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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"El H" Just Another Neighbor of Del Valle Community

Hector Beltran Leyva "El H", just another neighbor of Del Valle neighborhood.

Posted in the BB forum by Texcoco
From the archives
Beltran was very careful to not include the name of family members in any role related to the rented apartment.

Hector Beltran Leyva .- "El H", the number one criminal of his cartel, escaped last January from an operation setup by the Navy on a building in Colonia del Valle. His family rented an apartment for more than a year in this traditional middle-class neighborhood of Mexico City.

In November 2009, the capo established himself with his wife and three daughters in apartment 302, Tower A, on Tejocotes set 64, in the corner of Miguel Laurent, one block from Avenida Insurgentes, according to investigations by the Navy and the PGR.

Beltran was very careful not to include the name of family members in any role related to this property, the PGR valued the property at 2 million 485 thousand pesos.

Clara Edith Gamboa Rodríguez the person working as a cook put her name as the lessee, the contract was signed with the company T Real Estate Guide and she rented the property for 21 thousand pesos a month that is owned by Desiderio Vite Rivera, a pilot and director of the Scala company.

Juan Ramón Córdoba Penaloza, a taxi driver became the driver for "El H" three years ago for 12 thousand pesos a month, he had a membership card to the Sam's department store to buy groceries.

Hector Beltran, according to the inquiry, trusted his driver to the extent that he named him "The Charly Valentino" for its resemblance to the television personality.

Based on statements from Cordoba to the SIEDO, "El H" always like the discretion of the apartments of this middle-class neighborhoods in Mexico City, this in contrast to his late brother Arturo Beltran Leyva, "El Barbas" who loved the mansions and large homes in the Pedregal, San Angelo and also in Cuernavaca.

The driver remembers that in 2008, when he met Hector Beltran in the taxi he was driving, he invited him to work, El H lived in a building on the Jardines de la Montaña, on Paseo del Pedregal, in Tlalpan.

"We were there for 7 months, from there we went to another apartment on Boston Street 33, Colonia Noche Buena de la Delegación Álvaro Obregón, where we live for one and a half years, and from there we went to Miguel Laurent number 21, Tower A, apartment 302, Colonia del Valle, Benito Juarez, where I was arrested by the Navy.

"At this home in November 2010 we had completed one year living there. Mrs. Edith Gamboa and I would pay the rent when Mr. Hector or his wife were there," Cordova told the Federal Public Ministry.

During this time in Colonia del Valle, "El H" would do his business meetings in restaurants around the Parque Hundido area.

He would meet with his half-brother Luis Efrain Beltran alias "Ramiro" and also meet up with Felipe, an operator of Alfredo Beltran "The Mochomo" in a steakhouse in the area.

Hector Beltran would parked his cars next to the World Trade Center, in the Colonia Nápoles, with a tinsmith named Maximilian, who would repair dents, polished and waxed cars. Once he paid him 3,800 pesos to clean his BMW.

According to the driver, after a while it came a time when Hector and his wife would leave their daughters in the apartment and will only visited during the holidays.

"When we need money I would call Mr. Hector and he would send us money with different people who I do not know, I only knew someone nicknamed "The Jew" (a livestock entrepreneur Ismael Coronel Sicairos) who was the person who usually would deliver the money.

The driver said that in April this year the Beltran family vacated the apartment upon expiration of the lease. Personally this was also my deadline to stop working with the boss.

"About a year and a half ago I found out who Hector Beltran Leyva was, one day he was in his room drunk, and he ask me and Ms. Edith if we knew who he was, this was before the death of his brother Arturo Beltran Leyva. After learning who he was, me and Mrs. Edith were afraid, and in fact when he asked me and Mrs. Edith if we knew who he was, out of fear, we said no.

"He told us to wait for our bonuses and we said yes, we actually waited until the leased was finished in April this year," he said.

Navy Operation

Juan Ramón Córdoba Peñaloza failed to fulfill his promise to stop working for "El H" in April, because the Navy arrested him three months earlier.

In the morning of January 24, 2011, Special Forces stormed the apartment 302 Tower A, number 64 in Tejocotes in search of Hector Beltran Leyva "The H".

The driver of the drug lord was with the cook Edith Gamboa Rodriguez and one of Beltran daughter from a previous marriage. But that was not the tenant the Navy was looking for.

The Marines said they entered the building because the driver Cordova had an AK-47 in hand and a Colt .38 Super at the waist.

The sailors said Cordova had several keys to the cars that "H" had in the parking lot. The Navy went down and opened a 2008 Megane Renault with DF plates, in the glove compartment, they found 3 magazines and 50 rounds of ammunition calibres 5.7 mm and a black bag with 50 rounds caliber 7.62 millimeters.

In a Mercedes Benz S600, 2005, DF plates, the Navy says they found in the trunk a Pietro Beretta pistol supplied with 14 cartridges 9 mm and 50 rounds of .223 caliber 5.56 mm.

In an Audi A6 2008, they also found in the trunk a Rock River Arms .223-5.56 with a charger supplied with 20 cartridges.

The sailors said that during the operation they found voter credentials with the name of the driver, as well as Omar González Luna, Martín Rangel Ramírez, Jesús Mendoza Hernández, Félix Morales Matías, Carlos Rogelio Cruz Olvera, Francisco Jiménez Salinas, José Raymundo Delgado Echevarría, Domingo Florida Baltazar y Eduardo Sol Solano.

The Navy said they found the apartment of "H" thanks to the information provided by Ismael Coronel Sicairos "The Jew", supposedly arrested that day on Pablo Ucello 63, Colonia Ciudad de los Deportes, when parked in a gray Sport Eco.

"The Jew", a rancher a suspect of money laundering operations for the Beltran was quoted as saying that in the property of Miguel Laurent "The H" had two hostages and weapons, according to the document from the Navy.

In an unusual manner, Colonel Sicaire and Cordova were arrested.

The two were so badly beaten and the Navy said it was not related to the arrest.

"Ismael Coronel Sicairos said his body hurt, because his boss Hector Beltran Leyva commanded others in his organization to give him a harsh punishment, because in previous days he did not answer calls from his boss, that's why he was beaten with a paddle. Health care was provided by the medical team and a certificate was presented with the conditions in which he was arrested.

"Juan Ramon Cordova Penaloza, was questioned in why he was limping when walking, saying that a day earlier he had fallen off a motorcycle, "the Navy said.

The operation began in Paul Uccello and ended in Colonia del Valle and ended at 5:00 am. For the Navy, the trophy was a weapon that they seized that morning they decided to ask the PGR for the weapon for their exhibit.

"The requested weapon was Siper 38 Automatic Colt brand, serial number 14836, with the legend VERSACE, yellow handles and some gold parts in the body of the gun, the Marines want the gun to be placed at the disposal and custody of the Secretary of Navy of Mexico as it is of interest of this institution to have the weapon described above for exhibit at the Naval Museum".

The owner fight for the apartment

The owner of apartment rented to Hector Beltran Leyva "The H", asked the PGR to remove the seized claimed because he purchased the property with lawful money and unrelated to any criminal act.

Desiderio Vite Rivera, an airline pilot and director of the Scala company (Corporate Services of La Laguna), came on January 31 to SIEDO to testify, after the Navy entered the apartment rented to Beltran Leyva.

Information indicates that documents presented Vite Rivera to prove the property of the 302 A, Tower A, were a certified copy dated October 7, 2009.

"I own the property mentioned above and the money I bought with is legitimate product of my work, so I request to this ministerial authority to lift the seizure, since that has nothing to do with the events of January 24 "he said.

According to a search, Vite Rivera was a contractor for Fidel Herrera when he was a governor of Veracruz, under PRD President Rosario Robles, and he is a cousin of Luis and Ricardo Urzua Rivera, owners of Servicios Aéreos Milenio.

In Veracruz, Scala won a contract for a maximum of 450 thousand pesos for the rental of aircraft for Fidel Herrera, in 2008, and a maximum of 563 000 $ 500 (6.7 million pesos) for maintenance in 2009. Both contracts are available online.


  1. EXCELLENTE!!! Good work Texcoco & Buggs

  2. So first he escaped in Puebla now in Mexico City????? Hahah The goverment is going after his ass!! I wonder how much people he has under his command???, if one of his lugartenientes Fausto "El Chapo" Flores,based in Sinaloa, is said to have around 400 Sicarios,and thats just one of his key players thriughout Mexico,also his other group Los Rojos based in Guerrero is said to have around 400~500 sicaros.

  3. That pilot is dirty. Half of what he owns really belongs to the narcos. SCALA has been tied to narcos before.

    Are they going to seize the cars? And the apartment? I mean forever.

    Good work Texcoco.

  4. ismeal colonel is that zambada?

  5. I am surprised anyone follows this guy. He should not command any loyalty or respect. He would not even answer for his own wife, mother of his children. Once he falls and if Mochomo ever gets out, expect this cartel to regain some of its power. Anyone know any details on Mochomo's release? Rumor has it that he is dead, but haven't seen any confirmation's on this.

  6. Omg again with the wife stuff ? Lol
    What narco boss as wanted as el H would show his face even if it was for his wife , Zambada didint do it for his family neither did Chapo , thats why they re bosses have no feelings olus el H is a smart guy financialy he s not going nowhere

  7. Capo, El Mochomo is not dead supposibly they killed him in prison but then they came out and denied it,by them I mean the goverment.

    Last I heard hes locked up in San Diego,California but then there people that say he never got extradited and is still in Puente Grande,Jalisco. Which of this two is correct?????,idk I have yet to find any information about the subject.

    Borderlandbeat should do some investigating!!!!!!!! Wheres is El Mochomo locked up at?

  8. answering doesn't have to mean "in person," he didn't do anything at all! Zambada's direct connection to high level military officials and bank roll got his family member's released.

  9. to all blb readers...go to "riodoce justicia gringa" on your search engines,read about javier torres felix & then criticise mexico & the war it is waging against drug traffickers.

  10. 5:54 & you think el H & the Beltrans got the same muscle with the PAN govt after they where betrayed by Sinaloa ? How do you expect him to get her if not in person. How do you the the milatary that rescued her werent sent by him just like the Zambadas. The Beltrans are so deep in Mx & the media mixes theyre information & history as if to make them disapear from the books just what Sinaloa cartel wants

  11. alfredo beltran leyva was extradited to california,hes in down town san diego housed in MCC,if you cant locate him on the inmate locater then he flipped & the justice department & B.O.P are safe-keeping him somewhere.I did fed time,I know how they keep their snitches.

  12. November 6, 2011 9:34 PM You are funny when you say I did fed time,I know how they keep their snitches.

    On all the capo interrogation I have seen on you tube every one squeal like a pig or sing like canaries.

    Haven't you read how or why the police usually arrest people, it is thanks to the information they get from people who got arrested or by an anonymous call, usually from an enemy of the person who is about to get arrested.

  13. 5:07...i am aware of the fact that the majority of the traffickers in mexico get tortured.but whats their excuse when in the U.S?and the reason i stated that i know how they keep their snitches is because the snitch that told on me was not on the general population roster.while in prison we would have guys coming from other states with some bogus story of how & why they were always getting bounced around the prison system,just to find out later by their co-defendants that these guys were informants.and you are correct,but unlike you i live it, its a fact that the government would be helpless without their snitches.most of the time its one of your own,not an enemy that gives up your where abouts & least thats how it is in the U.S. in mexico its more common that your enemies just have you killed.

  14. Anon 5:56
    I read that article about Javier Torres Felix el JT being released in 2012. El JT was considered when he was busted as a major player in the Sinaloa cartel, right under Don Mayo Zambada. Wether it's true? Who knows, he has been around since the 80's trafficking so he influence was there. When he gets out what role he will play in the CDS structure is to bee seen. It will definately revamp CDS strong holds. But all he did was 10 years, still a long time and things have definately changed since then. Not the same game at all. El famoso JT will get out.

  15. anon 4:05...under U.S.federal law,if youre charged & found guilty of dealing more than 150 kgs of cocaine its no less than 30 yrs minimum mandatory.he was charged with trafficking cocaine in 3 different states & it was all federal point is if the U.S releases javier torres in less than 15 yrs the U.S made a deal with him which sends a message to all dope dealers...go ahead,deal dope,make millions,when we catch you just tell us all you know & we'll protect you!!

  16. They should make a movie about ARTURO BELTRAN LEYVA, tittled Arturo "The Boss of Bosses",and his Egyptian Ak47.

    I would totally watch it!!!!!

  17. @ 8:35
    I totally agree a movie about El Jefe de Jefes. From poverty to a powerful drug lord. He went out like Tony Montana. Much respect.

  18. 12:15
    Great another movie about a drug lord.
    Isn't there enough " Scarface syndrome " around in Mexico and America that we need to glorify another looney tune. He was his own downfall, had he played it right he would have still been around.

  19. @7:36 Scarface syndrome???? Haha, I think a story of a REAL Drug Lord,that was really poor who came up FAT,becoming the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel,and the leader of his own org.Would be ALOT X1000 better then the same boring scarface.Leader of the Sinaloa Cartel/leader of his own org/had zetas working with and for him,when I say with im reffering to Lascano,and Z40.This fool was crazy.

  20. to all the bl nut riders,the real jefe de jefes title goes to either pedro aviles or miguel angel felix gallardo,juarez,sinaloa,guadalajara,tijuana were all under his your research & see for yourselves.even amado carrillo was under his orders.

  21. Yeah thats is what alot of people think@9:04 ,but when asked to Miguel angel Felix Gallardo in prison,he said that nor the tittle El Jefe De Jefes nor the Song of los tigres del norte,tittled El jefe de jefes belongs to him.
    That nickname was given to the oldest of the Beltran Leyva brothers.

  22. This has got nothing to do with gettin a hard on for anyone,but how many of you would go out bangin?ARTURO BELTRAN LEYVA,went out like everyone knew he would,fighting.Look at the snitch,La Barbie,sicario boss,he been snitching for months,and had his deal done under the table,sellin out his boss and friend and fuck knows who else,and everyone ridin his dick.Whatever you say about him,not many on here would go out the same way.Maybe all the fuckin yayo he was snortin,but he had balls.He could have turned rat,done a deal and spilled his guts like a bitch,but what did he choose?

  23. 2:45...take some history lessons on drug trafficking & some of these corridos...el jefe de jefes came out back in 96-97,arturo beltran leyva was no-where near that title yet.he was NEVER a boss o bosses like felix gallardo was.listen to "la caida de un monarca" by los invasores,thats also a corrido about felix gallardo & his name isnt even mentioned.sorry to disappoint you,but that corrido IS not about your idol...

  24. How strange, first Mochomo gets betrayed and set up by El Chapo and now there's a witch hunt for the rest of the Beltran Leyva's. Is it just me or does this seem a little strange to anyone else? How come they're not going after all of Chapos people the same way?

  25. Arturo was jefes de jefes after amado Carrillo died that's who he became also he was that one that paid for chapo's escape with a little of help from mayo just a little but one thing is for sure there won't be other jefes like Arturo and Alfredo Beltran leyva they were olds school non off the fools right now have pride n loyalty they will step anybody just for the F of it,,,,,, but my props to nachito R.I.P n also to J.T he will be around soon!,,

  26. Hahah El jefe de Jefes worked for El Chapo so he isnt the jefes of jefes. That would go to Chapo, hes the one who got mochomo arrested and arturo killed by paying off generals. Chapo is jefe de jefes like it or not.

    1. El jefe de jefes is rafael caro quintero!!


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