Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zetas renew attack against online social networks

Photo: Laredo Hoy

The decapitated body of a woman identified as La Nena de Laredo was left on a monument this morning in Nuevo Laredo with a threatening message directed towards Nuevo Laredo en Vivo and other unnamed social media sites used to anonymously report crime.

Nuevo Laredo en Vivo in an online citizen's forum that posts information on incidents, confrontations and locations of suspicious activity, and provides access to military and federal police anonymous tip websites.

The message, signed by Los Zetas, read:

OK Nuevo Laredo en Vivo and social media sites. I am Nena de Laredo and I'm here because of my (online) reports and yours.....For those who don't believe this happened to me because of my actions, for trusting in the Army and Marines...
Thank you for your attention,
La Nena de Laredo


Less than two weeks ago, on September 13, the tortured bodies of a man and a woman were discovered hanging from a Nuevo Laredo pedestrian bridge. Messages left by the killers accused the victims of being "snitches" who used online forums to report cartel related crime.

Photos: Rubio News


La decapitan por informar en redes sociales

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