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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Newspaper Office in Vera Cruz Mexico Set on Fire

Editor: Armed men attack Mexican newspaper office.

Armed men burst into a newspaper office in eastern Mexico Sunday, warning staff before they set fire to the building, the newspaper's editor said.

No one was injured in the ensuing blaze, which damaged the inside and outside of El Bueno Tono ("The Good Tone") newspaper in Cordoba, Veracruz, editor Julio Fentanes told CNNMexico.

"They broke windows outside and inside the building," he said. "They came armed with all kinds of weapons, with pipes, with any number of things."

Workers hid in the back of the building during the early-morning incident, he said.

Veracruz state government spokesmen said a container with 10 liters of gasoline was found at the scene. Authorities were still investigating whether the newspaper had been attacked, the state officials said, and could not confirm the newspaper director's account.

A former candidate for mayor in Cordoba owns the newspaper, which began publication a month ago.

"We are a critical newspaper that informs about what is happening in the city. ... We haven't published anything in particular, we haven't offended anybody or insulted anybody," Fentanes said. "We haven't done any special investigation that has to do with organized crime. No one ever threatened us."

Local media in some parts of Mexico have scaled back coverage of violence -- or stopped it all together -- amid brutal clashes in the nation's drug war. In some areas, journalists have become a target of organized crime, human rights groups say.

At least three journalists have been killed in Veracruz state this year, the organization Reporters Without Borders said in a July report that described the Gulf coast state as "the deadliest single state for the media."

Last month representatives from the United Nations and the Inter-American Human Rights Commission said Mexico's government must do more to protect journalists.

In recent months, Veracruz has become a frequent site of clashes between armed groups as drug-related violence grows. In September, 35 bodies were abandoned in a roadway during rush-hour traffic in a popular tourist area there, two days before a meeting of high-ranking state prosecutors and judges.


  1. I told you man,its got to get radical if Mexico is going to be saved.A strong leader is needed with the balls to send in covert groups,to actually hunt and kill anyone seen in convoy.Right now,there is no consequences to these motherfuckers doing anything they want,you have to hunt them down relentlessly and kill them.Distasteful i know,but what are the alternatives?I know we have Liberal fuckers banging on about constitutional rights,but they are Americans talking from the safety of America,it can be done.Take their ability to travel in convoy away for a start,fair warning, "if we see armed men in convoy,in groups"we will shoot first ask questions later,it worked in the UK,the IRA(i run away)started crying like little pussys,SAS,tracked them and killed them,Gibraltar,Ireland etc.And they shit themselves,what is a group of men carrying AK47/AR15s in public for?There is no other way,because we are law abiding,they get away with terror,take the gloves off,and bring consequences to their actions,i guarantee results if we start to hunt and kill them everywhere.Covert groups could do it.

  2. well i guess they didn't get enough bad world press from burning the casino so they amped it up a lil

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  3. @4:55

    Your assessment about what is necessary to win is correct. However, you are also correct in that these methods are often very distasteful to the general public.

    To anyone interested in knowing more on this subject I suggest reading "Devil's Guard" by George Robert Elford.

  4. When u grow up poor and someone from your town becomes famous in anyway and provides for you . You will love this person no matter what he does . This man is a criminal to americans but a hero to mexicans. drugtrafficking is not an option when u see your family starving .

  5. Mexican cartels are not IRA.

    Mexico is 500 times more populous than Northern Ireland. It would be not enough to kill 20 or 200 people. Or even 2.000.

    There must be other way to solve this problem.

    By the way, is USA doing enough in their own "war on drugs" ?

  6. la Barbie is no snitch speak facts


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