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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anonymous Cancels Crackdown on Mexican Drug Cartel (ZETAS)

By Buela Chivis from the Forum.

UPDATE: Just tweeted:
anonopshispanoAnonymous Hispano
#OpCartel - The dice are already rolling. It's not possible -even for us- to stop them. The first strike will be made within the few hours.

before the great risks involved in leaking information and to safeguard the integrity of those hackers group decided to cancel all operation.... Someone did not think there would be danger??? Stupido! Paz, Buela

Anonymous Hispano #OpCartel Anonymous cancela operación contra cártel mexicano - No podemos arriesgar a nuestros compañeros. RT plz! viaHootSite

Mexico City • The Anonymous group canceled announced reprisals against the Zetas cartel for being a very risky operation, and was informed through a press and social networks for different users.

After the alleged disappearance of one of its members in Veracruz, one of the members announced reprisals against the drug cartel "Los Zetas" with "Operation Cartel."

However, because of the great risks involved in leaking information and to safeguard the integrity of persons adhering to the collective group of hackers decided to cancel the whole operation.

"Destroying # OpCartel because the lives of people who are not participating n can be at risk," was published in the first text of the cancellation of the transaction, through Twitter account @ Sm0k34n0n.

Before this action the company and strategic intelligence analysis, Stratfor published an article about the "serious risk" involving actions of leakage of information about members of Los Zetas.

"Last October 6 Anonymous posted that inform on those who are members of Los Zetas ... if Anonymous carries out its threat, it will almost certainly lead to death of the persons named as members of the cartel, whether or not the information published is accurate, "says the article by Stratfor.

In an interview with MILLENNIUM, two members of Anonymous, and Skill3r GlynissParoubek be contacted to explain the circumstances:

Why was decided to cancel the operation?

We can not be a reckless administrators to condemn to death those who participate, we have talked and discussed extensively by all and it was decided to remove it.

So why issue threats?

"It's very easy to make a video on behalf of Anonymous and launch air threats, but to think, plan and evaluate the pros and cons is another story," they said.

What's next?

"They continue other operations, but for now we hope to make clear that the cartel operation is false."

Anonymous released a statement which is bounded on pages published names of officials involved in the cartel Los Zetas.

"Dear followers and supporters of this page (Anonymous). I hereby disclaims Mexico Anonymous entirely the responsibility of the news of hacking a page that is linked to alleged cartel zest ", is detailed in the text circulated.

"Our struggle is not of this type and our ideals do not go with that operation. The article published by various electronic means is completely false. We ask for your support to spread this news "ending means denying others published the page.

Finally hacktivists expressed what their official media to avoid rumors speaking:

"All our operations out through twitter @ IberoAnon AnonymousMexi @ and @ @ anonopshispano mexicanh; on Youtube have no official count this time" detailed.

The mission continues to Anglophone members

One of the representative members of Anonymous on Twitter, @ anonymouSabu, reported that the operation would continue:

"# OpCartel is more alive than ever and as I told others in private, the war against corruption is on both sides of the spectrum. We are going to WAR!" published.

Given this fact and other Twitterers @ Sm0k34n0n erased their tweets about the operation canceled and that the operation would continue to circulate:

"Stop # OpCartel with such enthusiasm is to be in complicity with the Zetas," said @ Sm0k34n0n hours later.

Ricardo Davila / @ Tweetrrorist


  1. This is bullsh!t.. They did the same thing the Mexican citizens have been doing.. Avoid and let them control...

  2. Eh, somebody should release it anyway. fuck em. gotta start somewhere.

  3. UPDATE: this story is so fluid. They have now recinded the cancellation. Stated reason was because of the flood of support from Mexico, they have outlines safety instructions and created a widget to send information about cartels and cartel involvement. Also a group to handle this issue exclusively. They explain everything in this post update and invluded 2 videos one in english and one in spanish....

  4. To be honest, it has me so confused, but after the update to the update yesterday it was beginning to take shape. It appears there was a split within Anon about if/if not to proceed with such a project. Anon stating "its not what we do" and the other side saying "the OpCartel continues.

    So went the interview with Milenio saying they are "cancela OpCartel"

    Then a deluge of tweets, messages etc from supporters begging them to continue, resulting in the last youtube vid and interview that YES THEY ARE IN FEAR but they must continue....they giove specific dates of begin.

    I believe as the one commentor that no matter if a name is known or not they must be exposed in an organized manner. Gustavo was well known to be Zeta, as many in high places such the president of the strongest political party. But whispers are one thing...but hacking and expose is another. Then no one can ignore the facts, including the Mexican people themselves.

    Lets see how this plays out. I can tell you the heaviest media hitters in Mexico and the US are waiting to exhale on this one....

  5. Who gives a shit! So, you think some computer geeks exposing members of the Zetas is going to change anything..gimme a break! First, the Mexican gov't along with the U.S. already know, who the top leaders of the Zetas are..Second, freakin Z40 is the best Zeta exposer of them all..he's betrayed dozens of the top Zetas along with other rival cartel members..what a bunch of fucking losers (Anonymous). Bringing a computer to a gun that's smart!

  6. its to late for the hackers

    like that zeta in the video interrogation said about people becoming allies the other day...

    "once an enemy always an enemy"

  7. fucking pussies, pinches jotos. no que muy cabrones. Didnt take much to have this panochas stop what their doing.

  8. Why sped all of your time at the computer then flinch at the crucial moment? Get your guy safe, evacuate hime and his family. He has to get out anyway. Then, strike.. Either publish or inform the authorities. Use your nerdy skills for good, just like in the comic books. If not, then smash the computer and try to meet a girl or something.

  9. The anonymous guy probably took his hat off and said estoy loco no pendejo.

  10. Eh I knew Anon wouldn't do anything, lol when it comes to being at the end of a chainsaw instead of a keyboard things get serious.

  11. Quote: -I’ve monitored a number of noble stands against cartel corruption over the years – most of which ended in murder.-
    That’s what it all is about. The Zetas originated from highly trained military personal. They think strategically and can manage to transfer their knowledge and tactical/operative advantages into “success on the ground”. They terrorize societies, build connections with some in these societies to gather information/control and generate an ultimative - initially individual - impact to scotch possible countermeasures /reactions. Their violence combined with operative abilities and sheer brutality is paralyzing the public, the government, the police….. But as long as nobody tries to crack down this equilibrium there will be no perspective to change it. Innocent people could suffer concerning the release of information. But reasoning the given situation, how many more will certainly suffer if nobody tries to break cartel dominance?
    Quote: -It’s difficult to have faith that Barrett Brown and the anons will release this information in any sort of responsible manner-
    What responsible manner? If someone is regarded as a menace by the cartels people will die. If a responsible manner means not handing information over, which could harm innocent people, than you have to cope with the fact that cartels will stay in a (for them) cozy place they are working so hard for. At present their standard operating procedure implies harming innocent people and thereby getting “the crowd” in line. Everything is a menace what could change their emplacement. The greater the menace the higher the decisiveness of cartels to neutralize it. For a lot of anonymous members around the world #opcartel is “fun”, for Zetas it is a real threat they must react to, for other cartels it might be an opportunity. It’s irrelevant whether “anonymous” really has acquired relevant and potentially harmful information. A risk the Zetas won’t take. They will try to find and hunt down those who they think could be a menace. In no way is it an uncertainty that cartels will try to find anonymous members or to infiltrate anonymous in the future. No matter what anonymous will do these days, the cartels won’t care. Potential damage is big, so is potential gain.

  12. There’s a war going on, it’s fought by highly trained combatants with a lot of resources. Anonymous - -more important- some individuals (which are perhaps less anonymous they would wish) have engaged in this war and there’s no way to stop it. Because they are a menace for the cartels steady state and it doesn’t matter whether they are a real threatening today, but if they could be in the future or a spearhead. There’s no way to stop consequence of actions provoked, but necessities to cope with it. Anonymous movement has no operative power, but has potential support from all over the world and expertise from members in many branches, which needs to be used. It could transform soft resources into midterm hard penetration ability. Not as anonymous itself, but as several locally diffused organized anonymous groups using to a certain extend the framework, activation capability and connections of anonymous. Separating information gathering/organizing of operations/technical expertise would diminish vulnerability. However, greater effect means greater organization. Seemingly more reachable points of attack for an opponent.
    Momentarily #opcartel is an operation realized in a naïve manner. Even if Zetas give in to anonymous’ call, this doesn’t mean that something like a truce exists. What should Zetas do? Waiting for the next time some activists make demands to fulfill them? If they don’t react in time in a robust manner it is pretty sure this situation will evolve. Zetas need time to examine the dimension of their problem. Think it through on a high level and eventually develop a counterstrategy. If they release the kidnapped person in a controlled manner they have a chance to get both, time and further information through contact points to strike back.
    Nonetheless, anonymous should not directly release information now. The deal was clear. If Zetas fulfilled the requirements anonymous should do accordingly. This has nothing to do with a deficit in loyalty concerning the “movement” and long-term goals, but with demands of the real world.

  13. I see nothing but cry babies on here they got there comrade back why risk their lifes it ain't there war IT's OUR FU$%EN WAR TIME TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FA$3#TS!!


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