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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eleven Zetas Captured in NL

Authorities of the Ministry of National Defense, reported that they managed to capture 11 members of organized crime Los Zetas, who were intercepted in the town of Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon.

The criminals were presented at the facilities of the Agency if Investigations in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Among the 11 captured was a woman and a minor, the minor was not presented to the media.

Mexican authorities indicated that people were located and captured without incident during three operations carried out by the Mexican military in Cadereyta. The detainees confessed to authorities that they belong to Los Zetas.

The first operation was carried out in the community of Albero, where in the street of Cocotero military arrested eight people, secured three safe houses and in one of houses they managed to rescue a man who had been abducted by the criminals.

Those arrested in this operation were identified as Juan Enrique Lopez San Martin, alias El Quique, 24, Antonio de Jesus Benavides Salazar, alias Tony, 18, Jose Salvador Sosa Castillo, alias Pepe, 35, John Bazana Manuel Meza, aka Baby, 43, Jesus Soto David Leal, aka The Davico, 23, Rigoberto Estrada Cantu, alias El Rigo, 52, Olga Lilia Salazar Gonzalez, 39, and a 14 year old minor.

The woman arrested is believed to be the wife of another member of Los Zetas that was also arrested in the operation, she told military personnel that she did not report her husband to authorities out of fear.

The second operation was recorded in the town of Rancho Viejo of the same municipality. In that operation the military managed to arrest Francisco Armando Perez Castillo, aka El Mandín, 31, and Aurelio Beltran Cruz, aka El Bolas, 22.

The two men were in possession of a long gun, a magazine, and 18 rounds of ammunition. They confessed to participating in the abductions and execution of two lawyers in the town of Los Ramones, Nuevo Leon.

A short time later military forces also managed to capture Jose Manuel Salazar Salazar, alias El Manolin, 29, who is an accomplice of the two men mentioned above.


  1. I heard that the military has a 'no live Zeta prisoners' policy in NL, what gives.....put them out of their misery already jeeze.

  2. maybe to many people heard about the no live policy so they making it look good

  3. Whenever your in time of war, there is no way you can play by the rules. These sorry excuses for men are only lighting a hotter fire under everyones butts that actually give a damn about human rights and the proosperity of the mexican people. It'll take a U.S. Involvment to slow these bastards down. It starts with the gov't killing off anyone caught for cartel criminal activity, or conspire to harm civilians. Death Penalty for Treason yeah that includes you Calderon, Our president should be the #1 suspect on the hit list for not protecting his people. For not going after these fucks with full force. Don't announce a war on drugs when its you that we should be questioning in the first place. Ill end it with this, notice how he got emotional when a close friend was a victim of his mirage of a war. Let it be his sister or someone of more importance to mexico for Calderon to drop his nuts and be the leader that they all needed before 40,000 people were MURDERED! Let's see if mexico gives a damn when they raped his sister and cut her head off. Only reason we don't see a complete civil war is because calderon and the cartel ceo's make deals to keep the bullshit out of his hometown. Sad years, but the Red Fabian Socialist Party will not allow for this to continue to the proud mexican citizens. Far as I'm concerned Mexican President Seat is wide open for new applicants. It'll either be us, a Zeta or Nueva Federacion.

  4. Good job, now lets get them convicted of something--ANYTHING- please.

  5. I would advise to the military and police: "don't take prisoners anymore", the jails are already full and it just cost money.

  6. Goood por pendexos puro MATA ZETA ) salganse de NL pu+_+_+_

  7. Enough of these dog and pony shows. A bullet to the head for each of them, throw them in a ditch and cover them up. On to the next group of assholes. Rinse and repeat.

  8. One solution is to create a BOUNTY for murderous cartel members. At a million dollars a head is way cheaper than all the soldiers and police combined that ultimately will never find them all. Or, allowing citizens the opportunity to protect themselves and allow guns legal for everyone. Otherwise, only the bad guys have guns and the scare stories will continue to ruin Mexicos reputation.

  9. so are lawyers in newfoundland doing anything with this? like are there any lawyers involved with stuff with this stuff?


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