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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office Confirms Shooting of Deputy Yesterday is Cartel-Related

By Buela Chivis from the Forum

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office confirms shooting of deputy yesterday is cartel-related, spillover violence & Did El Cos assist in Take down?
just breaking...i will post as more is available, BTW the second story is funny on so many levels. wading the rio? because the visa expired? jajajaja...paz, B

EAST OF EDINBURG – Hidalgo County Sheriff’s deputies clutched their shotguns Sunday evening, standing— guard at an intersection north of Elsa where suspected kidnappers shot and wounded one of the deputies’ comrade-in-arms.

The Sheriff’s Office is not releasing the names of anyone involved out of concerns over retaliation, but sources have confirmed that Deputy Hugo Rodriguez was shot three times and is in stable condition at McAllen Medical Center.

Sheriff Lupe Treviño said his office received a call regarding a possible kidnapping about 5:21 p.m. Rodriguez, along with other deputies, were on their way to the scene near Val Verde and Farm-to-Market Road 2812 when they spotted a brown pickup that resembled the vehicle involved in the alleged kidnapping.

When they saw the pickup, which had three passengers as well as the driver inside, they pulled it over.

The sheriff said as deputies were interviewing the driver, one of the passengers got out and began shooting multiple rounds.

A bullet proof vest helped Rodriguez ward off two shots to the chest, Treviño said, adding that a third bullet punctured him in the lower right abdominal area. The deputies then opened fire and killed the shooter, the sheriff said.

“He’s going to be just fine,” Treviño said of Rodriguez. “The doctors are giving a real good prognosis.”

He said the deputy is scheduled for surgery on Monday.

The driver of the vehicle also was shot and is in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head.

“We’re still not sure who shot who,” Treviño said.

After the incident, search warrants were executed for a nearby mobile home and another home. Treviño said the third passenger in the car may have been the kidnapping victim. The fourth is cooperating with law enforcement.

The sheriff said they believe the incident was the result of a drug deal between two groups of people.

“We really don’t know the whole story yet,” he said. “We don’t know who might be behind this scenario.”

Treviño said drugs were recovered at the mobile home, but he couldn’t say what kind or how much just before press time.

“Our main concern, of course, was the health and well-being of our deputy,” he said.


Residents suggested the entire shootout might have been averted had the Sheriff’s Office committed more attention and resources to the area in the past.

“I’m not very happy with the Sheriff’s department whatsoever, at all,” said Alan Roy, a 51-year-old truck driver. “This has been an ongoing situation for years, and it’s only getting worse.”

He and his family recounted a series of robberies, drug-related crimes and at least one body found along the side of the road that they said received little follow-up from investigators.

Roy said neighborhood youths have robbed his property and was frustrated he must only rely on the county to resolve the “simple injustice.”

“Today is not that unusual,” he said. “Why does something big have to happen for them to get here this quick?

“They go (crazy) over catching a little bit of marijuana but truly never take another look at all the robberies and other problems.”

Treviño rejected that criticism

“Whether it’s deputies, state troopers, police departments, we cannot be everywhere all the time,” the sheriff said, but “in this particular area, we reduced violent crime by 43 percent.

“I really don’t know what the people are concerned about. I hope (they are) directed in our direction so we can get more specifics.”

Treviño said he will launch three investigations– one by a specialized team that deals with deputy-related shootings, a second by a homicide unit and the third by Internal Affairs, which will determine if any departmental rules were violated between the initial traffic stop and the fatal shooting.

Treviño said the three-pronged investigation is normal in an incident like this.

“That’s just par for the course,” he said.

And in the meantime, investigators will go door to door within one-quarter mile of the scene, hoping to find witnesses.

Treviño also has ordered a lockdown for the emergency room at McAllen Medical Center to prevent any sort of retaliation.

“This is by far not over,” he said. “We are in the very early stages of the investigation.”onitor


and this....

RIO GRANDE CITY - Another Gulf Cartel boss is in federal custody in the Valley.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned of the arrest in Rio Grande City Friday and we were awaiting confirmation.

Federal court documents show Eudoxio Ramos Garcia made a court appearance in front of a magistrate judge this morning. Immigration and Customs agents say they arrested Ramos Garcia at a house in Rio Grande City last Thursday.

ICE agents say Ramos Garcia was the Plaza boss in Miguel Aleman for the Gulf Cartel. Authorities say he admitted to agents he'd crossed illegally into the United States by wading through the river near Escobares. He said his visa had expired and he couldn't enter the United States legally. Ramos Garcia also admitted to agents he paid smugglers around $500 to move him across the river and to the house in Rio Grande City. He told agents the current Plaza boss is a man named Pepio and his nephews routinely smuggle drugs north to Houston.

Ramos Garcia is charged with conspiring to possess 120 kilos of marijuana. This is a significant arrest. In the last week, investigators arrested two others with cartel connections in Cameron County and the head of one of the factions of the Gulf Cartel, Rafael Cardenas Vela. Port Isabel police stopped him while he was on his way to his condo.

The intelligence-based firm STRATFOR said last week Cardenas Vela was talking to investigators about the Gulf Cartel's operations and turning on the other leader, Eduardo Costilla. STRATFOR said it was likely Costilla, or “El Cos,” gave law enforcement information to catch Cardenas Vela.


  1. Lazy deputies finaly get put to work by the cartels. Lol!!! Maybe they should give these lazy asses physical fitness and good nutrition so they can have more energy to do they're job well. Then think about giving them raises!

  2. @ 3:22AM...u are a fucking idiot ...Try doing there job easy to talk shit when u are safe at home wacking off...pinche pendejo.

  3. Obama: "Move along....Nothing to see here...our borders are very safe"

  4. "Lazy deputies", this is how you describe police,what an asshole,who risk their lives on a daily basis, people like this are a burden on society. You only want the police when you become a victim. Go back to Mexico, and see how they treat the people.

  5. This is thanks to lupe trevino who lets smugglers range freely for a nice chunk of change its no secret hes a criminal with a badge but guess what hes up for reelection and with the money shurely he will win again. All deputies know what im talking about we need someone to protect the county not some cartel cop..... hopefully this deputy recovers hes was really doing his job. trevino instead of making them classes and wasting money making you look good for reelections waste it in making the county safer.

  6. Some do need training they are way out of shape to be a deputy. Not that they dont ddo thier job but arent qualified

  7. Pinche pendejo muy chingon if your so concerned about Law Enforcement being lazy or too fat why dont you join and do somethong about it....but your nothing but a blog writing RAMBO!

  8. Actually I am a cop and work in a city in Texas that encourage and make it mandatory to stay healthy and a lot of these towns don't give a shit about appearance and professionalism. They rather just have these out of shape fat asses hangout at the stations than to be out patrolling areas that really need it. Doesn't matter any way.. Who the fuck are they gonna deterr.

  9. Propaganda... Nothing more an nothing less! Spillover? What the hell are they talkin about.. Do we see trucks of 20/30 men roaming round elsa, edinbueg, mcallen? Hell no!! Do we have cartel checkpointz? No! Kidnappings are nothing new in the valley, if u move drugs u are at risk of being robbed or killed by anyone with the nutz 2 do so. Ties or no ties, people do that stuff bcuz the greed for money. So this crap is just another overblown story... Wheres the Aks, Ar15s? These just sum crazy pill popn kids which the drugs made them brave. Reynosa lives cartel violence, mexico has violence, not even a scratch to what they live. This is just the honest truth!!

    ATtE: ME!!

  10. @ 9:49am -- it's not that I want police when im a victim of crime. U have no choice but to call police to report it, you don't just take the law into your own hands as a civilian. Some law enforcement departments are just a disgrace of illiterate, ignorant, lazy people like in this case Hidalgo S.O.

  11. Pinche pendejo...Iam LEY pendejo ...I'm also a Iraqi War Combat Veteran who used to smoke goat fucker insurgents like u cartel goat fucker...I would like to see u in a firefight u would shit your self...I wish we had some doorkickers down n go to Damn drug dealer and kick down their door n smoke'em...pinches jotos....muy chingones.

  12. @ Rio Grande City...Damn, CDG is imploding.

  13. @12:49
    Your no cop. Your a Blowhard!
    Probabaly some teenage punk who watches porno on his computer when he should be studying!

  14. Okay, if everybody is going to claim fake backgrounds and professions, I'm a 6'7", Russian man with a 12 inch dick, who has trained in the martial art of Krav Maga, with the Russian FSB.


  15. I don't understand why the deputy approached the vehicle knowing that this vehicle matched the vehicle used in the kidnapping. He should have conducted a felony stop on the suspect vehicle.

  16. That goes to show how dumb they can be when they are not physically fit or don't eat healthy and drink to much koolaide and soda.

  17. Lmfao idiotas...yea the deputy did walk into that one and it will probably be on a tv show in a couple of years but must of these cartel guys are jus pussies with guns unarmed and solo they are weak trust me I man is above the other we all bleed and so do they...they are all running over here because they want to have another 5 years added to their lives and the easiest way is to get locked up in the u.s. where we will protect them by putting them in protective custody...

  18. I thought I read thar they did conduct felony stop.

  19. If you people dont know the Mexican Mafia in Laredo Texas steal cars to american families and send it to nuevo laredo (if families resist they end stabbed to death. They send Guns and they recieve cocaine and mariguana.

  20. My concern is that everything is going relly bad here in the valley.No one cant stop whats going on and its a buisness thats going even bigger .

  21. If you people dont know the Mexican Mafia in Laredo Texas steal cars to american families and send it to nuevo laredo (if families resist they end stabbed to death. They send Guns and they recieve cocaine and mariguana.

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