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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mexican Newspaper Attacked by Armed Men

The Associated Press
A newspaper in the northern Mexican city of Torreon says it was attacked by armed men early Tuesday.

El Siglo de Torreon's website says at least three men drove up, set fire to the facade of its offices and opened fire at its sales offices.

The paper's assistant editorial director, Javier Garza, says the attack is puzzling because more than a year ago the paper stopped mentioning drug cartels or reporting stories about organized crime. Other media in the nearby border state of Tamaulipas also practice self-censorship.

But Garza says "the media is still vulnerable."

Mexican media organizations and journalists have come under a rising number of attacks in recent years as drug cartels have confronted government forces. El Siglo de Torreon was also attacked in 2009.


  1. blue helmets coming to a city near you :P

  2. Probably the WRONG news paper, remember these drug "killers" are idiots,shoot wrong people,go to wrong places, you are not dealing with intelligent criminals .

  3. how do they know it was done by cartel's members and not by some other group ?

  4. Probably Zetas pissed off because they can't read. Apperantly they're not too good at starting fires either. What a bunch of fu**ing idiots.

  5. They were confused.....

  6. Someone didnt like their reviews for their taco stand on the local news paper geez luis

  7. Think of how violent Mexico would be WITHOUT gun control laws. I am sure Mexico's Attorney General will save thousand of lives prosecuting a gun store that sold .22 rimfires to smugglers. Why is it that when machine guns and RPGs are seized we never hear about prosecutions or convictions. At least gun control in Mexico keeps freedom of the press safe.


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