet users...they are not that smart.....what happen its that those users told somebody it waa them posting and gave their user name...all it took is that info going to the wrong ears and wrong person!!!

  18. @ 7:15 people in mexico did arm up dumbass there called cartels

  19. +1
    All that meth those psychopaths are doing has rotted their brains and turned them into homicidal maniacs!

  20. Amazing that the drug cartels even care about blogs. And how are they getting the identification and whereabouts of the bloggers??!!!

  21. America's founding fathers were smart to let the citizens bear arms. All societies need to do this. Especially Mexico and China.

  22. "@ 7:15 people in mexico did arm up dumbass there called cartels"

    So are you saying that all Mexicans are psychopath killers? That makes sense. Their Aztec ancestors would be proud.

  23. Those who tortured and decapitated their victims will have their own heads being decapitated by devils all eternity in Hell if they don't repent or will have to suffer a due amount of pain and horror on Earth and/or in Purgatory before they enter Heaven if they repent.

  24. In Hell these cartel gangs will all burn for eternity. So for there short existence they will reap death in Hell forever.

  25. Watch a serial killer and he will plead to save his own life. That's because those people with evil in their hearts are nothing after death and they already know it. I believe the word in Hebrew is sheol. Those with goodness in their hearts become stronger after death. I do not wish meanness on anyone and I am sad for those that choose the wrong path.
    I do see that many that begin to choose the wrong path because of economics can be salvaged and we bring them back into the fold if we find ways to give them hope.
    My friend Francisco is the man beheaded in the video with a chainsaw. We worked together at the Amfac hotel in 1984. He did not deserve such treatment, but now he comes back to me and he can help.
    Power to peace and love for the next generations.

  26. what a bunch of jerkoffs. stay the fuck out of my country with that shit!!

  27. America's need for drugs is the reason these drug cartels exist. Dicks.

  28. International crime runs by so-call "international communists movement". Its goal is world domination and New Dark Age. Brutal crimes is a fear machine responsible in past for the establishing of the Communist State in 1917 in former Russia. Watch situation in modern Russia to see the connection. "New Lies For Old"

  29. No solo mataron a mi amigo (rascatripas)su Madre se murio alas 2 semanas de tristesa.estoy seguro que la policia de esa ciudad esta detras de esta y otras muertes mas.el estaba de vicita an esa ciudad que podia aver sabido de esos cobardes para que le isieran eso.

  30. He was my Best Friend,My Brother My confidant & he didn’t deserve to Die the way he did, Out of anybody he was a peace maker he didn’t liked arguments arguing or any conflicts he loved life.. Not only did they took his Life they took everything from the people that loved him including his Mothers life..

    The one person that is guilty of his death is
    Claudia she wanted to get rid of him because he was just someone that was getting in her way,


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