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Friday, November 11, 2011

Face of Mexico's drug war, Francisco Blake Mora, dies in helicopter crash


Mexican Secretary of the Interior Francisco Blake Mora, a leading figure in the country's bloody unpopular war on drug traffickers, died Friday in a helicopter crash on his way to a meeting of judicial officials. He was 45.

Blake Mora was Calderon's point man in the all-out military and law-enforcement push against traffickers, frequently traveling to violence-torn cities for meetings with besieged state and local security officials.

For many Mexicans, he embodied the government's get-tough attitude on the narcotics business, publicly pledging on many occasions to keep bringing the fight to the traffickers instead of backing down.

After Mexican investigators found more than 100 bodies in pits near the U.S. border, Blake pledged to step up the presence of troops and federal police in the area and not leave until the killers and drug gang members there were caught.

"Organized crime, in its desperation, resorts to committing atrocities that we can't and shouldn't tolerate as a government and as a society," Blake Mora said.

He later announced a five-point initiative to investigate the crimes and to increase security, including the federal monitoring of buses.

Blake Mora oversaw the government's response to natural disasters like the massive oil pipeline disaster that laid waste to parts of the central city of San Martin Texmelucan last year, killing at least 28 people.

Blake Mora led the creation of a new national identity card for youths under 18, with modern features including digitalized fingerprints and iris images, to prevent criminals from using false IDs.

He started his political career in the mid-1990s as an official in his native Tijuana and served as a federal congressman through the 2000s.

He was appointed secretary in July 2010. President Felipe Calderon lost another interior secretary, Juan Camilo Mourino, in a plane crash in Mexico City in November 2008.



  2. US Military shot him down! Think about it hard!

  3. Maybe he was smashing Calderon's wife. Or maybe they commited suicide (11-11-11)? Pilot error? Chapo? Zetas? Iranian terrorists? CIA? We will never know... This is a big deal and Univision and Telemundo are showing novelas. They don't "care". Why should we? If it was Hillary Clinton the world would be watching and mourning. Mexico is fucked up and nothing can help them. Its just another dead politician for them nothing is out of the ordinary. You can blame Calderon and the next president before he's even elected. They would rather turn the military loose on the population than try to give you better pay or education. Go figure.

  4. Its highly like that this is a game changer.

  5. i bet they'l find bullet holes on the pieces of helipcopter that are visible. and hide the evidence.

  6. This man was murdered!..

  7. The same helicopter was scheduled to transport Mexican President Felipe Calderon later in the evening as part of his upcoming visit to Baja California.

  8. anon 5:38,do you live in mexico?so then wtf do you care?let us deal with our problems down here.typical U.S patriot,worried about another country instead of its own.why dont you go lobby for the homeless & un-employed in the U.S. of A?or the over-crowded prisons that are filled with petty criminals while the real threat is out & have so many sex offenders running around free on your streets its fucking sad.those parasites get mind your own & let our viewers watch their novelas in peace.

  9. Chivis can you imagine how many conspiracy theories would have surface, if the one on the helicopter would have been Felipe Calderon.

  10. @12:33 LOL... I live here but I have family in Mexico.

  11. Los gringos hasta les pagan la comida con food stamps y les ayudan con la renta a todos los futuros vagos, gangueros y asesinos que los van a representar ante el mundo. Y se asustan de lo que pasa en mexico? ????? Shieeettttt...

  12. "Mexico calls the U.S and France for support to investigate the helicopter crash that killed Interior Minister Francisco Blake"

  13. I find it ackward that he was on his way to Cuernavaca,Morelos for a meeting,and never made it there.

  14. It really could be a terroristic attack from inside. Those narcos have people everywhere.

  15. O K Overmex, why is the war on drugs unpopular in Mexico,why is it ridiculed in the media, do Mexicans like the Status Quo? Think Foresight,what will the future hold is Mexico going to decline,are powerful criminals going to decide to move to Mars? Will Mexico develop institutions worthy of respect simply because of the passage of time? Do the Majority of RESPONSIBLE,LEGALLY PRODUCTIVE,Mexican voters want this reform to stop?? WTF


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